Hadith Series – #18 – Be In This World As a Stranger or a Traveler

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AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the importance of not consider the "hereafter" experience as permanent and how it affects our ability to achieve our goals. They emphasize that the "hereafter" experience is not meant to be a permanent "here after" experience, but rather for the future. They also mention that while "here after" experiences are temporary, they are meant to serve as a reference for the future.
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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once grabbed the shoulder of Abdullah Ivanov, or the Allahu Anhu and said confit. Dunya can Nicobar EBO Abdul severe be in this world as if you're a stranger or just a passing traveler and Prophet Muhammad Ali Salam was telling us what our expectations should be what our orientation should be when it comes to this life. And it is that we should not consider it our home. In a sense, we should not fall prey to the delusion, that permanence can be achieved. In this realm. It's not possible and a lot of our insecurities that we spend money on or that we get upset about. They revolve around the idea of permanence, right? We

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feel unsettled. If we don't have a stable job or a stable home or a stable relationship, we want permanence and some degree of permanence in this world is nice, and it's enjoyable, and it's good. But we can't forget that permanence is not meant for this life, that permanence only exists on the afterlife. So if we realize that the real goal real goal is the hereafter, how many times in the Quran that Allah say, when we get to the hereafter, it's going to seem as if we were here for just a couple of hours, just a part of a day, where you lived and what school dress district you went to and what your university degree says, and you know, who liked your posts on Facebook or who shared

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your thing on Instagram? It's not gonna matter. Those things aren't permanent, the only things that are going to matter the things that affect your afterlife, and that's where we should direct our attention.