Reviving The Sunnah #15

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back once again with another beautiful sunnah that has been forgotten or neglected by many people and it is time to revive it. It is a sunnah of whenever it rains, you go out, you remove some of your clothes, and maybe your hat, your turban and you expose your body to the rainfall. What I thought only the kids do that they have fun whenever it rains, whenever it snows and they go out to play in the garden and in the park. Right. But actually, this is a sunnah, but not just a play.

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I'll tell you why. Anna Sydney Malik. Radi Allahu ang said once we were with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he started raining all of a sudden. So he started removing some of his garments. Then he exposed his body to the rain.

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So he said, Oh prophet of Allah, why did you do that? We know that the kids do that. But why did you do that? Is there any significance in this practice? He said, Yes. In who Hadith who I hadn't believed. He had just recently come from his Lord.

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From its Lord, the rain, the rainfall, you know, it was not it did not mess up with our sins. It did not hang around on our earth. You know, when he elaborated and he formed the cloud. It's been there with the Almighty Allah in the sky. And then when the Almighty Allah allowed the rain to fall, so the Prophet sallallahu Sallam perceived it as pure has not been contaminated yet. You know, that's why when we begin our Salah whether Nafi Allah or Farbe prayers, after we say Allahu Akbar, Oh Say Allah, whomever it Bini aubenas, who became divinyl Michelotti. Well Mallory, Allah Who menokin Iman Hopper I can I will not cause cell will be alumina Denis Allahumma Melson naman Kataya Javy Feld,

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y'all, y'all Bara. So we ask Allah Almighty to wash us off of our sins with the snow. I felt

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well man, the water the rain, while Bara, the dough, because they're all freshly have been with the Almighty Allah they have not been contaminated with our sense. So the rain water is pure. Besides the fact that it can be definitely used for further purification to lift the minor or major impurity and they shower out of it, or even to drink it. It is also pure respect to purifying oneself.

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And when Allah Almighty sent down the rain, on the companions of the Prophet Salah Salem prior to the Battle of bed, in order to purify their hearts, to take the rages of shaitan away from them, and to the sin upon them Sakina in any case, the rainfall is a sign of mercy from the Almighty Allah

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to the extent that interview SallAllahu Sallam consider the time of the rainfall, one of the best times to supplicate and make God because once do i is most likely and more worthy to be accepted during the rainfall. Why? Because when Allah Almighty allows the rain to fall on Earth, this is a sign that of His mercy. And whenever Allah Almighty is descended His mercy, so take advantage and ask for you remember the Sunnah now whenever it is rainfall, they move your head you move your some of your cloth, expose some of your body to the rainfall, because it is pure, and it had just recently come from the Almighty Allah. Until next time, Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh