Islam Prohibits Killing Innocent People

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My name is SHA, I'm a psychology student. Okay, previously Dr mentioned that Allah is God, and not just for the Muslims, but also for the non Muslims for the blacks for the whites, as Dr quoted earlier, so, okay, I can accept that Allah is God for everybody. But there was an incident a few years ago, on this date called September 11, when there were two towers, which were filled with American citizens,

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I would presume that they were of the Christian faith, these American citizens. And these two towers were knocked down by an aeroplane which was hijacked and controlled by from what I have heard, controlled by Muslims. So in that sense, what I see is that the brother is killing the brother. And I just want to know what doctor has to say about that.

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Good question, referring to 911. September 11, just passed away a couple of weeks back

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that the Twin Tower was there, it was not done by a plane, they were majority Christian in it, knock down what she heard. And she's very clear mashallah, she heard that Muslim control the plane, sister, till now, it's only a hypothesis. It's a hypothesis that Muslims are there it was 19 Arabs who hijacked the plane, and they bind to the Twin Towers, according to 75, scientists, American, all of them Christian. According to 75 American scientists and professors. If you have seen the document the loose chain, no loose Jane is a documentary made by a young American. He does interviews. And these 75 scientists and professors say that we cannot ever believe that 19 Arabs can hijack a plane

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and knock into the Twin Towers. It is an inside job done by the White House, White White House.

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Now I hear everything I'm hearing from the news, Adams, I've done it. I'm hearing from news that Muslims have done it. They found the passport of an Arab in the plane crash which burned the pillow and all the iron rods but did not burn the passport of the Arab. So someone wrote that next time they should make the army suit of the American in their passport material.

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I've given a full lecture on instead of the Muslim monopoly. It is so effective, my lecture for effective that the Westerner don't want to be in the country today.

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My lecture so effective for logical

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these people did American I'm quoting, I'm only giving you statistics that they had an interview with the person who made the Twin Towers, he said it's impossible that the fuel of the plane can build the Twin Tower. And if you see the photograph, it was the print our came in stages as though there were bombs planted in advance. There are many hypotheses for example, there is a boy who's speaking on the mobile

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Mother Mother am Mark minhang. And Mark Minang speaking point to be noted at that time in 911 2001, more than 10 years back mobile could not reach that level. Point number one, point number two, when a son speak to the mother, I will say mark when I when I will speak to my

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next speaking

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when I speak to my mother, and notice that I can make so what you realize they're trying to make a story and blame. And that person on the mobile told the mother that it will Muslims.

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So all these documentaries, you see loose chain Fahrenheit. But in documentaries, if you ask me who did it, I would say I don't know. But as a logical person, the logical proof of loose change is much more logical than the proof given to me by the American government. And then they want to attack

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Afghanistan, Afghanistan to give me proof, they want to give proof to Musharraf by

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and I speak openly. Westerners believe in freedom of people, they don't like my talk. So what they do then prevent me to enter in the country.

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I'm telling you let our dialogue as far as the question is concerned. Who did it keep it aside? I know that there were more than 3000 Human beings were killed in front of us. If you want the Islamic answer, as I mentioned my talk as opposed to reminder, chapter number five was number 32. If anyone kills any other human

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Be unless it be for murder, or for spreading corruption in the land. It kills all of humanity. So whoever did the Twin Towers, we will did it, whether it was inside job whether American did or Muslim did, whoever did it. It is wrong. Prohibited haram. I condemn it

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Muslim, I don't know, whoever did it, whether Muslim or non Muslim American x y that whoever did more than 3000 Americans were killed, even if they were non American at the haram. I also go on to say more than 50 people were killed in the tube blast of London, in London tube plus some say 50 to some 54. So I say more than 50 More than 50 people were killed. I can name it in Bombay, when they were trained, bombed blushed in 2006. More than 180 people were killed. I condemn it. But I don't put a full stop there. I also say that that condemned the 1000s of innocent people killed in Afghanistan, in Palestine in Iraq.

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Now coming to the secret

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come into the secret. No, I condemn 3000 Americans killed everyone is happy. I can do more than 50 people killed in London two plus everyone is happy. I can no more than 180 people kill in Bombay, everyone's happy. But when I say I condemn the 1000s of innocent people killed in Afghanistan, in Iraq and Palestine dome Secretary of UK doesn't like it. So she bans me

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freedom of speech when you want to criticize the Prophet of Islam, Mama Salah Salem, freedom of speech, and I said I condemn the innocent people killed in Afghanistan. No, I'm careful. You know, because I'm a debater. Because if I say 1000s of people could have this Oh Zaffirini supporting terrorists in Afghanistan. So I'm going out of my way to say 1000s of innocent people killed in Afghanistan. They may be terrorists Allah Allah I don't know. So I'm so careful when I said America didn't say no send American any American you kill. I condemn in the Twin Towers in the London bombed blush in the Bombay bomb blasts. But in Afghanistan, I said innocent. So it doesn't go down to zero.

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Why? Because I can get large audiences now.

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Today, the media wants to malign Islam, but if they have a person who's clarifying the picture with some don't abandon.

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Let's have a dialogue come to come in terms. So as far as killing innocent people, sister, we were delighted to be condemned, but don't follow the media. The media today is the most powerful weapon in the world. It can convert black into white can convert day into night hero into Milan, Milan into hero. That's why I said Dr. From what I have heard.

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You're not sure I'm not sure. I don't think anybody Thank you. You're not like the American very good. And neither are you like, Thank you. Thank you. Are you like the Home Secretary of UK? The question was very clear. And my answer is clear. Who will delete it is wrong killing any innocent people. And just one more I like to use and incidents when I gave a talk in Bombay on is there in the Muslim monopoly. I gave a talk after the 10 bomb blasts. The police of Bombay told me that Korea popular among the Muslim I don't give a talk. And the Muslims are always accurate, truthful, you can talk to the police. So I was on the edge of the sword board that led me to give a talk back and

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And I told there

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while I was guiding even the police and the Muslim ummah, that when you have a doubt about a Muslim and you arrest a funeral problem, you're rounding up 3000 Muslims

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just to catch few terrorists, whether you count those 510 terrorists or not are creating another 100 terrorist.

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If you really have doubt and proof regarding few Muslims catch you will cooperate with you, but then Marcio catching Muslim youngsters.

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And few years back before 2006 in the early part of 2000, there was a genocide, a massacre of the Muslim language that 1000s of Muslims were killed 1000s of Muslim women were raped and in retaliation. That's what the media says inverted commas, it allyship there was bomb blast in Bombay. So on Hindu gets up and tells me Dr. Zakir Naik, if I would have been in the place of a Muslim, and if told him the Muslim were killed, and if my mother was raped, I will do the same thing what the Muslims have done here.

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And the people started to clap. I said Brother what you're behaving is like a normal human being emotional. I agree with you. Normal but as a Muslim cannot do that. Because my religion does not permit me to do that. My Religion does not permit me to kill a single innocent human being. Even if some Hindus in Gujarat have killed Muslims. It does not give me permission to kill.

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I cannot do it. I know you're emotionally when I have emotion. But I cannot follow my emotion because the Quran does not permit me. It does not permit me if I catch the culprit.

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Didn't mujra and give him to the law and punish him no problem, but retaliating by killing an innocent human being in Bombay. Imagine the family of that person, you know same person who still will 100 person always the enemy of Islam. I'm here to spread peace. So in Islam, you cannot get emotional and go against the law of the Creator. The law of the Creator is very clear that you cannot kill any innocent human being. If you kill even one innocent human being. It's as though you have killed the whole of humanity. And if you save one innocent human being whether Muslim or non Muslim, it is as though you're saved the whole of humanity of dancers have questions. Thank you,

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doctor. Thank you