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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the history and narratives of the Prophet system, including the use of the "has" in the statement and the importance of trust in early Islam. The history of Hadith is discussed, including the rise of the church NAMA and the "has" of the first book. The segment also criticizes the notion of culture and the British Empire's actions, citing the lack of history of being a purely religious war until the British came. The speakers emphasize caution and caution against making things worse online.
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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Anwar Ali was IBH Rana Moberg. Our question for today first question, somebody emails and asks that there has been a lot of talk recently regarding the a hadith that mentioned the causeway hint or the issue of Jonnie an army or an expedition towards India as one of the signs of the Day of Judgment. Can you tell us about these a hadith? Are they authentic or not? So this is our first question for today, a brother asks, from Pakistan, actually, that a lot of our scholars in that region are currently talking about his way hint. So what is the ruling of these are Hadith about the narration

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of him. So today, inshallah actually went over these Hadith in detail, and this is a summary of those findings. So there are actually two a hadith about this issue of the Prophet system predicting the army going towards India. And the first of them actually, both of them are in Sudan and the Saudi, so out of all of the six books only Anessa he has these Hadith and Anessa, he is considered to be of the higher levels obviously, you have a hottie and Muslim, the most authentic then after that actually Anessa it comes number three in terms of authenticity, did MIDI comes number three in terms of usefulness, a Buddha would comes number three in terms of ease of use, so each one has a

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different number three, but in terms of authenticity, and this is actually number three after Bukhari and Muslim and Imam in Nyssa. He was a student of Imam Al Bukhari as well, he was one of his main students. So in Imam Anissa is book in volume six page 240. Now of the addition that I have, there is a chapter called The chapter has what to add hint, there's the whole chapter which is called the husband or the expedition towards India. So remember, nessa has in this chapter, He has three, a hadith, however, these three are actually two why actually today as well, I'm going to add a little bit of Hadith stuff so we can benefit Inshallah, about the reality of how we understand how

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the sciences so realize when you have the same text or a similar text of a hadith narrated by different chains going back to the same sahabi, the same Sahabi in reality, no matter how many chains you have, that is considered to be one Hadith, because it all goes back to the same Sahabi now, it could be that one of these chains is weak then we look at the other chains, maybe it's authentic, so that we can say okay, this is one Hadith. So the first of these hadith is from a Wuhan Radi Allahu Taala and who and Imam Anissa integrates in his long chain, which goes back to is aw And Asa unsay you're on Jeopardy binaire Aveda and be heard on the Allahu Taala and harder Why don't

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah's word tell Hinze the Prophet sallallahu Sallam promised us that we will have an expedition towards Hynd for in a drug to her so this inner elbow had this hadith the Prophet says and promised us that we will conquer hint. Okay. So I will hurry I was saying, if I am alive when this was what happens, I will spend of my knifes and my man, myself and my money for an octal consuming after the Shahada. If I die in this expedition, I consider myself to be of the best of the Shahada. We're in Algeria and if I come back victorious for ANA Abu Hurayrah, Al Mahara, I will be Abu Huraira who has saved himself from the fire of hell are the way I

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will be the winner if I participate in this Allah's way, hint, okay, so this is the first narration which is 3173 3174 Imam and Nissei has a different chain to say er angegebenen idea and Abu Huraira essentially converging on the third Narrator say you're on jabber and we Hurayrah and is the exact same thing why then are

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Rasulullah sallallahu I sent him a letter with a hint further up to her own field of NFC, when to to kind of go to Shahada. So it's the same narration, it goes back to these three people, which is, which is say you're on Jabra and Abu Hurayrah. Now, the problem comes that

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this person Jabbar who is narrating from Abu Hurayrah. In fact, he is completely unknown, and he has no other Hadith in all of the books of Hadith except this one. Nobody knows who he is. And this is very common in early Islam before the sciences of Hadith began being codified. So there's somebody called Jabba Divina, albida and he narrates from Abu Hurayrah this one Hadith, how many other heavy hitters in our age zero. Who has met him or verified or checked his authenticity? No one. So he is what is called mudhole unknown much who will hell? We don't know his state

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Was his memory good or not? Was he somebody we can trust or not? Is he somebody who towards the end of his life became Yanni not very good and Hadith which is very common. So all of these things we have no idea. In other words in English will say there is a big question mark on him. We don't know who he is, therefore, this hadith without a doubt in and of itself, it is weak because of this unknown person who is Jabba Ibn Abida. So this is two different narrations converging on Jabba Ibn albida. And in fact, there is a second weakness as well, which is no need to get into based on this channel, Bernie, the famous Hadith of the previous generation, he said, This is not of Jabba from

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Ebola is a weakest nut. Okay? Now, whenever you find a scholar pronounce a verdict, you need to be careful. What is the scholar saying? Is he saying the isnaad this week or the hadith is weak? There's a big difference between the two. If a scholar says the isnaad is weak, then he's pronouncing a verdict on what is in front of him. He is not pronouncing the verdict on the full narration of the hadith is that clear? Right, and Imam Al or sorry Cheryl Bernie did not do a detailed discussion of this hadith to the best of my knowledge, you simply pronounced a verdict on the isnaad in sunnah unnecessary now, there is in fact another narration of this of this hadith as

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well. Of course, by the way, this is also mentioned in the Muslim Imam Muhammad was the Imam Muhammad Of course you should all know it is one of the largest collections of Hadith 50 volumes in this current print. So if you turn to volume 14, page 419 We have a narration of Buddha which is essentially the same thing that the Abu Hurayrah said that

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it is essentially the same concept but it is a different it's not so listen to this. Imam Muhammad says from yeah hey Ivan is how from Al Bara from Hassan Al boss study from Abu Hurayrah for people between him and Abu Hurayrah and the Profit System yeah here Bara Hassan Al bursary from Abu Hurayrah that my Holly Lee and my profits my friend my profit system, said your Kulu he had the almighty Bartonella Cindy will Hynde from this OMA there shall be an expedition that goes to where? Sindh and hint this hadith adds Sindh, Sindh and hint. Then Abu Hurayrah says if I am alive when this happens and I become a shahid then that is indeed good for that Kawana I am happy I'm sure he

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and if I come back then I shall be able Herrera who has freed himself from the fire of hell. Okay, now, this is not is totally different. But going back to whom?

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Abu Hurayrah Is it the same Hadith different Hadith than the same Hadith but a totally different is that now, we said the first is not that is going from Jabra. It is a weak one. This one. It has another major issue has another bus study, the famous SNL bacillary and turd Medina and Abu Huraira had already passed away.

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So Hassan Al Basundi, never met a boy Herrera. There is a missing person, by the way has handled basally is well known because this is early Islam the sciences of Hadith haven't fully been codified. So how celibacy was well known to do something that later scholars considered a crime, but in his time, it wasn't a crime. And that crime is called that lease. What does that lease mean? That lease means that the narrator narrates a hadith but he drops the person he heard it from. This is one main category of that lease, okay. Later scholars of Hadith consider this to be like almost a criminal offense. How dare you don't tell us but in this early timeframe, it wasn't a big deal. Why?

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Because trust was higher back then. Trust was higher back then. Because they are lying was not that common. And so it wasn't that important that Where did you hear it from? So Al Hassan Al Basri. Being the famous Dabiri he died 110 Hijra. He is one of the most famous of his era Hassan Al Basri was well known to narrate from Sahaba he never met. Now,

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the common principle is when too weak is not are there generally they support one another so that they become Hesson. However, this is not a generic unconditional rule. And this is where the scholar of Hadith becomes the expert is brought in, in this particular case, and again, for those that might be listening online or advanced students have had it I am being simplistic so you will point out other things. I'm well aware of them. I have done my research today, but for the sake of our class, I'm just mentioning some examples. There are other things that can be mentioned and I'm glossing over for the purposes

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of our lecture today, Hassan Al Basri is narrating from x from Abu Hurayrah. In the other chain, we have an unknown from Abu Hurayrah. In reality, these two weaknesses cannot help one another to make it has led. They cannot do so, because the weaknesses coincide in the exact same problem. Right. And what I'm trying to point out here the simple or generic rule that if there are two life is not put together, they become Hessen. It's not just you just take it and you apply it. No, you need a little bit more expertise to be brought in. And in this case, Imam Ahmed in his Muslim has a totally different chain to Abu Hurayrah completely different than the one in Sudan and Asahi. But in

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reality, the two cannot be added up to make her son the lady here and that's why most of the scholars who look at these two narrations they say the hadith of Babu Herrera is the eighth and this was my knowledge of it as well, until today when actually spent some time researching. So today I came across a third narration from a border Radi Allahu Taala and, and it is in one of the more tertiary books of Hadith, the Kitab al jihad of even even it'd be awesome who died 287 Hijra. Even a B ausimm was a contemporary of Imam Ahmed Imam that praised him highly had been at the awesome has a number of books of RT the end of Hadith and he is an original Narrator because he is from that

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generation he has original is nuts. And in his Kitab al jihad, Hadith number 291. He actually has a totally different isnaad Going back to Abdul Samad from Hashem and aside from Kenan NewBay mo la Sofia from Abu Huraira that Abu Huraira said widen, widen Allahu wa rasuluh who has what Allah hint Allah and His Messenger promised us that we shall go to hint and if I go and I die then Al Hamdulillah I am the best Shaheed and if I come back then I am Abu Hurayrah al Mahara the one was freed himself from Jahannam This is a third is not and the editors of this book they say the it's not them deciding are hammered or weak but added with this isnaad Now the Hadith becomes Hassan Lee

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Lady He is that clear now, now we have three different isnaad Two of them kind of sort of are weak in the same area. This one has some slight weakness, we're not going to get into the details but that is a weakness that doesn't conflict with the first two. So overall therefore, the hadith of Abu Huraira is Hessen lady it is something that we can consider to be inshallah acceptable now. Even if somebody says the hadith of Abu Hurayrah is weak, and this is the opinion of quite a lot of people but in my brief perusal today, very few of them quoted the hadith of Kitab al Jihad they only use the two versions that are in Muslim Imam Muhammad and Anissa II. When you add the third one you have

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a good solid case even if you consider to be weak Imam and Nyssa is third Hadith seals the fate we said there are three traditions in his Gospel today and what is the third one? He says on Muhammad Abdul Rahman and Asad Musa and Bhatia Allah had that any Abu Bakr Zubaydah and say Mohammed rewarded and documented when Amidon Abdullah Abdullah Bharani Ansel burn Mola, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I know who all are the Rasul Allah who is the Sahaba here, so Ban, who is Tobin Filburn is the most famous of the freed slaves of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he narrated over 90 a hadith, the prophet system had over 40 slaves that he owned every one of them he freed over the

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course of his lifetime, many of them like thauvin, volunteer to become a servant after they were free. Filburn was a free man, and he became a Hadith of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and he narrates over 90 traditions in western ma Muhammad, and Filburn as well. By the way, most of his narrations are about the signs of the day of judgment he would collect those Hadith he would love those Hadith so this is so bad. So in this hadith fell burn. Now this is a totally different Hadith, not Abu Huraira so Ban said I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say you saw Batan human Almighty a harasser whom Allah Homina nah, this is a totally different Hadith, two groups of my

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ummah. Allah has protected them from the fire of hell, two groups of my ummah, Allah has protected them from the fire of hell. Very slow but two integrals will hint where he Sabaton tecoma E seven Imodium it him as salam, a group that shall go on an expedition towards Hynd and a group that shall go with a seven Imodium in the end of times. Okay, now this hadith is a totally different one from the hadith of Abu Hurayrah right and by the way, it is also in which the DMR Muhammad with a slightly different it's not but going back to so van

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So we have Mr. Mohammed sin of another from Puglia, from Saudi from Mohammed from Lockman. From Abdullah from Filburn that he said a Saba tournament OMA to Rosa malo to Adam and and now, so we have here Hadith number 22,396, and Muslim and Muhammad, which is also going back to Thoburn. So the concept of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam telling us that there shall be a group going to India, and that that group is a protected group and they bless it group. That concept is pretty clear. Is that now understood, even if Abu Huraira US version might be c minus d plus in terms of the isnaad Phil ban is a good Hadith and put together the concept of the Prophet says I'm telling us that my ummah

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will go to Hynd and then the other version Hynd and sinned, this is something that is inshallah to add a very explicit and clear now, that is, these are the only the only narration is still going on over winter. There are no other narrations about a hint and sinned. And by the way, of course, all of us should know especially us from that region, that this has already obviously occurred. The very first expeditions that were sent towards Sindh

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was during the time of a motorcycle club on Earth might have been found on the Allahu Anhu. However, this appears to be only

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ships that were meant to see what is going on. It wasn't like large expeditions. As we all know, the large expedition that went and first basically entered, sinned in order to actually conquer portions of sin. This was done during the reign of

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had judge had been use of a third copy will not during his reign, he was the governor. And of course, the story. By the way, everybody should know this. This is basic history. The story is first mentioned in a book that is considered to be the first book ever written by Muslims of India regarding the history of India from the Muslim perspective. This is called the church NAMA, the church nama. I'm not inventing the name. It is the name of the church nama because it talks about the Cha Cha dynasty, and I'm not inventing that it's real. There was a dynasty called the Cha Cha dynasty. And so the church nama was the first book written in Arabic by the way, it is said that its

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author was one of the people who went with Mohammed bin Qasim, one of the persons who appointed by Mohammed costume, he wrote it in Arabic, we do not have that original 200 300 years later, a Persian translation was made, we have the original Persian translation, we do not have the original Arabic it is now lost, the original Arabic is lost. What we have, which is preserved in the British Museum is the Persian translation that was done in the ninth or 10th century CE II, not the original Arabic and a lot of work has been done on this. And of course, as you can understand there are questions of his authenticity or whatnot. Nonetheless, in the church NAMA, which allegedly was written by one of

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the shoe Candoco lots of Mohammed bin Qasim, he mentioned the famous story that a group of Muslim ladies was captured by Raja Dharohar of India. And the Raja had basically captured some ships that were being sent from Ceylon Sri Lanka to Baghdad. And on that ship were some young ladies whose fathers were Arab merchants and whose mothers were saved on keys. And so the fathers had died. So the king of Sri Lanka as a gesture of goodwill was sending the families and these young ladies back so that they can be with their father's side of the family and on the way Raja daha. Or they say some pirates under Raja confiscated and then obviously the ladies were taken, and news reached hijab

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and Yusuf Raja da refused to give the ladies back. And so he sent his cousin Mohammed had been caused him Mohammed mo costume he sent him at the young age of 19, to basically go and conquer elements of that region. And this is when the first Jonnie, the first conquest took place. And three major city states were established, most prominently the city of mon Surah, which was a walled city. It's like a three hour drive from Karachi, and also the city, the ancient city of Milan, not the modern city of Malta, and that's a different one, the ancient city of Milan was also established over there, Mohammed bin Qasim ruled over that region for a short period of time. There is a huge

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controversy, by the way amongst the historians, because you have two completely opposite narratives about Muhammad ibn Al Qasim those who sympathize with him and those who didn't, those who sympathize they he was a tolerant open minded he didn't force anyone anything and then you have the critics they have the exact opposite view. Nonetheless, Muhammad Qasim rule for a few years then some tensions happen which we're still unsure of, and he was recalled by Hydra juban Yusuf and after him. The Hubbard dynasty started ruling for around 150 years. And of course the Habana dynasty. I always plug that in because I wrote a paper about the about the dynasty when

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That was ideal. And I also wanted to show you a coin that I have from the Habana dynasty. I'm acquainted collected, by the way you should know this by now. So one of the things I did I collected some of the ancient coins of the histories that have written about so it's actually a coin of the hubba dynasty that dates back to around 100 Something Hijra that they made in sin after the her bodies who came after the Hubbard's who came after their bodies. Were going to tell me who Muslims of India and Pakistan who came after the Berets. Come on this, you know, this very good mahmudullah has never has never came up to their bodies and some amarilla has never He came and he rescued Islam

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from the hubba hubba has had become a smiley by the way. So my mother has never became and he then took over that region then who came after my mother was in a V which dynasty

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the hooded dynasty then the holiest Chinese became what? The Delhi Sultanate then the Delhi Sultanate was about to collapse and then what happened. Barber comes in and that barber comes in with

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that's true as well, but generally speaking, the timeframes are as I have said, but you are correct these are other minor dynasties. Barber comes in establishes Of course.

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You're correct barber defeated Lodi to become the king. And then barber establishes Akbar establishes the Mughal Empire the Mughal Empire lasts until 1857. When the British come in, and the quote unquote mutiny or the independence happened and zafra Shah Bahadur, the final of the Mughal kings is sent into exile in the land of Nepal and he dies a miserable and lonely debt. May Allah have mercy on him anyway, long story short, I mentioned this, to be very clear about this that we know what is happening in India right now. We know what is happening. And this talk is not meant to go into that issue. And the talk of his way a hint that hadith are used by certain people for

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nationalistic reasons. Allah knows best it appears that these Hadith are of the past not of the future, meaning it's already happened. Some people are trying to make this as around to

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in order to have another plus way hint. And Allah knows best in my humble opinion, the Hadith seem to mention the first batch and that's happened, may Allah bless them and what not. And I'm not saying it's impossible that the Hadith are talking about the future, but it appears it's about that my point is not to become political here. My point is to make a very factual claim and that is as follows. When you look at the history of Islam in India,

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by and large, the extreme Hindus, the Hindutva, the RSS the BJP, they present Islam as something that is foreign, as colonizers as people who came and took away our culture, right. And this is something that we need to be very clear about. The Muslims who came to Hynde and sinned, they might have come from outside agreed, and we can understand why some people would find that problematic, but they are not colonizers, the way the British were. This is factually incorrect. Every time the Muslims came, they became Indian. And they ruled India as if it was their land. And they took on the culture and the customs and they gave back to the culture and the customs.

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They were not external, aloof, colonizers, like the British word. The British didn't learn one word of Hindi, the British lived separate from the masses, the British imposed their language on us, the British looted everything, even the word loot, they looted it as well. And they took it with them. The British came when India was the most powerful economic force in the globe. And when they left it, it was a withering symptomatic third world country, the British Empire would not be the British Empire had they not taken much of their wealth from the Far East, especially from India, you cannot accuse these Muslim dynasties of anything of that, because they took for their own peoples which was

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the Indians and Hindu and Muslim both benefited it is factual to say India would not be in the India that it is today had it not been for the Muslims of India, the culture, the cuisines, the language, everything the architecture biryani came from the models you wouldn't even and I'm not joking Did you wouldn't even have biryani if the models were not there can you imagine in India without biryani even will allow vegetable biryani even though it's been in my opinion but still will allow vegetable biryani Okay That was a joke by the way but anyway even though anyways, it's

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my point is this notion of this this racist notion of a pure Hindustan, right without the Muslims would be like this. This needs to be corrected. I understand some

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fanatical Jonnie, you know, people of one faith are going to be angry. Why did that faith get involved? I understand, but to claim that Muslims were colonizers that's simply wrong to claim that Muslims ruled as a different category different class that is factually incorrect. And the India of today would not be the India of today had it not been because of Islam, Islam helped shaped the Indian culture. And if the Muslims had not come to India, the India of today would be unrecognizable. We would not recognize what it is right. I want to also tell you, by the way, I took a class at Yale by one of the leading experts of Indian Islam, she's actually from a Hindu

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background, even though she's agnostic, I took a class with her and it was in her class I wrote about many things, including the about a dynasty, her main thesis and she's coming from a Hindu background, by the way, she is not a religious person, but her ancestry is is into her main theses which she proved throughout that class was something that I had never even heard of up until I took that class in 2005 or 2006. Because my whole life I was believing Indian Muslims and Indian Hindus have always been fighting one another right, her thesis which she proved in her dissertation, and throughout the class, she kept on referencing evidences, listen to this, there was never religious

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tension in India, until the British came.

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The British as a policy, instigated religious hatred.

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They were the ones who fomented anti Muslim attitudes in in the Hindus and anti Hindu attitudes in the Muslims. And they did this why couldn't who can tell me why? Divide and conquer, divide and conquer? For 200 years, they kept on brainwashing each side to feel religious hatred for the other, and of the simplest evidences which is mind boggling. In its simplicity, she said to us in the class, you can look at every single battle ever fought in the history of India, after even costumes reign after that first generation, when you had a Muslim emperor, or Raja, Hindu or whatnot, you will always find in the Muslims army, some Hindus, and in the Hindus army, some Muslims, it was

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never a purely religious war. It was always politics, and Hindus and Muslims generally got along fine. And she always would say, the first riot between Hindus and Muslims happen under British watch. In all of India's history, there was never a mob, Muslim versus Hindu, there was never a riot based purely on religious grounds until the British came, and they fomented that. And then in 1947, both sides realize they cannot live with one another. And I say this, why, to calm some tensions of those who have some intellect, we understand there are religious differences between Hindus and Muslims, we understand sometimes those differences are irreconcilable, we will leave them to the

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next life in this world, we don't have to be at each other's throats in this world. For 1300 years before the British came 1200 years, Hindus and Muslims live side by side, generally speaking at peace with one another. This is the general rule. It was the British that came, and the British did their deed. And as usual, they slithered away, and they left the mess in the lands that they came with. And we see that mess right now with what is happening now. And that's why I wanted to talk about this issue of his way, when to give it a different twist to mention that, okay, maybe it did happen in the past, but there's no sense of animosity per se. Generally speaking, without any

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exception, every Mughal emperor had Hindu visitors without any exception, there's maybe one or two, generally speaking, every Muslim emperor had good ties with some Hindu dynasties and bad ties with other sometimes Muslim and sometimes Hindu dynasties, as you know, and to claim that India has always been divided on ethnic and on religious terms is something that is simply untrue. And this is one of the tactics of the British. So I just wanted to bring this in there to make sure that people understand that this is something that we need to overcome and we appeal to the people of good intellect and of sound faith that what is happening now. It is dangerous to your country, it is

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dangerous to lie in order, it is dangerous to this says the stable, the stability of your own country, your own reputation, who is going to be harmed, and we make dua for those that are oppressed because we know what is happening right now. And I'm genuinely I think all of us should be genuinely worried about what is happening in that region. Also with my utmost respect, and I say this by the way as you know my parents are from Pakistan so I'm technically even though for me India Pakistan, honestly it's not a big deal are born in this line is the same thing. You can barely tell the difference being the biryani This is my personal opinion but

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Anyway, I say this. Dear fellow Pakistanis, I speak to you as a Pakistani, in this tense atmosphere for you to come and say, Aha, see in public, I mean, meaning in front of the other Indians that were Aha. See, this is why Pakistan should have been created. Do you think this is a wise time to say this, given the dynamics of what is going on? Even if you believe it? Do you think because you understand what you're doing? You're taking some salt, and you're adding it to the wound, you're taking some gasoline online, and you're throwing it on? Perhaps a Hindu person is on the fence, then you come and you mock? You come and you don't? What's going to happen?

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Be wise in what you say, even if you feel this? Is this something you should be taunting others with? See, we told you, and now how about our Indian Muslims? What do you want to taunt them at this stage? You want to make fun? I mean, what is the purpose of saying this? People are dying? People are dying. I mean, potentially, I mean, the May Allah protect, is it potentially going to go down genocidal? You know, things, what's happening in the next few years, be wise in the next few years? Try to help even over here. I mean, again, not to get too political. The main supporters of the GYN office are the people on this side of the Atlantic, not on that side, you know, this, his financiers

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are on this side, right? They're interacting with us on this side. So maybe we cannot solve the problem very easily. But we don't need to make it worse amongst our colleagues amongst those who we interact with. We don't need to make it worse online. Be wise in what you're saying make dua for those that are oppressed and there is a time and a place liquidum A common makan, there is a time and a place to say certain things. Now is not the time to go back to 1947 and say, Aha, look, we told you so even if you feel that way, rather, now is the time to talk about the positive contributions of the Muslims of India, the greatness that they brought, right the language, the

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cuisine, the architecture, I mean, imagine in India without Islam, you cannot This is the time to bring those things here and calm the situation down even as much as you can, even if it's not going to change directly, but that's our goal here. And with that insha Allah data we pray that Allah azza wa jal makes it easy for our Muslims, brothers and sisters in that land and in all the lands we ask Allah azza wa jal to protect the peoples of those lands and of all lands and to make sure that any evil is averted from them and inshallah we will continue the q&a After I returned, I'm going for Umbra as you know, so in shall the second week of January will continue to return to resume

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Inshallah, we will have the Halacha tomorrow, which is going to be the final halacha from the bazaar. And then when I come back, we'll start a new series and Charlize Theron Wilkerson, I'm wearing one