Worry About Leading Your Home Before The Leadership Of Countries

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You know, Omar

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and only Allah and who would only sleep when he was tired.

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That's it.

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When a dog died in Iraq on the Euphrates River, and they told Omar

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Omar began to cry, and he said, I'm concerned that Allah will ask me for this, Allah will ask me, oh Roemer within,

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within your kingdom,

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a dog drowned in the Euphrates River. You are responsible, every single night, every single night, Amara, the Allah Allah who would go around

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Medina to see there was anybody in need.

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You know, we see the problem with all of us, all of us is that we want leadership from somewhere else.

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We want we don't want to be the leaders in our own homes and in our own capacities within our own lives, but we want leadership somewhere else so we can blame somebody else.

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You can't be a leader in your own home, you can't be a leader for your wife and children. You can't be a leader for your siblings, but you want to blame some other leaders someday. We got bad leadership.

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I agree. We got bad leadership.

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But what leaders you talking about?

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Do you only look at state leaders? You only look at your MPs. You only look at your leaders in your machine. What about you brother?

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Do you have a responsibility to the Ummah

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not answerable you can't sort out your own home and you want somebody saw out the entire country and I'm not looking. I'm not I'm not dissolving people from their responsibility. You know, macro level leadership is pathetic. I agree.

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But maybe maybe they're a reflection of you and I

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maybe your areas are a reflection of you and I may be our MPs are a reflection of you and I may be our counselors you don't give a damn about our community are a reflection of you and I