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6 Feet Under And You Realise.. Chilling Reminder

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Zahir Mahmood

Channel: Zahir Mahmood

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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You're like those things on a chessboard and pieces on the chessboard, the queen and the king and the soldiers, at the end of the game of chess goes in the back in the same box.

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Until you see you are placed in your grave, you will realize the reality of the dunya. But this is a Jeem.

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The truth is

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that you will realize it before this, you will realize that before this, when you are given the information when you are given the news that you're dying,

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and you will look over your shoulder, may you be Muslim or non Muslim. And you will look over your shoulder and you will say, I wish I spent more time with those I really loved

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nobody, when they're dying, says I wish I had more wealth.

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They look over their shoulders and they have regrets. May they be Muslim or may they be non Muslims. And imagine imagine

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imagine if you are a Muslim and you wasted your life. Imagine that you have to stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala you know your massive houses, your 20 houses that you earn, but you lived in one.

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But when you are placing your grave, you went to that one six foot

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your 20 houses

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finish all gone. Most like your children are fighting over what you left behind.

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And you know the other thing will people when they're dying, the ninth most important thing ninth most important thing so the second most important is I wish I had worked less brothers. Take a step back with your lives. What you're doing it for

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why you're doing it, because everybody else is doing it. Live you so blind.

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That you you're dissipating your existence running after dinner, no time for your mom, no time for your dad, no time for your family. No time for your children, no time for Allah.

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The nine biggest regret when people are dying is linked to the second one. I wish I had done work which was more meaningful.

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I wish I had done work which was more meaningful, something which contributed to community.

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Now not everybody can do this.

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But what you can do is that the work you're doing you carry that on but you take out some time that you do something meaningful.

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You worked 60 years

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to to earn Dhulia which none of it you're gonna take back.

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You know the multimillionaires, those who live in Solihull, those who live in little Aston and those who live in these areas. You go into the same grave.

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Your like those things on a chessboard, those pieces on the chessboard, the queen and the king and the soldiers at the end of the game of chess goes in the back in the same box.

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You all go in the same box, but do something meaningful