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Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the lack of learning about female companions and the perils of the Beloved, the gods of Islam. They also mention the idea of the Prophet's mother and his wife, as well as the importance of learning about the natural gifts of the beast. The speaker provides information on Facebook and web links for further information.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala as

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we tend to learn a lot about male companions, sahabas, lions, tigers, the heroes of Islam.

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But we do not learn a lot about those who gave birth to these tigers and lions.

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Is there anything about the female companions? Or better yet, how about the perils of the Beloved, the the wives of the Prophet Mohammed is of Solomon, we learn about the Prophet, you know, you and I, for instance, meet let's say, you know, I come to my house, I locked my house, so nobody knows what I do inside my house. But with regard to the properties, just let me show the difference. The Prophet's home is always open, who tells us what happens inside his home? The see that the life of the Prophet inside his home, who tells us about the life of the Prophet inside his home, or his wives, the wives of the Prophet is our mothers. Do you know your mother's name?

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We do not know lovers don't even know the names of our mothers, the wives of the prophets, that our mothers, the mothers of the believers, why do we need to study law of essence as people come and ask, especially non Muslims? Why you why your prophet married more than one wife? Why did he marry

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a girl who's nine years old? Talking about Asia? You know, why did he marry isn't it stem says for that why your prophet has married nine or 11, these type of questions. There's a course called the perils of the Beloved, talking about the wives of the Prophet rssl and his daughters, those pearls we're going to talk about them and talk about their lives, their lives and understand the life of the Prophet inside his house in sha Allah Tada. It's coming in London, may 10 2013, in sha Allah who tada For more information, please check our website, WWE rock training.com or check my Facebook. Jeffery yahoo.com on Facebook. Head

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over cattle

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has come before me

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with me

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