Why does Islam Oppress the Woman, and Confine her to Housework

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Salam Alaikum Alaikum wa salam Rebekka.

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I've been asked by many non Muslims. Why does Islam suppress women? I know that's not the correct answer. I know that Islam does not suppress women especially the question relates to working.

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Muslim women not generally for the stay at home.

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You clarified in your last talk, I've listened to quite a few of your lectures, not all of them, but quite a few. You have also clarified that women can go to mosque, but in India, places like India and Pakistan women cannot visit mosques. That because it's a man made rule not God's rule.

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What What is Islam so Fenian regarding women making a career for themselves if they observe modesty?

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raises the question that there is an allegation with a non Muslim that Islam suppresses the woman, but the complete answer can refer to my video Christian woman says in the slum, but coming to a specific question regarding can they work? And secondly, can they make a career for themselves? Can they work point number one, that it is not compulsory for them to work?

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Like for a man to earn his living is before a woman is married. It is a duty of her father and a brother. And after she's married, it is the duty of the husband and the son to look after lodging boding clothing and all financial aspects. So the financial burden in Islam is put on the shoulders of the man.

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She need not work. But if you want to work willingly, she can.

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But if she says I don't do work, the husband can fossa.

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Men and women are equal in Islam, but equality doesn't 90 guarantee what a man says I want to give birth to a child I want to conceive well you cannot get to see

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right out to conceive you cannot get to see certain things optional. Certain thing haram certain thing for the compulsory certainly preferable, so it depends. So similarly, depending upon the physiological makeup, the biological makeup, the roles of men and familiar difference. So the financial burden is put on the shoulders of the men, but yet the woman can work if they want to work if both the ends don't meet, and if she feels real to work, or if he wants to work for any other reason she can work but it should be within the purview of the Islamic Sharia. Within the modesty level, you should wear hijab, fine, there should be segregation of the sexes, not intermingling of

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the sexes, segregation or not segregation sexes.

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For example, you can't have that lady wants to become a secretary of the boss and the boss is sitting in a closed room in the cabin and dictating and the Secretary typing cupboard profits said If man and woman are alone nightmare on foreign men and women alone in a room that are perceived the devil and that there is in the newspaper what happened many times what happened with the boss and the Secretary minute and the boss tells the secretary Why didn't you stay bit late you know what I'm extra work and you know what happened after that? I don't tell that. That the reason you see so it is natural.

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If you're alone in the room once twice, thrice with a secretary beautiful or not.

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So therefore if some say segregation of sexes,

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segregation of sexes brother, that if she's working she should wear the hijab, but natural and segregation of sexes means separate area for the 10 separate for men, not that man or woman cannot talk when required they can talk but not in a closed room.

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They can talk not they can't, but when required, not Anessa, haggling, haggling like an office you find reducing the movie or how you find this and and unnecessarily gossiping and then what happened later on. So in Islam, a woman can work but it should be a work which is within the purview of the Islamic Sharia. She can very well to portray she can do V which he can do knit he can become a gynecologist. She can become a teacher. She can do is this also my not my sister maj earning botnet sisters are doing very good business. One of my sisters running a factory separate section for the lady separate for gyms, she ended the dissection with an androgen section. What is the problem? I'm

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the managing director.

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Other sisters doing exports no problem, but within the purview of the Islamic Sharia, no problem. But she need not well if he wants to can. She can't do dancing, she can do modeling. Same thing a man also cannot do design his business a man can revoke an alcoholic bar. So what rules are there for woman I mean many are there for the men also to what is haram for a woman is around for woman. What is haram for men is haram for men, something harmful both like working alcoholic bar exam for men and women both working in a gambling den for both. So it's not a separate thing. Can she make a career for herself? Why not?

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Why not? She can make a career but it would not be outside the fold of the Islamic Sharia. The reason is because her main responsibility because she's a woman is that of a mother is that of a wife. But if she takes up a career and sacrifices a role, she becomes a very

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Good, suppose gynecologist, but neglects

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the family. Some career she does, but neglect doesn't be a good mother doesn't be a good wife. So she's losing because the reward that a person gets for becoming a mother is far superior that there isn't a blood Prophet said that paradise lies beneath the feet of the mother. There's a hadith in say Buhari Well, number eight, in the book of Isaiah, chapter number two Hadith number two, a person as the Prophet, that who deserves the maximum love and companionship. The Prophet replied to the person, your mother, the man has to next the Prophets that the mother, the man has to next the Prophet again repeat your mother, the man lost after that too, then the Prophet said your father,

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that means three foot 75% of the love and companionship goes to the mother, one foot 25% goes to the Father. That means in short, gold metal, goes to the mother silver medal goes to the mother Bronfman goes to the mother, the father gets a consolation prize is Islam. So now you're sacrificing that thing for career in the world fine, very good career, even if it is Islamic. I'm not talking about the Haram career like modeling and actress and everything. But even the halal career is a sacrifice, what is required of being a good mother

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or being a good wife, these are important, you want to be a good mother you can never be you and I we cannot be we we give a mountain of gold we cannot be whatever we try. So imagine what has been given to her she losing that what role is for us, is for us, so therefore fine, she can do but follow the Sharia so that she goes to Jana hope that's the question. Walker Dhawan and hamdulillah Balaam.