Zakir Naik – Why do the Muslims while Slaughtering the Animals do it Ruthlessly?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A student of physics college is questioning the idea that humans can have non veg from scripture. The professor explains that the ruthless killing of animals is due to the belief that animals are being punished by the religion. The students question the decision to cut the throat and not kill animals, and the professor explains that humans want to let the blood flow out of the body, and the method of slaughter is more humane.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu so I'm having a question. This question is being framed by my professor. I am a student of first year computer science and my SIR is teaching me physics. His name is Rajiv but and I'm from ng archery or decay Marathi college chamber. He is convinced by all the I mean to say what what misconceptions regarding Islam was the he's accepted that it is misconceptions so he's not only convinced by was last point that is ruthlessly killing of a good during back rate with a harder question correctly a prophet that wants to know that can we have non veg from scripture that's the question I mean to say the ruthless killing of a goat the ruthless

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believes that you are getting a goat directly from the slowlyslowly from from the neck rather as the question of why ruthless luckily he agrees with killing of the goat but why ruthless killing it this question? Yeah, fine. So he's convinced that you can have non veg but they're asking why do the Muslims they torture the animal before killing? Yeah, the other one Jotika photog the animal died why this slowly torturing

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no other discussion, a similar discussion going on between a Sikh and a Muslim. And the secret the same question you Muslims, you are merciless. You are ruthless. They will kill the animal slowly and torture the animal to death. We seek one jotka for that animal dies. So the Muslim replied, No V Muslims. We are merkabah we attack from the front of your mesh. Oh, you think you're covered? You're boosting your attack from behind.

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Anyway, this is not the real reason why we Muslim to Zambia. This was his wisdom. His ACMA. This is not the real reason why we Muslim to Serbia. The reason we Muslim to the beha that Islam is altering is when you do the BIA we cut the throat

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and the vessels of the neck and the windpipe

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without damaging the spinal cord. Because if the spinal cord is damaged, then there'll be cardiac arrest and the nerve going to the heart will be severe, and the blood will immediately stagnate. Now, when we cut the throat, and the windpipe and the vessel of the neck without damaging spinal cord, the heart is it pumping and majority of the blood it flows out of the body. Today science tells us that blood is a very good media of germs and bacteria. So we Muslims pure hygienic, we want to let the blood flow out of the body. When the blood flows out of the body, even the toxins and the germ than the bacteria that contained in the blood flow out of the body. There are less chances of

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having diseases when we have that meat. Furthermore, when we cut the throat, and the windpipe and the muscles of the neck, the nerve, which is responsible for filling of the pain going into the brain is also severe. So the animal does not feel pain. The animal ticks and renders it ill due to the gush of the flow of the blood outside the body. The ticking and reading is not due to pain. It is due to the muscle contraction and relaxation to the animal dies a peaceful that in the method of stunning. Very often the animal dies a painful death after us. So the Islamic method of slaughtering is far more humane. And furthermore, if you slaughter the animal by the Islamophobia method, the

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mutton and the meat remain fresh for a longer time because it does not have blood. Hope that answers the question.

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