Siraj Wahhaj – Should we collaborate with masjids who have deviated Q&A

Siraj Wahhaj
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their experience working with different people in society, including religion. They emphasize the importance of working with people who have a different mentality and idea than the speaker, and stress the need to make sure one is safe. The speaker also mentions their experience teaching students about Islam and working with people from different cultures to help teach them about it.
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There's a mosque here in Oslo apparently that has a different kind of abida or a weird that either that's unfamiliar. Should we like, be like free mixes? And who

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you know, doesn't encourage the Bob, for example, should we invest our energy in working with them? Or should we perhaps work with some some other mosques that you know,

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follow the right appeared and such? Did you get it? No.

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I couldn't hear it. She's saying that

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if you have the two alternatives, working with a master to have different kinds of Akita promoting free mixing and the weird things in terms of should you try to work with this Masjid? Or should you rather spend your efforts in a Masjid that you know is safe in terms of wakita and the decisions you have to make on your own it's not something that I can tell you from the outside one thing that I realize that

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I think it's important when you have visitors

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sit with them even before they come

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and briefed them on the environment here.

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Cuz I realize that sometimes speakers coming from the outside they have a different mentality, different idea. I'm not sure what the people think overall thinking of the people. So I will say that you upon yourself if it if the Arcadia is so bad, that has nothing to do with with with Islam, then you don't go there, then you go to a place that you're comfortable with the arcada I wouldn't want you to go somewhere. It depends on how bad it is. If they, if they worship and other than Allah, then you know, you have to be careful how you work with them, unless you call them to Islam. So that's your choice, you're gonna have to make that choice. But for me, I tried to work with

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Muslims everywhere.

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Try to help them. One of the people that I spent a lot of time with how many of you heard of the Nation of Islam?

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I used to be a minister in a Nation of Islam. And because I was a minister in the Nation of Islam, Alhamdulillah Allah bless me, I became a Muslim.

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Like Malcolm X, Alhaji Malik Chavez, I'm talking about him tomorrow a little bit.

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So what I do, I go back now I teach classes for them. There's a squad, teen intensive Academy, where we teach the people in the Nation of Islam about Islam. So I worked with them to help them come to closer to Islam. So you have to make a determination how far you want to go in Sharla

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