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The recent struggles of Islam's recent extremist extremist groups have caused confusion and suffering from mental illness. Jesus's actions, including his teaching and kingial, have led to confusion and weakness. The holy spirit has caused people to leave their church's dress code, causing a "rotten wood" problem. The church must use their own religion to overcome this problem and may try promoting the "monarch" theory. There is a need for debate on whether to pursue the "monarch" theory and the importance of keeping in mind the holy spirit.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and welcome to another episode of the booth, where we unpack very important topics. And we talk about things which you need to know. I'm here joined by Ali Dawa. How you doing

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hamdulillah. And we're going to be reacting to a particular individual who

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has been trying to attack Islam for all of his

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stated objective in his poll is like, put bread on the table. It puts bread on his table. I know we're not talking about the far right and EDL we're talking about another person called David Wood, aka rotten wood.

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Right, so let's watch this. We came across a video, I just came across it recently. In fact, it's very interesting, because I saw him fumbling all over the place. And I want to see the video we want to react to it. Yeah, of course, you know, we didn't want to just just make it very clear as well. Yeah. So

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the questions I'm not missing? Yes. It's a good thing about religion. Yeah. So this guy specifically falls into the category of those extremist Christians who that's why I specifically rotten wood. Because I'm not like

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saying that, yeah, is because we're not here.

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the Lafayette issue is, with these kind of previous answers, or someone's you click on enemy, you can choose to ignore him. But the least of the least you can do is quite rotten wood. You know, I think we got justice here with the stuff that he's done mocking the religion, all these kinds of lies and fabrications, etc. And also he is known to suffer from schizophrenia. Yeah. And he's tried to attempt if I'm not mistaken, attempt to kill his dad or his friend or something. I heard something. So from what I know, and I'm not just saying this, by the way, I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with suffering from a mental No, no, of course not. You know, yeah, yeah. So

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the thing is, he suffers from it. So the issue is, though, when you suffer for something like that, and you have a violent past, to compress that he says, okay, Christianity changed his life. The thing is, if you have a violent nature, you're going to try to distort it in different ways. So now what is done is short Islam and forking, I'm going to take all this anger out on Islam, and that's how I think what's going on here cuz these are pure hatred and mocking. This was a video that's actually quite profound. You actually water up, right? Yeah, yes. Where'd you find this video? on YouTube? Okay, so let's watch it.

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Okay, Jesus peace be upon him was crucified on a cross tree or pole in light of Deuteronomy, chapter 21, verses 22 and 23. And Galatians, chapter three, verse 13, which states that whoever is hung on a tree or pole, or cross is cursed?

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Well, I'd say you're about that close to understanding the gospel, right? Because we know, we know Jesus is righteous, according to both the Bible and the Quran.

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Muhammad in the Hadees said that Satan touches everyone who comes into the world, but he couldn't touch Jesus or his mother, everyone else, Muhammad, everyone, Satan could touch them, but not Jesus. And so you're right. How do how do we reconcile our belief that Jesus was righteous with the Old Testament claim that anyone who's hung on a tree is cursed? And it seems that we would have to say that Jesus was cursed in spite of being righteous. And that's exactly what that what the Gospel says, right, the one who is without sin and became for us.

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So yeah, if you if you if we, if we left those things out, and you would wonder, oh, what was Jesus cursed? Well, Jesus was righteous, and yet he was cursed. And notice he was hung on a tree according to Shabir as well. So he's under a curse, according to both views on the stage tonight. And so let's keep watching this.

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And so if Jesus was under a curse, well, what do we do there in Christianity? He's under a curse for a reason. Right? He's under a curse for reason, because he's becoming a curse for us. Right? So that we can be forgiven.

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As far as other interpretations, I guess he's uh, he's under a curse because he was hung on a tree. But I was all the way through. This is actually Matt stop. I think this is really important. I don't know. She was about to answer so he can explain what he would think about Jesus being hung on the tree. Okay. I agree that Jesus was righteous, bro. He sounded. This is how it sounded to me. It sounded like going to a drunk guy. And just asking him about this. He sound like he imagined you got too drunk. And he explained to me for example,

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how does the unit

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Measure, for example, soccer shoe, and you start saying, Oh, you know, apples and bananas. And I went home and a microwave exploded.

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And I was walking, I fell down and there was a blue dog. And what the hell are you talking about? He seems like he's all over the place simply does not have an answer. And how many times he was alone doesn't have an answer for the question.

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Genoa is not completely fair to him. This guy's an intelligent guy. Why not? Yeah, he's not. He's an intelligent guy. He's not, you know, defined as intelligence. But he can he can reason Yeah, he can reconsent to reason he's not. He's not an ignoramus.

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Yeah, he's awesome. He's a PhD as well. I've done a bit of research. So he's an intelligent guy. Okay. So he's gone to that level of academia. So obviously, you can reason Yeah. If that's the case, I mean,

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this is not a matter of his intelligence job. This is a matter of trying to square circle.

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Square circle. Look, this is gonna happen. You can't have your cake and eat it. Yeah. So yeah, at the same time, you've got Jesus Christ. Yeah.

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Who in one part of the Gospels that says that, like this is Galatians extended to me, that someone who's on a cross as Christ, Jesus Christ is meant to have been cross. Therefore Jesus Christ is cursed, but also Jesus Christ is known as God. So God has cursed.

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You see the problem with this? And you see, one thing we see about rhodia is that he always attacks Islam. Yes. So now one thing that he does, he fails to realize that on his channel, you have hardly seen him and not that I watch it. But talking about Christianity, like it doesn't always mean focus is attacking Islam yet. But one thing he fails to realize, and I'm talking about Christians like him, because there are Christians that are good people. So that's why when I'm talking, especially when I say rotten wood, I'm talking about him specifically, as you know, I believe he's an evil Christian. Yeah. Sadly, he fails to realize that this is doctrine.

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No problem with Christianity. with Islam. It's all about subjective, okay, the Prophet did this. He did that. Right. Okay. But this is all subjective. Because right now, our main objective officer now is to deconstruct these false ideas. Why do we do that? Because everybody that comes and these people who are using these arguments, they use it on the basis of cloud judgment of the man Oh, now you're onto something. Because what you're saying is this, as you're saying, that Christianity, or what we mean by Christianity, just to be completely specific is imposed Nicene Christianity is the Nicene Creed, the Trinitarian Christianity, the ones which, you know, were formulated in the seventh

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ecumenical councils this Christianity is particularly contradictory as it comes as it relates to theology. Yes. The fact that the Father has got the son has got the Holy Spirit has not yet they're all one God. Yeah, they're all independent gods, but they want at the same time, isn't it? It's a contradiction. Isn't this a problem from the root? So that's a root problem. I don't find real issue. And the only way Christians because they're losing the audience, let's be completely fine. Here. All studies have shown Yeah, most studies have shown even like Pew Research, look at the census in this country, the UK in 2001. Okay, there's 75% Christians in 2011 54%, or 50, something

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percent. So that was a 20%. decrease in apostasy in Christianity is rampant. Yes. So yeah, the strategy has to be as follows. I mean, they know that if they try and promote trinitarianism Yeah, that has been the worst strategy in terms of proselytizing. assizes, completely the worst strategy. So hey, they've had to do another strategy, which is let's attack another religion, which is the main competitor. In this case, let's attack Islam, because we can't promote our own religion. That's trying to take the main competitor, therefore, and we'll get we'll get the customers through that. Exactly. This is what exactly she tapped into. Because the matter is that he was doomed to hell. And

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he said, Look, I'm going down. Yes, I'm gonna take as much people down with me and this is exactly what's happening because they're thinking, Okay, we have a root problem. Yes. doctrine, doctrine. No problem, right. So they think this is a big problem, we can overcome it and everything will just solve it for him. So he cannot it's not, you can't show me your allergies, or you were saying is the root cause if you consider it like analogous to a tree, you have the root of a tree and a branch of exalt is doing it. You'll never you'll never see him really spending time. Yes, I've not seen once again.

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But you'll never see him. Yeah, spending time trying to dismiss the idea of want to hate the main the centerpiece of itself. Because why, why? It makes more sense than his alternative. Of course, that's the reason why when it comes to Islam, he's looking at the roots and thinking it's solid. There's no point in me banging my head on it if he's not gonna move. Yeah, I'll go to the leaves. Yeah, even those leaves, like I said before, because it's a social issue. Yes. It's a conscious understanding because certain people have subjective understanding of certain things. So when they look at me thinking, Oh, that's wrong. It's wrong to your subjective reasoning that's been clouded

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today with liberalism and feminism and communism and all these kind of isn't absolute. That's the reason why, when you look at, for example, the Prophet peace of mind in Marion, Asia, how, excuse me, this is a new phenomenon. This did not happen or interested in using arguments before. This is something new. What does that show you? It shows you It's a common problem. That's

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Why he goes in a taxi? What does he do? He goes, well focusing on the theology he wouldn't, because I will feel that he is not to sound arrogant. This is the truth.

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That's the reason why people accept Islam. And that's why he goes and tries to mock the Prophet. And doing that. Absolutely. The main reason people will leave Christianity and join Islam, which is which which happens is because of this idea, I mean, of not understanding the Trinity understanding is a contradiction in terms, breaks the law countries up and then realizing that the tauheed tohave, which is ID of one God, all these things, is actually much more exactly or unclear. And it's no contradiction. So guys,

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now it's time to get serious because this man here has dedicated his life to attacking Islam.

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And in a sense, we've dedicated our life for the opposite reason. And so it only makes sense that we cross cross paths. I've already debated J. Smith in the park. I've already debated his, you know, his friend and his colleagues.

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I came with no preparation, I came with a pink vest. Yeah, yeah, he terrible.

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The point I'm making to you is now I think the challenge has to be put on the table. Since you've dedicated your life for this, let's debate. Either you come to me or I will come to you, we should set a date to debate because frankly, it has to be done. Now you could decide that okay, this is something I don't want to do. But then you'll be accused of the very thing you accused others like Zack and icub doing which is running away from Robin Hood. So you're going to have to take this challenge. And you can't escape the fact that we do have a social media following. We do have Muslims watching and tuning into what we have to say, there is no reason for you to decline, this

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challenge, surely, and there's every reason for you to accept it. So here, this is a formal invitation to the way

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Get your gloves

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at your mouth god.

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I'm not talking about physical ones intended,

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proverbially get your intellectual gloves and get your intellectual mouthguard because let us really discuss one of the foundational issues, because this is what we were accusing you of running away from. Let's not talk about peripheral tertiary matters.

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If you really are not fearful, and you are completely honest to yourself and others, you believe Christianity is the truth. And you believe that the idea that three in one in one in three is a true concept and you're willing to put your life on the line for that. Let's debate the Trinity.

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Or, alternatively, you can debate the Bible and its preservation comparative to the Quranic preservation.

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Whatever the debate, we're ready for you, David, we are absolutely ready, because we're absolutely sure

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that when truth is held against falsehood, how false with parishes? Because falsehood is by its nature bound to perish? Allie, anything you want? And also, just to keep in mind that also I'm trying to deal with these misconceptions. Yes. On the basis, so if you can keep an eye on that, it's called the it's gonna be called the Wi Fi. Okay, it's gonna be actually the Why Why? So that will deal with all the things all the things that just kind of

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his his friends are growing up online using misconceptions. problems. Yeah. So we'll deal with the data from from our sources.

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they hurried or rotten woods. Yeah. So yes, you're saying that with those issues with those issues? Yes. We'll deal with those as well, one by one, one by one by one. But what you're saying is, what I'm saying is let's debate on fundamental issues. Yes. theological issues. That's exactly what's happening. If he says, No, no, no, for sure that this man is, I don't know how we can say yes, after what I've seen that Yeah, he's really, really Yes.

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On that note,

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make sure you guys obviously tune in for the next episode of the booth. We're going to be taking these guys out one by one, as we put the flag there. Let's take over