God is Imageless but if Someone Still Prays to ‘Idols’ will his Prayers be Accepted

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of god's shape and how it can be measured, as well as the two types of scripture: Shruti and Sunna. He emphasizes the importance of reading scripture and following its principles, as it has no images or pictures of God, and worships a holy token. He advises the audience to read scripture and answer a potential student's teacher question, and mentions a question about a potential student's teacher next day.
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My name is Sundararajan, basically from Hindu religion, but I'm not differentiating Muslims, and Hindu or any other Christian. But one small doubt. God doesn't have shape.

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But even if we are going temple in Hindu we are you know very well. There are different names of gods under different pictures and statues, you know very well.

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My question is, if I'm going temple if for example, if I'm suffering something, problem, if I'm going temple, if I pray for me, God will accept or not. This My question

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was the question that God does not have shaped. But if I go to a temple and if I worship idols, does God listen to me? Does God answer my prayer? Not better if you read the Gita. Bhagavad Gita is the most widely read book amongst all the scriptures of Hinduism.

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But have you heard of Bhagavad Gita?

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I know some of things. Not all. If you read Bhagavad Gita, chapter number seven, verse number 20, says, all those whose intelligence has been stolen my material desires, they worship Me gods, they worship false god. That means, if you're a materialistic person, you worship false god, you worship demigod. And further it says, that those who worship false God, Almighty God through God, yet answered your prayer, but you go to the kingdom of God.

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That means even if you worship false God, God many times answers your prayers so that you go to the kingdom of false god. Same thing you mentioned in the Quran in surah baqarah. Chapter number two was the 115 that Allah gives them rope. So that they may go to and fro, Allah same Surah Baqarah, to the pocket for the munafo for the kafir, that Allah gives them rope to go to and fro, so that they will understand

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so many a time. Many times, even if you worship the false god, your prayers are answered, that does not mean that you are worshipping the correct God. Because many people think, by example, many of the people who are non Muslims, they are really

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now living a luxurious life. No wealth is not the criteria for you to go to Jannah it's not the criteria for you to go to paradise. The Quran says wealth is a test

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anything which good befalls you, it can be two things. It can either be a reward from God, or it can be a test from God.

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Any calamity that befalls you, it can either be a punishment, or it can be a test. So suppose you worship a false god, you go to a temple, and you worship the idol. Just because your prayer is answered, that does not mean you're worshiping the true God. God is testing you.

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You are for wealth God gives you well, God is testing you. That do you follow the true path or not? Because if you read the Hindu scriptures, but what Gita is called as the nectar of the Vedas, the most superior scripture amongst all

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the Hindu Scriptures or the Vedas, there are two types of scriptures one are Shruti. The other is pretty Sruthi is the word of God and purity is the word of human beings. So among the Sruthi, you have the Veda, the new punishers, these are the highest when you read the Chinotto Punisher chapter number six, section number two was number one, it says it comes with a theme. It's a Sanskrit quotation, which means God is one without a second.

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If you read the Stata Center, Upanishad chapter number six was the main, not the sake of edge. Janita is a diva of that God, there are no Lords. He has got no parents, Almighty God has got no superior. He has got no mother, he has got no father. It's mentioned with another Upanishad chapter number four was summer 19, nephropathy Masti of that God, there is no prathima But the mind the Sanskrit word which means an image, a photograph, a painting a picture, an idol, it means a portrait, it means a statue. So So Tassadar opened up number four summer 19 says, not tested but the majesty of that God, there is no image there is no photograph, there is no painting, there is no

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portrait, there is no idea there is no statue, there is no sculpture,

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the same methods repeated even in graduate, chapter number 32 was number three, notice apathy, modesty of that God, there is no image there is no picture. There is no painting. There is no portrait, there is no idol. There is no sculpture, there is no statue.

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So if you go back to

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scripture Do you realize that according to the Hindu scripture, Almighty God has got no image of God, no statue. So if you worship an image, you're going against the Vedas, you're going against Upanishads.

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So just because you're going and praying sometimes, as the Bhagavad Gita says, God may answer your prayer to test you.

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That do you follow His commandment or not? That does not mean that who you're worshiping is correct.

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That the reason you should follow your scripture and your Hindu scripture says that Almighty God has got no idol has got no image has got no photograph has got no sculpture. So making an idol of God and image of God, a photograph of God, a statue of God is primarily Hinduism.

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Does that answer your question? Whether, okay, thank you. So do you believe that God has got an idol? Yes. Do you believe God has got an idol?

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You mean, what clearly? Do you believe in idol worship? Yes. So aren't you going into Scripture? And you're going against the Vedas? My point of view, faith only? Brother, you said that you're a Hindu, correct? Yes. So do you believe in the Vedas or not? Yes. So I quoted references from Hindu scripture, that your Hindu scripture your way chapter title was number three says that God has got no image I've got no portrait, I've got no idol. So it's an idol worship wrong.

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I don't have much communication skills. So that's why I could not express more. You don't have to have communication skills you have to read. You have to read your scripture. I'm quoting. I'm giving references from your scripture. You don't have to hunt. You have to go back home. Of Yeah, well, I been in Mumbai Islamic foundation library, which we have translations of all the major scriptures in the world, or you go on the internet, and type

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go chapter title was the motto and read the translation. It says Almighty God I've got no image I've got no photo you have no painting. So do you believe in the Vedas or not?

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Yes, I'm believing. So if your VEDA says God has got no ideas, will you yet go to a temple?

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But from my childhood or not? So I'm going there? Suppose your father believes from childhood two plus two is equal to five? Would you believe today? If they stated from the first standard onwards, then I will also same thing, so if someone teaches in the village two plus two is equal to five from first and then he comes to you, so we'll use it two plus two equal to five. That is the first case of my knowledge then that is the way I will accept to support your son goes to school and they teach to to to to go to Pfizer, will you say sir, no problem continue? Will you say that? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. CCSE What do you will tell your son My son, that teacher taught you wrong? See

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already is tell you to two plus two is four. So I cannot put my son to plus t two is fine. No, but if he goes to a school before admission, do you interview the math teacher? No, no. So suppose the math teacher teaches him wrong. To want to correct your son? Yeah, I will correct that. I'm correcting you.

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I love you, brother. Thanks because I love you I want to correct you that what you're saying is against your scripture. Forget what the Quran says forget what the Bible says. If you read your Hindu scriptures or Hindu scripture says that God has got no image has got no picture has got no painting has got no idol. So if you're doing idol worship, you're going against your scripture. So what I request you brother today when you go back home, go on the internet. Type a chapter three, it was number three. So it has other openings at chapter four verse number 19 and 20 the translation and tomorrow, inshallah come again, we're having a question and answer session tomorrow at nine

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same time, and inshallah we'll give you the first opportunity