Yahya Ibrahim – The Good Deeds are what Last

Yahya Ibrahim
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But my aim is not to take any more than five minutes of your time and jump on my reminder. It's not about the history or the place that we're in

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much about we've benefited greatly from one or the other shared and I'm sure there will be other things that we will discuss on the tree and in other places and other times as we get closer to will fall off.

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This magnificent shielding instructor is built to house as a mausoleum, Timo lane, who we heard a little bit about his history. But I wouldn't want you to focus on is how empty the world is, once you are no longer in it. And all of this structure all of this building all of this beauty. If there are not deeds that make a true existence and a true home for us in the agenda, it's for not and there are people who have greater Maldivians greater structures that have lasted for greater length of time, you can visit Egypt, you can visit the Mayans, you can visit the Great Wall of China, you can visit foreign why. And you will see things that are much more magnificent. But what remains is

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an analog follow what Allah refers to in the whole and as a result, the quality Has that ever lasting for his deeds. And what I want you to remember in sha Allah today, as you look at this place, and you hear the chronology of these amazing leaders who govern the world, the man who occupies this grave, who is covered by dust, whose body was consumed by the earth, who is no longer that we are a testament for him assisting us to retain our faith, may Allah put us in a scale on the Day of Judgment, May Allah forgive him these errors and it seems, they want you to know that what is who is the Prophet meaning and you are going to be of benefit for your family, your children, your

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grandchildren, is the tough part of a lot of diligence, the loss of final which Allah has always informed the puppets of a BA from the very beginning of time and he will love your consciousness of Allah. And therefore when you depart from here, the lesson that I want you to see is how amazing this is, but how empty it is, how amazing it is, but how the rest of any worldly status, if there is nothing in the F era that is greater or equal to it.

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I will not be Mohamed Salah Lavoie, he was sent him his grave is a very simple green. And the magic of the prophets I send them dozen houses great. It's great because in the house of art, the show of your Bible.

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And the structures that are around it are meant to be separate from it. And I will never use a Mullah what he was sending them. His grave is described as something but plain earth with a little hump that is about two hands fans above the earth, a small headstone at the top. But that is how you to

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the best of all humanity, some of us, when you visit here, we're 1000s upon 1000s of artsyl Tada it's the same

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your life and my life, that some of it is not what we believe behind in the dunya. that some of your success. And some of mine success is what you and I will receive in the afternoon.

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I will come to you and I would say look, read my book, in the morning to me.

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I was lucky I always had a lot I had a personal bond, I had hope in Allah that if I pray, if I fast if I maintain family relations, if I'm charitable, if I'm kind, if I'm giving if I give my energy and my time and my wealth to others, that I will find good with the loss of Hannah who want to honor and know that the path to gender

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is not one that is difficult to attain.

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It begins in the heart, and with as much practice as one is able to maintain, there are people who enter Jannah that the prophets I send them informs us that they had the wickedness of these

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and had lived a life of excess. But at moments in their life, they showed a moment of kindness, not even to another human being but to an animal to a dog to a cat. And there it seems are far greater than the ones you and I have committed to coming to the lab. But on the Day of Judgment you will see them enter genda perhaps before us May Allah forgive us our errors. And I want you to consider that a loss of kinda whatever either wishes for you. tough one, a tough wahoo now, the Prophet would point to his heart namesake it begins here, consciousness of a lot your piety begins here. Your love begins here.

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Your advisor begins here. Everything is internal, and then show it externally. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow the facade, the facade of this union, not to be something that distracts us from the afternoon I leave you with verses of poetry of it all of the above.

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And I leave you in is when he would be asked about a dog. Why His house is not splendid, why he hasn't enriched his existence in his life with fineries he says why many dogs and I didn't read one because you know how when you want to

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build for yourself a house that will ever last where your neighbor will be accurate Mohamed Salah log on he was sending them and our rock man is the one who builds it for you.

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At the end of this beautiful, beautiful poem, he says berocca it me daily.

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It's as simple as to work hard in the darkness of the night. That Allah weaknesses that others are unaware of. May Allah subhanho wa Taala increase our floss give us personal and personal one good opinion of what Allah will do for us. Our sins and our inequities are meaningless to the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And whatever bigger than you carry, whatever burden your family carries whatever excess you have in your life, know that the rough amount of a lot less sea ice cream machine will enter shade, the mercy of Allah expands over all things and you are a thing that is expanded. And Allah has compassion and mercy upon us willing to May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to

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see these as signs. Yeah. This is why we're here to connect with the past, to change our future. To make it a difference for our families. You carry home a message that you have me my son, my daughter, people build magnificent things, but it's the two workouts before fat.

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It's your week. That will be the most meaningful thing that will last for you into the alcohol or saline.

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