How To Never Give Up On The Mercy Of Allah

Abu Bakr Zoud


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The speaker discusses theics of Islam and how people are rewarded for their mercy and weaknesses. They mention a woman who talks about being a full rune Rahim Allah is forgiving merciful and she refuses to leave the world. The speaker also talks about people who believe that Islam is a disaster and that people are rewarded for their mercy and weaknesses.

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My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, Allah the worst among us, is the one who's given up on the mercy of Allah has solution. And the best among us are those who are looking forward to Allah subhanahu wata at his mercy was set up for him at home Allah. Look how smart they were. Shoe flannel odema Allah praise the Lord I met in Morocco and because they're smart, you shouldn't learn about what they used to do when they used to think about Allah's mercy. One of them

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Yanni liquidated, he wants Allah's mercy.

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And he's desperate. He doesn't want to leave this world the life except that he is convinced Allah who have mercy upon him. So he goes through the Quran. He comes across the first day, Allah azza wa jal says

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Allah azza wa jal, he says fermented and embodied told me he was Lucha in Allaha to Bali hidden Allah afforded Rahim. Whoever repents after he has wronged himself and then he does righteous actions and he rectifies his state through the good deeds. Then Allah is a full rune Rahim Allah is forgiving merciful. So he says, Oh Allah, I'm that person that has done the wrong and I've repented after so Allah grant me Oh, Mercy. Then he says, and if I am not worthy of your mercy through that area, then he says, then Oh Allah, you have said, what can be menial? Rahima? You have said that you grant your mercy to the believers, and Oh Allah, I'm a believer. So bestow Your mercy upon me. Then

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he says, but if I'm not worthy of your mercy, because I don't qualify from this area, then Oh Allah, you have said, what? color shade? My Mercy has encompassed all things? Why no shade, and I'm something so grant me or mercy, because I am something.

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Then he said, and if I do not qualify for your mercy, because I'm not worthy of it, and I'm not from this shape that deserves it or worthy of it.

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Then this is a calamity and a disaster. And you Oh, Allah said, A Lavina Valsalva to Missoula to call you in Allah here in LA here's your own will a Cali him Salah tomorrow be him what you said that whoever falls into a calamity and what worse of a calamity then the fact that you're not included in shape, for Allah's mercy, indeed, it's a calamity. And you said, Whoever falls in a calamity and says, in nearly lay who are in a garage Iran, then such people upon them are abundant praise of Allah and mercy. So grant mercy from that though.

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People, people in the past

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they knew how to work with this Quran, heaven. This is the scholar This is Elia This is a person who understands that the Quran is more than just I have to read so that I can retain the idea in my mind and not forget them. More than this