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So now we're gonna have to Allah as usual to begin with our announcements. First and foremost, the usual announcements of making sure that we're wearing our masks throughout the entire whole divine until we exit as well. We are in need of donations and we are still raising funds for Ramadan, Syria, so please donate your cuts to that it'll be distributed in the month of Ramadan. Our two weekly announcements firstly, you should all be aware that one of our dear members and longtime Kennedy members sister Shazia passed away and we paid her janazah yesterday. So we ask Allah for forgiveness for her and Cebu for the family. Also our member brother Javale Han, he's a regular

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attendee and Musa Lee. He has a bypass surgery on Monday so we ask Allah to make the surgery easy for him and to grant him shifa.

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So I'm not sure why you would want to catch

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Hi yo

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hamdulillah all praises you to Allah subhanho wa Taala we praise Him and we seek His help and we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and the consequences of our actions. Whomever Allah guides none can misguide. And whomever he miss guides, none can guide him back to the straight path. A bear witness and I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship other than Allah and

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bear witness and I testify that Muhammad Sallallahu it he was setting them is the final prophet and the most perfect worshipper of Allah as to what follows ALLAH SubhanA huzzah either reminds us in the Quran to be conscious of him when he says yeah you hola Dena, I'm an otaku. La haka, Ducati, Walter moto nila, we're onto Muslim on.

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Last week, a sister came to me were called me up and explained a situation of hers.

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And her story is very tragic. I'm not going to go into the details, but she suffered one calamity after another, from being a refugee to personal marital problems, to financial problems, and then an issue with her child. And she was almost to the point of breaking down completely and saying for how long? For how long is this going to happen? I feel helpless and hopeless. And in the course of that conversation, I reminded her of some verses of the Quran. And I'm going to use that to summarize this holds but for today, and we can call this holds up the psychology of the Quranic verses related to patience. How does the Quran appeal to us? What is the methodology of the Quran to remind us of

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being patient? We've heard a lot of Hood was introduced about sober. And of course, these are important and I encourage you to listen and re listen to them. But there is a layer underneath that. What is the psychology of sober? How does the Quran appeal to us to be patient? And what motivation does it use to remind us of the importance of patience? There are so many verses but of course, time is limited, so we'll only mention a few of them. And remember, this whole was not about the blessings of patience, that is another football. This is about the psychology of patience. Allah says in the Quran, what best *ters saw between

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give good tidings to those who are patient by Sherif means to cause to cheer up. And that is why a smile comes from the same root in the Arabic language. This is really profound because the one who is patient, we come and we console that person. We never say cheer up. We never say good news. We feel that the one who is afflicted, we need to make them feel sympathetic and that's fine. Nothing wrong with that. The Quran flips it around what Bashir tell them they're fortunate, tell them they're lucky what Bashir is sobbing in, and the psychology here is very straightforward, and that is that from our perspective, those that are being afflicted and are patient, Allah has blessed

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them. Allah has chosen them. They are the elite amongst us, they are the chosen as our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said when Allah loves somebody, he afflicts them with some calamity some disaster in Allah Tala EDA have become a better home. The more someone is beloved to Allah, the more they are tested in the other Hadith, the ones who are tested the most are the prophets and then those closest to them, and then those closest to them. What should change the psychology around when you're struggling, when you're undergoing misfortunes, when calamity seemed to surround you, rather than feel despondent, depressed, flip it around, Allah has chosen you be given Glad Tidings were

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Bashir and the choice or the choosing is that Allah subhana wa Tada is going to raise your ranks up the Quran also tells us what's the in OB somebody will Salah seek help is Tiana Yeah, can I will the way I can stain, seek help through prayer and through patience. Patience is being recommended to us as a tool is that you know, patience is a tool to cope. It is a mechanism that we use to cope with the problems around us. So Allah is telling us that patience is going to be our way out that long tunnel with the light at the end of it. The only thing that's going to get us through that tunnel is patience is that you know the Sabri was salah, so Sobor is an aid Sobor is a tool do not look at

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patience as a chore. Don't look at it as something that is negative. rather look at it as your lifeline. Look at it as literally something that's going to pull you out. It's Tiana was Torino this

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Somebody was salah, notice as well that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala mentions in the Quran, of the few categories that Allah says Allah who you're a boo, Allah loves. There's only like 11 or 12 verses that Allah says Allah who you're able and of the people that Allah loves, will Allah who you hit Busaba it in. Allah loves those who are patient. And once again, those that are troubled, those that are afflicted, they feel the world has abandoned them, they feel they're all alone. They feel nobody loves them. Why is this happening? And Allah tells us a psychology of sub Allah tells us in the Quran, I love you. Well, Allahu you himbo sob it in of the few categories that Allah explicitly

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links His love with are those that are afflicted with calamities, those that are struggling, those that are in difficult times and situations and they're constantly being forced to renegotiate. Allah says, I love your Allahu Akbar sabihin and that's why they are being tested. Once again, the psychology of suburb because the one who is struggling, feels abandoned, the one who is struggling feels no one loves me. And that's why Allah says I love you Allah, your humble sobbing in the same psychology is applied in another verse in the Quran. Instead of saying muhabba Allah says ma will Allahu ma sobbing in the Allahu wa slobin in again, only a dozen or so Allah is with Allah is with

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in Allah Hamas arbit in Allah is with those who are patient, because once again the psychology of patients once again, when you're struggling, when you have difficulties when you're in pain, you always feel alone. It's human nature, you feel alone, abandoned, neglected. So the Quran comes and Allah says explicitly in Allaha mas or videon, Allah is with you. You're not alone. Allah azza wa jal loves you Allah will take care of you. Once again we have here the beautiful psychology of counseling the patients in the Quran. And yet another verse in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions a very interesting series of situations when we show patients Allah praises those who are

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patients patient by saying well Sabina Filbert Sorry, what Bharat II what he knows about us three things are mentioned. Allah says the righteous are those who show patients in Bazza and the raw, unhindered by us. These are three different nouns. What do they imply? And by the way, linguistically, all three of them overlap linguistically. All three of them have similar meanings, painful suffering, those who are patient at times of distress, yet each one takes on a very specific connotation, about sa means financial tightness, you don't have enough money. Okay, finances are overburdening you, you don't have a job, you're in debt you owe people will solve it in a

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filibuster. Barbara is when you are in moral, your body is in pain, you're sick or your loved one is sick. This is Barbara. And he bucks is during times of civil war during times of actual battle. You know, when civil war is going on, look at what is happening around the world in Myanmar in Syria and China may Allah make their situation easier for them in Kashmir and in philosophy we can go on and on. That's enough bass. And Allah mentions these three in order of difficulty because out of them financial difficulty is the least worrisome and then bodily is definitely much more difficult than financial and then Civil War bombs dropping people attacking that is no doubt the worst of them. And

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Allah mentions all three will solve it in FL Betsa it will Bara it was handled by us now notice again, these are the three situations and Subhanallah it just so happened that the sister who called me she had all three of them and I said Allah mentioned you in the Quran explicitly in your situation. This is all your situation. And this first cheered her up immensely. It is as if she hadn't read it before and it was like the first time because it literally financial situation bodily situation and also civil war and refugee literally it's all there was saw a bit NFL but saw what the raw what he knows about us. It's all there. Allah azza wa jal has told you I know what you're

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undergoing. I know and I am going to praise you and reward you and take care of you as you go through your financial problems. And as you battle your sicknesses and illnesses and as even the political situation deteriorates, don't worry, I will give you that patience and I will take care of you and this again shows us the psychology of the Quran. Of the psychology of the Quran as well when it comes to patience is that Allah subhana wa Tada reminds us that leadership nobility is only arrived at via the mechanism of patience, the chosen few the leaders of mankind, you do not become a leader according to Allah subhana wa Tada without a struggle.

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and the struggle must entail patience. And this is explicit throughout the Quran for example, what your Unnao inmitten yeah doing ebmt Nada Moussa about who we made them Imams when Allah says We made them Imams, it doesn't mean the Imam of the Salah. It means religious leaders. It means people that are admired and respected. Allah says We made them Imams that others follow their guidance from when did that happen? How did they become Imams lamal Sabado when they displayed patience, the only way that Allah will choose you and raise you up to become an imam for mankind is when you display patience. So once again the psychology you are not abandoned. You have been chosen to be on the

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elite side. You have been selected by Allah to be raised up to be an imam for the rest of mankind. What your And now imagine you're doing IBM Nina le mal Sabado. Also Allah says in the Quran, talking about the most elite of all the prophets was via Kumar sabara hula as me Mina Rasul, we're talking about prophets and messengers in our weekly lectures, and we talked about messengers are higher than prophets, and then there is a category of messengers that is the highest and that is all awesome. And Allah mentions five of them in the Quran, there are five oil Azim what has made them people of fortitude was bitter Kemal savara kulula azmin urusan the number one characteristic that made these

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five the best of all of mankind is because they displayed patience, once again the psychology of the Quran, when you're undergoing struggles, when you have to display patience, realize you have plenty of role models before you the best of the best had to display patience. And when you follow those role models, guess what you will in turn become a role model you yourself will become a role model for others around you. What you are now in Allah is going to make you an imam if you are patient for his sake. And that is why patience is one of the fundamental realities of faith. Our Prophet says some called patients the head of iman he called it the crux of Eman you cannot have Iman without

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demonstrating patience. And of course, patience is one of the best blessings that comes directly from Allah and of the psychology of Sobor is that Allah subhana wa Taala reminds us that Sobor is a gift that he gives. So the very fact that you are displaying patience even if you're struggling. Allah didn't say patience is going to be easy. He never said that. Patience is difficult. Patience means you control yourself. Patience means you don't act immature. Patience means you control your tongue. Patience is difficult, nobody said is going to be easy, but the very fact that you are displaying it even if you're struggling indicates and this is the final point that will mention

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indicates that Allah is conferring His blessings directly on you. While spear warmer Saba Rocha illa biLlah Be patient and remember, your server will only come from Allah. The very fact I said to this sister, the very fact that yes, you're struggling but you're displaying patience. It indicates Allah has opened the doors directly on you. Was there one ma sub Roca illa biLlah. Allah is showering you with Sabra realize the very fact that this is happening right now. And you're still keeping it even if you feel you're gonna go but you're still there. You're still maintaining your Eman your reader your taqwa you're still doing your soul a lot and accepting Allah as other even as you struggle

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realize this means the doors are open and Allah Subhan is coming directly on to you because the Prophet is told in the singular was there one or so broker illa biLlah be patient your US will Allah and realize all of your sub will only come from Allah Allah is the One who gives supper to us. So the very fact that you are patient indicates Allah as doors have been opened up and Saba is pouring down on you, the one who puts you in that situation has done it for a wisdom known to him and he shall give you the sober and when he gives you that sober he shall raise your ranks up because he loves you as you are being patient and he is with you Allahumma sabihin and he wants to raise your

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ranks higher and higher and he wants to make you a leader and a role model do not look at patience as the end Patience is a mechanism to cope through the struggle of this world and via demonstrating patience. Allah raises our ranks in this world and most importantly in the next May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless me and you with through the Quran. And May He make us of those who is vs. They understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan ask Allah's forgiveness you as well ask him for his death.

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For under Rockman.

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Alhamdulillah All praise is due to Allah, the One and the unique. It is He that we worship, and it is His blessings that we seek. He is the Lord of the oppressed and he answers the dua of the week. The question arises, how does one attain patience and again, much can be said or only mentioned to because of time, first and foremost of the most miraculous things about patience, of the most miraculous things about patience, and I've said this even on this member before, one of the few things that we are told, simply wanting patience will get it for you simply desiring it will open up the doors. If only money were so easy if I want money I'll get it doesn't work that way for money

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for money, you have to strive, but for patience, you just have to desire that's all. You just have to want patience and you will get patients. How do we know this hadith in Sahih Muslim woman yet ASABE burr you Sabir Hola? Whoever desires patience, Allah will grant him patience. It's that simple. That's all that you need to do. I mean, what a miracle what a blessing. All that is required you want and you desire that's it. Your heart has to want to be patient Woman Yeah, toss up bar, you Sabir hola that's all that is required to be patient. And of course, other things can be done as well. And the second thing that we'll mention is of the ways that we perfect our patience of the

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ways that we make sure we are patient is through the fast of Ramadan. And of course, this whole book is linked directly to Ramadan, which is going to be coming in a few weeks and the whole topic of Ramadan and the topic of patients are interlinked together, how and why? Because Ramadan, and fasting, it's like our gym, so that we practice patients, we go day and night, and we withhold we abstain from that which we need to survive. It's a daily routine and ritual to perfect our suburb, perfecting Ramadan, and perfecting fasting is one of the main tools that we will need to perfect the concept of patience. One of the wisdoms of Ramadan is to make us all more patient and that is why

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our Prophet systems that hadith is intimately the that fasting is half of stubborn, half of sober you will master it by fasting. And he said in the Hadith in the Sati that Ramadan is Shah who was sober the month of sober the month of Ramadan is the month of summer and fasting is half of southern so simply by perfecting Ramadan and making sure we pack fast properly and fulfilling the requirements of Allah in this month, we have Alhamdulillah mastered half of the art of patience and the other half will come by other ways. So Ramadan is coming up amongst upon us and we know that patience is a necessary tool to live for the rest of our lives. So now as we prepare for this month,

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and as we get ready to prepare psychologically and spiritually and mentally of the things that we should prepare is that we welcome Ramadan as our exercise mechanism to perfect this tool of patience along with so many other things the Quran and sadaqa and Likud Anttila and fasting and spending the night in Salah all of this is also going to be there but this Ramadan in particular look to this month as the month to perfect patience so that insha Allah huzzah Allah we have this tool was the Innova, somebody was Salah for the rest of our lives, we can utilize it to overcome trials and calamities and tribulations because in the end of the day, your brothers and sisters, this is a

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world of trials and calamities. There is no eternal peace in this world. There is no ultimate happiness in this world that is in the next life. This world will be one problem today another problem tomorrow we will continuously need solver to overcome every single problem and it is through our solver and through overcoming those problems that we attain ultimate blessings in the next and raise our ranks in Jannah that is the goal Dear brothers and sisters and in order to get that goal we need to master the art of patience. May Allah subhana wa Tada make us of those who are patient Allahumma and Neda, and for me know Allah Allah Allah Allah that if you had the yummy them and in

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love of artha wala Hamad Illa for Raja Wallah Dana Illa for data wala Marie Vaughn, Elijah feta, well, I see Ron in La Jolla startup Allah Finland. Well the one in the loveliness of Hakuna Eman, wala touch I feel Cubanelles in La La La Nina Aman Robina in Nicaragua for Rahim. Allah Houma is an Islam or when Muslim in Allah whom is an Islam or when Muslim in Allah Muhammad Aradhana or Arden Islam or Muslim either be su infringer.

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Have enough say where Jonathan mero feet at the bat Hey yo yo yo Aziz Roberto Allah in Allahu Allah Allah Amara BBFC within Nabi Malacca the photoessay was held as a bit of a U haul momentum agenda he went insane for call the SML Croydon Idema in hola hola como yo Soluna Allah Nabi yah yah Latina and also Lu Ali he was selling with us Nima Allahumma salli wa sallam robotic was an avocado Sudha Mohammed while he was such a big man, everybody Allah in Allah to Allah Yeah, mobile idli What if Cerney were a tidal orba Wayan handle fracture I will Moon carry well belly your ego Camilla Allah come to the Quran or the Quran Allah Allah Allah Allah the Quran wash Kuru Yes. What are the

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Corolla? heeta Allah Akbar Wa La Miss Allah

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Allahu Koponen long and commode a shredwell Isla more a shadow and murdered or soon more. Hi yah, no sauna aunty Hey Island fella by the apartment in sloth Anton for the apartment is

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a long length vocal, more vocal.

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stoked to do a lot more work amongst

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Alhamdulillah he'll have been me been a rough man around him. Mali and Kia Omid ding e Kana boo boudoir.

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Ghana's styling, it did not slip it off on most stealthing sled all tartelette Hina and him always in the mellow me Isla de him moto model on LNG

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soon OB

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won't be here with me known golden armor Nabila he woman Allah II karate he was going to be he was only learning for real Kobe in the middle row Sunni walk on Oh, Sameer Anna what else on for on camera on Ben? What Eli? Mosley law you can live for long who Neff son in

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sabots who are on a Mac does but a lot better to ask you then.

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In nursing

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Walton I'm benna wala milaana ina gamma

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i mean balbirnie In a lot better now. Why not turn him

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off auto gonna be wild for

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whoa fear Lana Walla

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Walla Anna

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feeling alone welcome

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semi Allahu naman Hamidah

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Allah hola hola como

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along, come

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Alhamdulillah here have been Alameen R Rahman Al Rahim in Maliki a woman Dini can go door. Ghana's green dyno sale autonomous dumping mostly at Auckland. Dena and he

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In one you didn't lose him why don't all thing

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why now sitting in is Santa Fe horsell inland levena am and what I mean Oh Sani Do you want a while song been healthy water while slowly bills slobber Allahu Akbar

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send me Allahu naman Hamidah

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