Why Morocco has been winning!!

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cinematic, Plato was a character who smoked him the last two summers who learned this is one of video. I have not made videos as you may have noticed for quite some time now, but I want to talk about why Morocco won all these games, the winning streak, since they have faced Croatia,

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Belgium, Canada and Spain and the very first Arabi Muslim country to reach the quarterfinals.

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In this world cup, you may have not noticed, so a lot of us are just you know, watching the game and games and enjoying the games. But why Morocco? why they've gone this far, let alone their preparation, they are known mashallah, there are no great players and everything else. But the secret for me is that if you may have seen some of you may have noticed the fact that there was some videos going online viral about the coach, right after certain games. He went and he hugged his mother and kissed her on her forehead. And then you may have said, well, it just like okay, he was happy. And then we saw another player Sofiane boufal. He's going to his mother and hugging her and

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kissing her immensely. And then it shuts off Hakimi who also goes to his mother, and he hugs her and he kisses her. And all these layers, they're getting the grandma from the mothers, they're obedient to their parents. They're obedient to their parents and honoring their parents in return the person making the after them. And after you know, all of these games, what do they do? You may have noticed they go they make Sousou to Allah subhanho wa Taala one of them is happy. You don't even know one of them is happy Juma? He just heard about Jemima Salah cote Lebanon, these are secrets why the Moroccan team has been winning Alhamdulillah May Allah azza wa jal? No, and I make dua for them in

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make the Africa to give them victory in this dunya and victory in the Africa inshallah Jota and to make them happy as they made us happy and proud. I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us all sincerity in our actions and deeds as our common law fair. Welcome, welcome. This is Realtors as he I just thought to share this video with you so that it comes much later either formal or casual.