Quran has a Contradictions?

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Saying Allah Created the Heavens and the Earth in 6 days and in other

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Good evening, doctor. My name is Danielle. I'm a student.

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The 54th verse of the seventh chapter of the Quran says that a law created the earth, the heavens and the earth in six days. And the 42nd chapter, verses nine to 12 clearly state that Allah created earth and heaven as it is today, in eight days.

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What is your reply to that?

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A question asked by Christian missionaries

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against the Quran. And there are several places in the Quran Allah says Allah has created the heavens and the earth in six days. What the brother is referring chapter number 41 was number nine to 12 key saying that the Quran says that the heavens and the earth was given eight days the word eight is not there in the Quran, what it says I'll tell you, the Quran says that Allah subhana wa Taala is the one rescued heavens and the earth. And all those who differ, there are people are bound to differ, are the ones who do shake, and there was continuous, Almighty God created the earth in today's and Almighty God created the sustaining sun, the earth, the mountains, everything else in

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four days.

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And was number 11 of chapter number 41, Summa

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most of the translations say, after

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it means various other things. Then Almighty God created the heavens in two days. Now normally a person needs two plus four plus two is equal to eight. But the word eight is not there.

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God Almighty created the heavens in two days. Now, if we no Fran will be able to reply. If a person does superficial leading, he may get misled. And Quran says those people who try to mislead the people with this worse are those who associate partners with God, Almighty God knows that people will use these verses of the Quran to mislead the people.

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The reply to the query. The reply is that Almighty God created the earth in two days, they created the sustainance the trees, the mountains and in do proportion in four days. sama Suman Arabic can also mean simultaneously.

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It doesn't have to mean after, it can mean that it can mean simultaneously Almighty God created the heavens in two days. For example, if I tell you, I am going to construct a building 30 storeys high in six months. That's my statement. If you go into detail that tells that I will be creating the basement, the foundation of the building in two months.

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And the structure

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in four months, all 30 stories simultaneously, when I'm creating the foundation, I will even create the compound wall in two months. So basically, while I am creating the foundation, I am even creating the compound wall.

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That doesn't mean it is two plus four plus two, eight months. It is while I'm creating the foundation, simultaneously, I'm even creating the compound wall. So actually my building will be constructed in six months, not eight months. So similarly when Allah says when he created the earth, He even created the heavens. So the two days of the earth simultaneously allocate the heaven that is in Allah says in the Quran, in Surah ambia chapter number 21 verse number 30, our lomira levina kafu do not the unbeliever see under some awatea what are the Coronavirus that they haven't done the auto join together and we closed them asunder. So Quran says we created the heavens and the earth

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simultaneously. For takahama we closed them asunder. This is nothing but the big bang in a nutshell. Today Big Bang tells us that the whole universe for one primary Nebula, later on, there was secondary separation, which gave rise to galaxies, the stars, the planets, the earth on which we live. So based on Big Bang, science even doesn't disagree with the Quran, that when the heaven was being created, the earth was being created simultaneously. So the first two days and the last two days are simultaneously so there's no contradiction. It's a contra distinction. contra distinction means giving other facets of the thing. It is not contradiction, contradiction me to thing with the

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opposite. Contract restriction means telling you other quality. For example, if I say that you are very honest, tomorrow, then you are very kind. It's a contradiction. It's a contract distinction. You're honest also, and you're kind of so but tomorrow if I say they're dishonest, then there's a contradiction. So this was of the Quran give more details, how the six days were divided. First two days the Earth Summit left the heavens and later on four days, the things on the earth were made the

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Mountains the trees in new proportion answers the question