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The speaker discusses a daily question that he is asked by his interrupted life. He talks about his daily activities, including reading the Quran and giving charity. He also talks about his the importance of being a good warrior and the need for people to accept his the importance of being a good warrior.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah.

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Allah, Allah, he was happy, as you may know, but

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I was reading from the Xerox in America, Toronto.

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And I read a very beautiful thing.

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And it says that every day, Mr. Delano would ask himself the question.

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And that is a question that I asked myself and I also request you to ask yourself

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and the question is then our other honors that is,

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what did I use to say, Omar? What did you do for a lot today?

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Just think of what is

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or what, what do you do for a lot today?

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And voila, we can ask ourselves this question on a daily basis. And say, what did you do Viola today? Now you might say well, you know, I just did this for Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah or is it that you say well, you know, I have to worry about

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my job is over.

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Which one?

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Is it really to please Allah Subhana Allah Allah be pleased with me? Or is it to fulfill our duty so in the square in ticker tick box, you know, did further or enjoy or our motherboard

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readings are averaging one? So am I reading the Quran? In order to please Allah Subhana Allah or Well, you know, everyday I agree with what's inside let me finish and then measure for today to put it away?

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Which one?

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I'm giving charity.

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Is it to please Allah subhanaw taala? Or is it because it makes me feel good? Or is it because people will praise me Mashallah such a generous man, you know, he's only been withdrawn.

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Because with Allah subhanaw taala, the only actions that are accepted by Allah Subhana Allah as the actions which are done purely purely for his mission.

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And we know the head is

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sad and highly

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a person who was sucky who was very generous, and a man who died in the Battle of $200, shave with a vision

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that the three would reproduce the data, and they will be thrown into the head by

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when he was asked, he said, the album will be called, and he will be taught that you acquire knowledge in order to show to the people.

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So now here, there is nothing for you.

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And the man was generous, and he gave a lot of charity. He was thrilled that you gave this charity so that people will say, oh, why Salah is charitable.

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To today, there's nothing for you.

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And the writer who died fighting the battle, Allah subhanaw taala will be doing that you went in this battle to fight because you wanted to be known as a great warrior.

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And this was that you were not as a great warrior. For today, here.

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We are to save us from this.

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And therefore the reminder for myself and for you is to ask ourselves this question which is

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what did I do for Allah today?

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And also, of course, we extend this question to all our ama

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and say this ama of mine was a god for Allah.

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And then of course, what comes up automatically from that is to make Dawa

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is to make Dawa because Allah subhanaw taala nobody can ever claim that any amount of there is actually fit that allows workers will accept but Allah is very well I mean, he does not have to accept any of our

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so we make Toba so that the Amal then has

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an excuse to be active developers.

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So do the good Amel and then you make tau

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and this is the definition also.

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In the reverse hobbies writer,

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when she asked him and she said are these people, people who have committed sin and then they are making who know these are people who covet good food, who do good things, and then they stop because they are fearful that Allah subhanaw taala may not accept the good deeds, because we guarantee that Allah has to accept

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and therefore it is the position of the apt that he does something good to please Allah subhanaw taala and yet he is fearful that Allah subhanaw taala may not be pleased with that. So he makes over to Allah.

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And that is it this is what as I mentioned before, this is what was taught. So that our Allah to do inshallah, at the end of Salah Rabin is not afraid even

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at the end of InDesign genasi

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after doing Salah all I have operational

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just develop your perspective now,

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with myself in the sense that this Salah is really not the quality of Salah which is worthy.

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So therefore it is an operation in essence hamdulillah we tried to our best.

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So we have we make Darwin was also McDonald with a full confidence that insha Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will accept this though we don't make Toba with sub doubt into I know jealous, but we must make this tough to do the good. And then we go back to Allah subhanho wa Taala and we ask Allah to either accept the Stover we've had a long night and melas Razzle accept all the era that and so forth in the night? We're very thankful Mashallah Alhamdulillah, Allah Subhana Allah has given us so many Pura hamdulillah and each one has his own beauty, Mashallah. And so he said, so much of the whole atmosphere emerges. May Allah protect this buzzer? Well, I keep this. This this whole

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atmosphere of brotherhood, and so many nationalities everybody's together returning to eating together and worshiping together. So what more can you ask? Like, gentlemen?

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Everybody goes, somebody who's allowed to go Simon salam, everybody was allowed 100 We ask Allah reward all these people, Mashallah Who? Let us in salah and we listen to that beautiful recitation. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep us together in sha Allah, in this dunya

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sal Allahu la ville, Karim, Allah Allah. He was five years