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The speakers discuss the pros and cons of social media, including the age of the age group and the importance of privacy and privacy concerns. They advise the audience to be conscious of the social media landscape and use it wisely, emphasizing the need for privacy and privacy concerns to avoid being a social outcast. The speakers also provide three criterias for profitable business proposals and offer holiday entertainment and a business proposal. They stress the importance of learning about oneself, finding one's own strength, and being careful with the way they use their cell phones.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam. Welcome back to another episode of, to my daughter, in the heart to the heart.

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We're going to talk about social skills. And how could you speak about social skills retired now talking about social media, addressing that type is now understanding whether it's lawful or unlawful. Let's go to social media, we'll talk about Facebook, whether it's instagram, whether it's anything that you want, it's too many things to talk about. But we'll talk about it in general, and also the digital age, the pros and cons. And also we'll find out whether it's allowed or not allowed. Are you ready? My dear daughter,

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I hate to give speeches. I don't want to lecture to you. But it's something I have to do. So please note that there are seven years ago 707 years ago, we talked about a research that was done.

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They asked a long time ago, a lot of youth, they asked him based on what he make a decision.

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They said first family,

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church TV,

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years after that, they asked him based on what you make a decision.

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Church was gone.

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Meaning religion was out of their life.

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Then they said it was TV, family and friends. years after that the ask them again. Guess what? family was also gone.

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It was TV, friends. Then they asked him again when the social media was in.

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Guess what?

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It was?

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friends. Now the TV is gone, because hardly anybody does. Believe it or not. Number one on their list was friends. And I'll talk about friends. But now let's talk about the social media.

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Social media, it could be good or bad. It depends on how you use it. So let's talk about how to use it. First understand what part you're cooking in. For speaking about that, is the part in itself halal or haram? Is it lawful or unlawful? Well, it is not halal or haram. It depends on what you cook in it. So that's what it's called helemaal haram Allah it is unlawful for other reasons. But if you go to the beach is the beach itself. However, it's not halal, not Haram. What you do when you go to the beach, makes it halal. makes it harder. Understanding that concept. Let's go back to the social media.

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How do you use your social media makes it halal or haram? Now I understand is the peer pressure, I understand that you have to you know, the adrenaline that you get the rush, you get the chemical reaction that makes you feel so good. And it's actually a statistics show that when you do something, you post something, you see how many people like it, how many people follow you the comments, and hence we have that cyberbullying and God help us. And speaking of that, I don't want to go back to when I was your age, when I was back home and all of that stuff, believe it or not, when you're talking about cyber bullying.

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We had real bullies.

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Yes, we had real bullies, you know, the guys that take your lunch and beat you up and all that stuff? Yeah, we had that stuff. You guys have cyberbullying? Yeah, don't worry about it. Don't go there. But now when you talk about it, what is exactly the reason for it. So I want to make sure you understand of how sincere you're going to be in order for you to be able to use your social media wisely. I'm not going to say no to you, because I don't want you to be a social outcast. Because if everybody goes to school, and tells you what did you do, when What have you done and leave you see this post? And have you seen this on YouTube and you say, I have no idea what you're talking about.

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There'll be a social outcast. So it's not my job to make you a social outcast. My job is to purify you and make sure that you have the strength in order to be able to meet any type of fitness tests amongst you, in order for you to be able to strong and steadfast. I won't be there for you all the time. But I have to make sure that you're on your own with strong firm feet in the ground.

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So in that case, I want you to remember the three wise before you do anything or post anything.

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know for sure that

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Is there forever?

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Yes. studies to show again, when people hire people, they will look at your social media. Because you think that you have a screen either your your screen from your laptop or your screen from your phone. But you think that you're invisible. You think nobody sees you, but you boosted you feel you're, you're more courageous saying things that you normally would not say. And then they will look at your true colors, and who you truly are on your social media, and they will make a decision whether they're going to give you a job or not. Or Believe it or not, they will know what I've been doing for over 30 years, they will get you married or not. Yes, it's that bad or that good. I know

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that some people opt out for the social media don't want it because you know what they say lesser, both evil prevention is better than cure said that. I don't want to be there. Don't even bother with it. That's fine. It's a choice you have to make. I will not tell you to do or not to do. But I know you will do the right thing. So let's speak about doing the right thing. So before you post anything,

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you have to ask yourself, why do I want to do that? And as you're doing it, ask yourself again, why do I want or why am I doing it? And after you do it, ask yourself again, why did I do it? Now the understand the fact that the social media itself,

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as we call Salahuddin is catch 22 can be good or bad in how you use it. So I want you to make sure that you understand that don't have to Facebook account. I know the drill. You know, been there done that. You know, I wasn't always a shave. I've always been there done that. You know what I mean? I know you know what I mean? So you may have your own

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Facebook account.

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And the other one that I'm invited in, I'm invited to your public. No all of that your mom is invited. But there is another private facebook account that we're not invited in. So for self for example, you call yourself Fatima and you know you don't put your Facebook your face on there because it's haraam Jani, I can't show my face. And all of a sudden, I have another Facebook account with Foxy Mama.

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Let's see what happens there. What's the difference here? Yeah, on that one. Anything Goes? If you're a bad boy, because I happen to law. Yes, Allah, Allah with a shadow. And then you know what you look up and you have these beautiful pictures of the Kaaba, now all of that stuff. And then the other private facebook account your Diablo?

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Does that sound familiar? You know, if you're laughing, I know why. But knows that in the other one, no picture. But the other one, as if you're kissing the corner in the air. I have no idea why sisters do that. May Allah protect you from that. So please make sure you understand that we know the drill. But sometimes you have to complain. I already taught you about your eyes and your ears and your tongue and everything that you have will be recorded. So you're on your own. You're growing now. And I want to know if you're on board or not. And I know you are. You've been a good girl and you'll be the best ever. I know that.

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To understand the social media was Instagram, your Facebook or your Twitter and everything else that comes with it. Just use it wisely. I don't want to remember I'll share a story with you. So you'll understand.

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It's a true story by the way.

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This man died.

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But before he died, he did something.

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He thought he was doing a favor for his friends. What was it?

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You know, he had some bad sites sending him bad pictures.

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And he did but the homeboy homie

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you were there? Yeah. Who the man You the man

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know what happened? He forward these pictures his friends.

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He thought he was doing the right thing. You know what happened?

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No. He said that after he died.

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They were still getting the pictures.

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After this, the contacted him. We just buried the brother How could we still receive the emails?

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The contact that the website says this man died. How could you be sending it says you had an automatic Please stop it says I'm sorry. The only one can stop it is that man but that man is already dead.

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And he's had a contract. He paid already up to this. We're gonna have to go forward. So remember, what you post

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will be on your right hand side scale or left hand side scale.

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Will it be a sadaqa jariya

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ongoing charity or evil that is ongoing. It's up to you. It's a choice you make. I'm sure you'll do the right thing. Now when it comes to

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The phones. I know that I took it out on you once and I actually took a hammer. Do you remember that night? Yes, because you were talking a bit late. And they weren't listening. So I said, Listen, you know me, I mean, what I say, and I say what I mean?

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I took the phone, and I did what I had to do. I'm sure you remember what I did the phone.

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Now you understand there's consequences of your actions. There is no freebie here, not through this guy. So I'm sure you'll understand why you are who you are today. Because of that. You understood the consequences of your own actions and deeds. You have to be accountable responsible for it.

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You can't just go and do whatever you like and say,

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Sue me.

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Now, I want you to know that this phone that you have, is recording everything you say you know, everything has it and make sure that it is what it is. Those pictures that you have those chats that you have and everybody that you talk about. I want to remind you about the halwa you know where Holloway's

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halwa in the definition is a man of virgin you know, being alone. And I know that most people think that I'm not alone. Alone is what when am I with a person in four walls? True or false?

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I hope you said false. Good girl.

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Because halwa is to manufacture meaning when somebody comes suddenly you Don't change the subject.

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Let me give you something maybe you can relate to.

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You know, when you're talking on the phone, or you know your chat on your laptop, and all of a sudden you say you're talking about something else? Then I opened the door. And then

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Galaga kill Mother Teresa. Oh, watch out man.

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What did you do? Did you memorize the D minimize the screen? Did you change the subject from a and how are you? How are you doing and what you're gonna wear tomorrow? All of that to a sister Fatima. I'll see you in the halakha tomorrow jala will be Tajweed yes memorizing the Quran, just like I was talking about? Sure. Sure.

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You think we were born any I know far beings, or that exactly that. been there done that. So please understand that if you change the tablet or do anything else, and from even memorizing that or minimizing the screen, that is exactly what a Hello Amin. So that doesn't necessarily give you the right to be able to do whatever you like. Because it does give you an opportunity to open up to the whole world. As small screen takes you open window, it gives you every access. If you want, I can put limits on it. I can take it away and deal with you like a child. I know you're not. You're growing up now. I want to trust you. But trust is earned not granted. So is respect. So I'm going to

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tell you something that our under HIPAA law did you know what he did? is exactly what I did with you. I took you to the massage it I took you to the Halifax and Amara doula and we do the same thing. That is when the modulus

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when he wasn't much of this he was actually talking about him.

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What would you say? Even now, older company was there to say, or more red, yellow. And why did you bring this young man?

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You know what? He was more knowledgeable than most of them. He knew the answer for what exactly was supposed to be even Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam gave him an opportunity to say what was it the fear of this idea? The interpretation of the idea. He did have it.

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And even Abdullah, Omar, Abdullah and Omar

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was actually had the same question and same answer. And that's exactly why we're going to move on from Mr. rajala. On to the next one. Understanding that pros and cons and what is halal and haram, we've explained. And now, after Omar Abdullah was talking about, what is the council and classified meaning of the surah of 110.

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He gave us the right answer.

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Either j or nostrovia. He was

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What happened?

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Allah Subhana Allah gave him the opportunity to be able to understand the meaning of the Quran, even though he was a child is what is this cerato he says that was the palm tree. And it was so beautiful. To be able to understand what that means. Even then he knew was that and the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam.

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He also knew what the invitation was, because he had the righteous company, but the elder give the younger chance and that's exactly what I'm giving you. I'm giving you a chance, so don't blow it. So I will be delegating responsibilities to you

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I know you can do it, I tried you, and you never failed me. And I know you won't in the future in sha Allah. So please understand, when I delegate responsibilities to you, I'm giving you an opportunity to flourish, because I know that you have it in you, but you just want an opportunity, a chance that will be granted. So I want you to learn about spreading this alarm, peace upon others, especially when you're a child, you respect the older you say Salaam to them. And now, I know that it is a prophetic tradition. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam said that he will not be completed a man unless you do that one of them is spread Salaam, train the children Nat case about

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what what others just by greeting you saying Salaam to others, meaning what? I come in peace, I don't mean any harm. So I'm going to talk about the harm or benefit that comes with the others, in this case, meaning the righteous company. So let me give you three criterias in order for you to have the righteous company. Number one on the list is a writer who the karaka Billa Hirohito. When you see them, they remind you of Allah you know what that means? Honey?

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You haven't prayed us yet. And you see sister Fatima Oh my God, I haven't prayed as yet. So when you see her, she will remind you of Allah. So number one, either either who the karaca

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when you see them, they remind you of Allah.

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Number two, the laka Allah Allah Hello.

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You know that means? That means she will guide you the straight path, the way she talks, the way she walks, the way she eats. The way she speaks, the way she dresses the way she acts. Everything that about her will guide you to straight path as if there's a Sahabi you're walking in front of you. She's a walking core and just like Prophet Mohammed solemn. She establishes Quran and Sunnah in her behavior in her whole life. Number three on the list zakka Eman and Montego

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every time they speak. You have an Eman boost. Jura is like something that you will feel like your spiritualized again, will remind you of Heaven and Hell, the truth about life and so on. Remember I leave now butala de la one elevator polyas main you know what he said? He was asked about life. You know what he said? He says the mode What? Whatever.

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Amazing, isn't it?

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Three words explain this thing called life. He says it comes by it harms and it passes. So don't take it as an end goal. Remember this is a means to a goal. This is just a via our sila, if to Avaya, our high ground that we're after. So please make sure you have the righteous company even Prophet Mohammed Salah Salim says was split enough second my Alina, the owner above and below that you will actually Allah Subhana Allah Viola commanded Prophet Mohammed Salah salam to be patient with the righteous company, how are we going to be?

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So now understanding that remember, I'll be talking about it a little bit later. But just for now, I'm going to give you the three. When it comes to social media, this is the people you want to be. So these friends, I want you to remember after a long, healthy, righteous life. on your deathbed, you think those people on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter will be coming around. You have so many friends on social media, how come they're not here, they're not in the janazah. They're not real friends. So please remember, count on the real ones. Not only I'm going to give you the opportunity to excel and the opportunity to be who you are. I'm also going to give you a business proposal, a

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little bit of money. I'm going to give you freedom to do whatever you want. with it. I will learn something about you. And you will also learn something about yourself. Whether you make it or break it doesn't matter to me, but you will learn something about yourself. That is priceless for me.

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That is something that I want you to make sure that you never make a mistake again, but don't live in the past, you will not have a future only learn from the past to build a bridge to the future.

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I will also provide you with holiday entertainment.

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I can tell you everything is haraam, then everybody's going to hell fire. You know what, I will do a disservice for you.

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I also want you to have fun and learn that Islam is not all about her arm.

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But Islam wants what's best for you. We tell you you cannot do that because it will harm you and do this because it will benefit you. So I want you to do the same with your social media and circle of friends. And that little gadget you have your own

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Is your cell phone. Remember, there's a contact between you and Allah. And that's what I'll finish with. I want you to look at your cell phone. And tell me what you see.

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You know, you see a number, digits, and some bars.

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I want you to remember these bars doing what exactly they're uploading and downloading your strength of your carrier. And how the link is to be able to, I want you to think that how many bars you have in your hearts, the link to Allah.

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You remember, the link is to exactly where you face. Remember the garbage everyone in the world faces it. It's just like a satellite dish, it takes a signal of a man. And that's the strength of the signal of a man. So every time you look at your cell phone, I want you to look at how many bars you have on that cell phone and how strong you imagine and how linked to Allah Subhana Allah Villa is, even though you walk in here, but your name is mentioned on the heavens on the righteous company. Don't be worried about will he be far popular here or not. Maybe you're not so popular on this earth but you popular and you haven't. Your name is mentioned by the angels. Your name is

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mentioned by Allah to the angels. And if Allah loves you, he will tell the angels or love you, until the angels on the heavens will love Allah loves him, God will tell them to they love you and the elders in the oven will please stow that same order and a command of Allah that I love my sleeve so on so so the angels on the earth will love you where you are and everybody else will love you. So remember the golden rule, if you please Allah, in the displeasure of people, Allah will be pleased with you and force people to be pleased with you too. But if he does, please Allah to please the people, Allah will be displeased with you, and force people to be displeased with you too. So please

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count on the one that has the keys for heaven and hell, and take the righteous company to be used what you need on this journey called life. Allah protect you. And remember, that cell phone one day will show a low bar on your battery.

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And that battery will die one day. So remember, always work on the battery of your heart, don't let it die. And now finished with the Hadith where Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said, A man came to him. He says I'll call my heart is rusting. You know what he said? He says two things.

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Was it a cell phone a new cell phone the latest? A new laptop? No, he says Qur'an

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and recruitment. Remembering that so this battery one day will go down. They won't come back up. Remember that day, my dear daughter, revive your heart with Quran and remember in that day, increase the bars of demand to be linked to Allah and don't worry about the rest doesn't mean a thing to you, because I know where your heart belongs.

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To Zach allow Hayden in advance for being the best daughter ever. I love you. And I love you for the sake of Allah. With that. I'll see you on the other side.