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What are you by doing rock man in Levine I am Shona.

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Munna when

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he Luna God who's

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amazing versus beautiful versus Allah says, a bad or rough man. One day I went to a school. And this is a true story. I visited a madrasa and I told them who knows the meaning of Ibadan, Rockman, Alladhina Yamuna Allah and of the home and these youngsters were just learning Arabic. So the one boy put up his hand and he said, all people whose name is Abdul Rahman, they work properly on Earth.

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said What do you mean old people whose name is Abdul Rahman Ibadah Rahman, he thought that is the plural. So it must be the name of the people. It refers to all of us who claim to be worshipers of Allah. He says, I am the most merciful, Allah the merciful if you are a worshipper of Allah, truly, you believe in His mercy. So you are the worshipper of the Most Merciful because it is only through the mercy of Allah that you will get Jana. If that is the case, then you will walk on Earth, carry yourself in an easy, humble, respectable manner. When you walk, you don't stomp your feet. You don't walk with a haughtiness, you greet people you interact with whoever you are supposed to end. You

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lower your gaze when you have to and so on. All this is in the way you walk as a believer