Reasons That Cause Allah To Love You – #08 The Heart Is Softened With The Worship Of Allah

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shortfill Mb even more serene, Allah He of Posada will attend more to slim. So today we are at number seven in this journey of 10 reasons that allow us to receive the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala according to this beautiful book that if don't pay him or him Allah has authored, and although this is video number eight, we are on number seven because of the introduction that we did with video number one. And again, for those of you who are tuning in for the first time, it's important that you go back to the first video because that introduces the book and a little bit about what

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this book is trying to achieve with the reader. So number seven is no claim What are Hema hula mentions that this is the most marvelous of the 10 points that he has in his book. So this is the most important to him. And of course, it has everything to do with softening the heart when you are in the state of worship with a larger lower them. Now what that means is that as we worship whether we are in any particular ritual or not, so whether you're in Salah or you're reciting Quran or you're in hajj, or you're fasting, the point is, is that when you're involved in some act of worship, the heart begins to tremble, it begins to soften. The word that he uses in his book is in

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peace out in key Salah literally means to break something into pieces. So the heart feels shattered and overwhelmed, because the heart submits itself to Allah subhana wa Tada. And this is why some of the scholars they tell us that if the heart submits itself to Allah, the limbs will become humble. Let me say that again. When the hearts is submitted to Allah, then our actions, our limbs become humble. They also submit in humility. So in other words, all of those verses and a hadith that you've read about and you've heard about how we walk, how we conduct ourselves, how we sit, we don't have pride, we don't walk with a swag, we don't puff our chest out out of pride and keyboard. All of

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these things should and must be a reflection of a heart that has submitted itself to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, let's delve in a little bit deeper, so we understand what exactly that means. You see the heart. Let's start off with the word heart. In Arabic, there are several words for heart in Arabic, but the most common of them is called 101 comes from the word pylab. an alibi means something that's constantly changing. It also means something that's moving back and forth, quickly non stop. And that's obviously what the heart does. And Allah subhanho wa Taala that uses this particular word Paul bone as the most common word to refer to the heart. But then there's also other

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words, like Ed, Ed refers to the heart that's empty, that's lost, that's overwhelmed with emotion. And this is why in the poor end sort of puzzles as well as sort of Bihar. Allah subhanho wa Taala described the heart of the mother of musala he said them and he tells tells us in such detail puzzles will also be helpful add on Mimosa 34, that the heart of Moosa became the heart of the mother of Musa became empty, it became lost the Fatiha means an empty space. So that's how our heartfelt but in so detail for on Allah subhanho wa Taala describes and encourages the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam to keep his emotions out of it, no matter how upset or how lost or confused

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he might be, when he's trying to teach his message because why there was a request that was made to him that's captured intuitive for con, where the the disbelievers, they said to the messenger RNA, so it was somewhat Paul and Latina. cafaro, those who disbelieve they said, Lola in New Zealand, la Hill and Joomla 10 wahida that if you could tell your Lord to send out the entire poor and all at once, but then listen to how Allah taught the Prophet Ali's so to sum to respond, cuz then he can lean with a bitter be here for a duck water now huhtala Tila that is how we keep kept your heart but the word that he used his forehead. So in other words, you might feel somewhat confused, empty,

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lost, overwhelmed with emotion, but Allah azza wa jal gave the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam firmness so despite him feeling that way, he was still focused, he could still concentrate on the ultimate goal. And then Allah tells him what up till now huhtala Tila and continue to recite and beautify your voice when you recite the poor and when you're teaching it to these people. And with that being said, When

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Concentrate on the heart, we are able to handle and cope with every single type of emotion in existence. All the different levels of emotions that we experience in life, we're able to control it, we're able to cope with it, we're able to understand, you know, sometimes the heart, we feel sad, sometimes we feel happy. Sometimes we're in between sometimes there's anger that's boiling within the heart. But once you have a heart that's submitted itself to Allah, meaning everything that you feel everything that you internalize within your heart, it's kept under control. Because why? You're always thinking that when a las panatela judges us and judges what's in our heart, as we

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all know, very, very basic general principle in our Deen that Allah subhanho wa Taala does not just focus or concentrate all his his attention on the things that we do, but even more so on what is in the heart. And this is why the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam told us is our solar had solid just had a clue what either feser that fecit had just said that if it's pure, if your heart is in the light, right place, so solid, meaning if your heart has submitted itself to Allah, then everything in your body, all of your limbs, your actions, everything will submit itself to Allah. But if it's the opposite, if the heart is corrupt, if the heart is lost, if the heart is confused, then your

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actions will project what's in the heart. So you will also live a life You don't know any, you wouldn't have any purpose, you would feel like I don't know what else to do. When I pray, I'm just doing the actions but by heart isn't there, you know, one of these days later down the line inshallah, we can talk about the things that help us to keep our heart focused and concentrated. But even though playing Rahim Allah makes a special emphasis on the concept of horseshoe concentration, horseshoe also means when the limbs fear a lot. And so it's also when you're physically afraid of something, you start to shake, you start to tremble, that's for sure. And the reason why this is the

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most common word that we use when we describe concentration, and focus in prayer, is because we want to limit the amount of movement in prayer as much as possible. And the reason why we do that is, of course, because we are standing in front of our Creator, subhanho, wa Taala. So you want to start a stand with the best of etiquettes, you want to be focused, you want to be firm, you want to make sure that you're concentrating, but even more so that your heart is in the prayer. Now, with that being said, How do you get your heart to submit itself to Allah, there are literally countless of ways and methods that can help us do that. I'm just going to mention to you, two of them, number

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one, poorer and poorer and poorer. And if we haven't realized this, if you haven't experienced the miracle of what the poor end does to your heart, if you have never made that connection, it's a sign that you're not connecting with the poor and enough, you don't have a relationship with the poor, and that is consistent. And part of that is you're reciting it every day. And every day when you do recite something about what you've recited, it captures you, like you'll come across a particular verse that you heard and hoped about, you heard on a YouTube video or something. And you're like, wait a minute, I kind of understand what that's talking about. Or it's just the beauty of the

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recitation itself. So even if you understand nothing of the poor, and the fact that you're just reciting it, that in and of itself is healing, it's therapeutic for the heart, it softens the heart. And the second thing that helps us to do that, and the heart to submit itself to Allah is prayer, prayer, prayer. You know, we can talk about Salah from now until the day of judgment, and we would never fully exhaust all of the benefits of what prayer does. This is why our Prophet Alayhi salat wa sallam taught us that the first thing that a believer is judged on on the Day of Judgment is their Sunnah. And if their solid is good, meaningful, las panatela accepts their prayer than the rest of

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their judgment process, their trial will also be successful. In other words, as we pray in our hearts, our hearts and our actions are sincere in our prayer, then our entire life will be sincere. Everything that we do and feel will be for Allah subhanho wa Taala I can't really describe to you or tell you exactly what you should do to soften the heart, but the Quran and the Sunnah does give us some things that help us in the process. Because why at the end of the day, you know your heart better than anyone else, you know, what you feel, you know what you allow in there, what you don't allow you have full control over what you feel

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And what comes into your heart. And so if you pump in things that are of no benefit, so let's say you listen to music, for example, right? And you're listening to music constantly, every day, you just listen, listen, listen, you know what's going to end up happening. Several years will pass by. And let's just say that one day you decide to stop listening to music, several years will go by, if you don't flush out music, or things that are of no benefit to you from your heart. If you don't flush that stuff out. Maybe five or 10 years later, you might hear a song when you're walking in the grocery store or walking into the mall. And it's an old song that you used to listen to 1015 years

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ago, guess what's going to happen? You just listen to it for a few seconds, and it's going to reignite that song and all of a sudden, you'll find yourself you're like, Oh my god, I actually remember all the words. And then it reignites that desire to want to listen to the song again, you might find yourself you go back on YouTube, and you type in that song for the first time in like 10 years. And it's as if you've never left it. That's what happens when you don't flush your heart out from filthy things. It finds a way to settle in there and it penetrates the heart. So when por en now, reminders Hadeeth Sala worship when they want to penetrate the heart, they want to find a place

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to settle, there's no room, there's nothing you can do. So one of the things to, to to, I guess, to heal that. And one of the things to get the heart back on track is that you're constantly flushing it out with prayer as well as the core and you're praying, you're praying regularly, you're looking forward to salah and the Quran is slowly cleaning, cleansing the heart out so that way when you do listen to the poor and it becomes meaningful, it resonates with you to find some place to settle in the heart. That's where we want to be. This is why food for the heart is the remembrance of Allah Allah be victory lap Padma in loco lube, Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that the thing that the

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heart finds the most level of peace, the most contentment is when it is surrounded, and it's engulfed in the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now keep in mind the A it says, Let the victory let victory lead the remembrance of Allah. But Allah doesn't tell you what that is. You decide what that is, you figure out because when you say the remembrance of Allah, often Muslims will think okay, well I have to report and all day and all night, or I have to just say stuff that will last a panel I have to just keep my, my tongue busy with the remembrance of Allah, or I've got to memorize things or I've got to go study. That's one type of Vicar, but just sitting outside in

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your backyard or looking out in the balcony, and you just see a beautiful city or you see a beautiful scenery around you. And it reminds you of a lion you say subpanel Look what a lot designs, look what a lot created. Look how beautiful these trees are. Look how beautiful the ocean is. Look how beautiful these creatures are. When you do that, all of that is part of the remembrance of Allah, you're reflecting on Allah's creation, you're reflecting that how Subhana Allah, Allah can design things so perfectly, and with such detail and such beauty. So just the fact that your mind is thinking and processing, beautiful, natural things around you, is part of the remembrance of Allah.

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Part of the remembrance of Allah also is when you reflect on yourself, you know, you have certain habits that have to change. You know, you might have anger issues, you don't have enough patience. You're always getting angry or upset at your your spouse, you're always taking your frustration out on your children, you become this bitter person, no one can get along with you, you make trouble wherever you go, if you're one of those kinds of individuals, select poor and heals all of that. And this is why if no pain rahimullah specifically titled this chapter, you break your heart in the worship of Allah subhanaw taala in key cell will help you shatter your heart with the remembrance of

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Allah with the worship of Allah. shattering Of course here means that the heart is humbled. There's humility there, because it's submits itself to Allah. When you have a heart like that. Your limbs become humble, you become this gentle soul. Everyone loves you. Allah gives humble and acceptance with the people around you. And yeah, that might make other people upset. But the point is, is that people start to admire and see that some panela no matter how tough the situation is that that person seems to always have things under control. That happens because they have a heart that's submitted itself to the Creator. And so brothers and sisters, keep in mind the doras that we say

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that's mentioned in the Quranic keep our hearts in the right direction or have been led to zero kulu banner BARDA is had a tener or Allah don't allow my heart to be steered away.

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We are shifted off course, after you have given me guidance, because that's the worst tragedy, you're already blessed with Islam, you're already blessed with instructions. And still you don't follow it, or you you know it, but you don't follow it. That's the worst. And so part of the doors of a believer is you asked a lot of keep you firm, keep you stable, keep you consistent, and let keep you permanent on the path that he guided you towards. That's where we want to be. That's what it will tell you more he mohalla mentions, and this is why, in his beautiful book, he actually starts off and he says, well, who men are jebby her. This is the most marvelous of the 10 points,

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this is the dearest to him. And it should be to all of us. When the heart is settled the body, your life, everything around you is settled. And so brothers and sisters, I know that this is not easy. It's very, very challenging to do this. Because we're exposed to so much so many things happen in life, people trigger you people, instigate you, there's so many factors and variables that are involved, that cause the heart to be unstable, to cause you to become confused. My brothers and sisters, as I've always said, as long as we are alive, there is always hope. Because once we are alive, everything that we experience in life, Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us the strength and

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the ability to cope with that to overcome those things. Never ever in the history of mankind from admire that he said them until the day of judgment, it will never happen. Because that's a lost promise that your heart will be overwhelmed or overburdened with things you don't have the capacity to handle. You don't have the ability to bear everything that you experience. You have what it takes to overcome. But it starts off that your heart is settled, that you're thinking about Allah your emotions are always directed to Allah. So if you're feeling sad, down, stressed and upset, you see you tell yourself, Oh Allah, you're the only one that brings ease and contentment to my heart, or

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Allah give me peace or love, give me security, you're feeling that in your heart. And so my brothers and sisters were the last thing that I'll mention to you is just keep in mind the opposite of this whole scenario. The opposite, of course, is when somebody has something in the heart, but the actions project the complete opposite. That's what amona theophanes that's what the hypocrite is. And so we don't want to be of that category. We want that level of connection and consistency. So people when they hear our voices when they interact with us, when they have conversations with us, they see a beautiful human being. And that's their glimpse to your heart because you have a

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beautiful heart as well. And so May Allah subhanho wa Taala always in forever purify our hearts. When the heart is pure, the body is pure, the actions are pure. May Allah subhana wa Taala constantly give us the ability and the strength to purify teskey to purify our hearts, so that we are constantly submissive to him, that we are always at this level of humility and humbleness in the sight of Allah and inshallah to Allah. Allah subhanaw taala will accept from us our efforts alone mean and so brothers and sisters, this is where we conclude inshallah until we meet again, just like Melo heighten Allah subhanho wa Taala bless you all, keep you safe and healthy, wherever you are.

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What's up, Mr Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh