Sacrifice for Religion and Determination to Convey It

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That reminds me of the insolence of a Buddha.

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Once there were the two

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there was the the new Muslim while he was building his house, while he was building the boundary of his house, his neighbor, three was coming in between.

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So he could not build the boundary.

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So the Prophet told the neighbor

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that give the seed to him. I will give you a tree Jana is a no, he refused.

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sabudana heard of this. And Buddha had the biggest

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garden of dates in Medina, the biggest and the best garden of Dickson, Medina, when he heard this.

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He went to the Prophet and told him

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that if I'm able to get the tree Milligan Janna, perverted, yes, getting it to Indiana means.

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So, that goes to that man.

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He said, Do you know who? He said no. He said, I'm

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a father to you.

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You have the best and the biggest garden of dates in Medina. He does that person. If you give the street to me, I will give you an exchange my complete garden.

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The man was shot. If you crazy for my one, three, the complete garden the biggest in Medina. He really gets

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a boost that comes back

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to the farm

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and tells us

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today, I have tried a very good deal.

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What is it? He said, I sold my complete garden for the three engine

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and the five replaced?

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What an excellent deal.

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Today why

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you shouldn't give

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someone who's a uniform? Why did he give you a full guide in a given half. But Abu vive says what a good deal you have done.

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You have forged the full garden for a clean Jana, and after that Buddha and his wife lived in poverty.

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But they were promised paradise.

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These are the examples of the Sabbath. When we look at them, we are nothing we feel ashamed. What are we doing?

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You see the lifestyle of the profit and the Sabbath and the full financially. The Podesta shin

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and we are afraid to open our mouth. We are offended.

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Allah says in the Quran

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in surah Baqarah Chapter number two was the mantra and Grunty the Jews and the Christians, they will never be satisfied until you follow their way of religion until you follow their brand of religion. Allah saying in Surah Baqarah Chapter two verse 220. You know, we try and impress

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the Westerners, our non Muslim look if you know, they do make them happy. Allah says the Jews and the Christian name will never be satisfied.

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you become a Jew or a Christian, you don't satisfy them anything. They will never be satisfied until you become a Christian. Allah says in surah Baqarah Chapter 11. And they say that you Muslims, you shall never unless you become a GA Christian, you must have it with all your Salah with the mark on your forehead, with your soul with your fasting with your heart. You shall never enter Jannah

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unless you become a Jew or a Christian.

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Allah continues and Allah replies,

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then come on.

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This is the wishful thinking back

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when desires, then come on you could have come in Gundam fossicking. Produce your proof, but if you're truthful, Allah says that when anyone makes all claims that only we will go to Paradise. Allah says cold hard to go.

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This is your wishful thinking your vain desire was

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hard to win under competitor proof and going to further gain but if you're truthful,

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and these Christians they have produced the Quran,

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the Holy Bible and no less than 2000 different languages of the world. My Bible says this My Bible says that my Bible says this missus that Christian missionaries throughout the world, they are knocking at the doors of the Muslims.

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They're knocking at our doors and saying, My Bible says this. My Bible says that Allah says we'll have to put on a complete your proof. They're producing proof.

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They're producing proof the Bible in and no less than 2000 different languages of the world, and they go on knocking at the doors of the Muslim. My Bible says this, my Bible says that my Bible says this, my mother said that, what do we have to do? Do we have to follow hook line and sinker? When anyone shows you the proof or do you do you check the proof?

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When someone shows you the identity card, you check whether it is correct or not.

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So they are showing you the proof the Bible, what are we doing?

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are we checking the Bible