Why Only Muslims will go to Paradise and the Rest will go to Hell?

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Dr. Mahadevan, practicing medical practitioner there before yesterday, I attended Mr. abdur-rahim greens lecture. There was a question posed to him

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by a medical student, she asked about

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a paradise gospel practice my Islam word Paradise and the rest of the people go to

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hell. He said the answer given by Mr. Abdullah in Green was not convincing. Can you please explain? Thank you.

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Brother has a question somebody else with a Blu ray in green that goes back to the Islam we'll go to Paradise Dragoon Patty this time you go to hell the answer was a convincing I was in there. I'm sure brother upgrade green we have given a very convincing reply maybe you didn't understand certain of his points. I know him he's a very good speaker. Mashallah. But regarding the reply that will Muslim go to Jana and non Muslim go to hell, brother, the requirement good to Jana is given in surah Allah sir, chapter 103 Verse number 123. It says for us in Salah because he lives in Amanu Wamena Solly hottie but also Bill Hackard wasabi suffered. By the token of time, man is very interesting set of

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laws except those who have faith, those who have righteous deed, those legs are people who throw that into dava and those like thought people patient in passiveness, the requirement for any human me to go to Jannah is for things, Eman faith, what are discussed philosophy man, righteous deed, exhorting people to truth and authority people do patient perceive if any one of these four is missing. Under normal circumstances, you should not go to Jannah only by calling yourself a biller mama full Tanzaku will not take you to Jannah just by saying I'm a Muslim, don't go to Jana. I said in my talk, Allah says in surah and Kabu chapter 29 Verse number two, just by saying you believe

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just by saying I'm a Mormon, I am a Muslim. Do you think we go to Jannah Allah will surely test you for just by saying I'm a Muslim, we will not go to Jana, a person who practices Islam. Islam comes from the root word salaam, which means peace. It also means a building of will to God. A person who submits a will to God is called a Muslim. So person who follows the religion or submitting his will to Almighty God is a Muslim. So anyone who submits the will to Almighty God, whatever name maybe he will go to Jana. So criteria to go to Jana is having Eman in all the pillars I mentioned Almighty God is there you have a messenger about a year after award his books, etc. Doing righteous deed and

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submitting a will to Almighty God if you submit a will to Almighty God. In Arabic it is called as religion of Islam. But it doesn't mean that if you live in Pakistan and live in Saudi Arabia or go to know all the people in Saudi Arabia or in Pakistan, Allah Allah Allah Allah knows whether or not the person will go to Paradise better is one who obeys the commandment of Almighty God, the person who obeys the commandment of Almighty God and I discussed many in my talk, if you obey these commandments of Almighty God, just by name calling us or Muslim or Muhammad Abdullah that will not take you to Jannah it is not compulsory to change your name the name green is not a Muslim name. So

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that doesn't mean you want to go to Jana, we pray to Him that brother inshallah go he has reverted he was a Christian. So the name will not take your agenda your deeds will take you believing your deeds, exotic fruit and exotic people to patient specimen if your deeds are right if a man is right and your God people the truth and patient verse events, inshallah any human being he shall go to Ghana hope the answer the question