Mufti Menk – How to deal with Anxiety and Stress

Mufti Menk
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Smilla Al hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Heba Allah Allah He was happy here Jemaine moments ago we heard a beautiful recital, by our graduate himself.

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In it, there is an explanation, only one of many in the Quran of what exactly the Quran is. Yeah, are you

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able to rob me,

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or people, a reminder has come to you from your Lord, He who made you sent you a message. That's what it is. He Who created you sophisticated man with an identity of his own unique, the one who made you has sent you something to read, find out about yourself, find out about him, find out about everything in existence.

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It's amazing how every individual has a different thumb print from the first of our species, add them to the last one whom we don't know who exactly that's going to be. This is not a coincidence when people say everything came in coincidentally, to be very fair, the fact that you can distinctly identify every single human being differently proves the existence of a maker done.

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Every single one of us you cannot cheat, you cannot deny you cannot lie. Your DNA is different. Your thumbprint is different, the way your hair grows, the pattern and design is different. And everything about you is unique. That's it. There's no one

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that can be mixed up for another because Allah has a day of judgment in which the records shall be delivered. There cannot be even the least of doubt on that day. SubhanAllah. And this is why we as believers

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believe firmly in the maker himself.

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And those who say it's a coincidence, let's ask them.

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Why has there never coincidentally been two identical identifications? Why they should have been if it was coincidence. I mean, there are chances that perhaps too could have been maybe with the same thumbprint chance, what's the chance zero. Never has been? I can take it further. I come from Africa, many of you probably have visited every zebra every leopard, every cheetah, the stripes the spots are uniquely distinct from the first of its species right to the end of the species. No two are exactly the same. Never, ever. Allah

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Yeah, you have nurse or people that the Jha at Como Eva to Mira become this reminder, a message has come to you from your rub, the one who made you the one who is in control of your life, we become helpless at a certain point when we're sick and medicine begins to perhaps dilly dally and say we don't know what exactly might be the cause.

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We realize oh Allah here we are from Allah we have to go back to Allah. While we've been repeating that statement ever since in the law, he were in LA Raja own. So Allah says in this book, there is something else.

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More Eva is one where she

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Lima, I feel so dou QoR for that which lies within the chest, what is in the chest.

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We know the heart is within the ribcage. We know

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that when we say what's in your chest, we mean the purification of your heart in every way that it could be number one.

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Allah has created humankind in such a unique way that sickness is generally told with a simple blood test. The blood runs through the veins and the headquarters of that is the heart. That's the heart. If it is pure and good, the whole body is pure and good in terms of physical purity.

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One little flutter in the way it pumps and next thing it's your little piano because you wonder what's going on. The same would apply spiritually

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and religiously in your connection with Allah in your character and conduct in your thinking and everything else.

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So, if the heart is straight and your heart is clean as we say, when we say My heart is clean, you're not talking of your blood or you, you're talking of your heart being clean as in, you don't hold malice you don't hold jealousy. Allah says the Quran has any Shiva, Shiva for that which is in the in the chest, the heart to begin with and then everything else. So you want to cure of your physical ailments tend to the Quran.

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You want to cure of your spiritual maladies tend to the Quran, my brothers, my sisters, we are not doing enough

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with the Quran. What we are actually doing in terms of recitation or learning its meaning or learning how to improve recital or to understand the rules and regulations there from and so on, is never enough. It's the word of Allah. It's called Kalam, Allah, the word of Allah, imagine Allah whom you and I are totally dependent on. That's his word. Give it some respect. Read it on a daily basis. He tells you don't read it for any other reason besides the fact that you will earn my pleasure and it's not going to benefit me when you read it's benefiting you what is in it in it is guidance in it is Shiva. In it is a reminder from the one who made you brothers and sisters when you

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are diagnosed the sickness first thing you do tend to the Quran. We don't do that. When Allah says Shiva, we don't do that. Turn to the Quran, give it importance, read it, recite it, learn it, check its meaning master it you will be cured automatically do you know there are verses of the Quran that have in them cure, cure and protection we are taught rich people, good fella put out of business, even the gym kind will stay away from you. Imagine

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if that's how powerful the word of Allah is that I just read it I just recited it Subhanallah and what happened around me? The whole environment became a piece with me lie Allah and Allah.

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We don't give enough importance to the Quran.

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The whole environment became at peace with you because you read AYATUL kursi thrice? Is that not true? Do you not think the Lord of the Woods who has given you that honor and privilege to protect yourself through repeating his words a few times morning and evening would cure the diseases that medicine has not been able to cure for you just by reading the Quran cover to cover and show inside there were verses I repeated and recited that we're cure of a specific disease that I may not even have known that I had. May Allah grant us too far. You want stability of the mind turned to the Quran, stability of the heart and to the Quran. You want religious improvement turned to the Quran

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turned to the Quran.

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So we need to do more Allah says more ever to never become what she felt when he refused to do wha hoo then what? In it there is guidance and mercy. Do you want the Mercy of Allah turned to the Quran today? What are we doing here? We are celebrating the memorization of the Quran in law known as Zelina dhikala. In nallah, hula half you go, that's one verse, another one, wala Cardinia sub nelco victory for me.

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That good, two separate verses. One, Allah says We have revealed this book and we will protect it. The second one Allah is saying, we've made it easy to memorize, to understand, to practice upon who is prepared to do that. So these two are connected because if Allah has

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accepted you to memorize, to understand to put into practice, it means he's used you as part of the protection mechanism he's put in place for the Quran.

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That's what it is. So consider it an honor. They say one who memorizes the Quran will be able on the day of judgment to intercede on behalf of 10 of his family members whom were not supposed to have gone into Jannah immediately and he can say no these people are with me Subhanallah you walk through May Allah make us truly have

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a half if you know in our in Arabic as well as an audio it means one who protects half a half of a father that means to protect right? You protect the Quran not just by memorizing it, but by ensuring that you've practiced upon it. It has improved your character when I showed up the Allahu anha was asked about the character of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon

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him he said kind of hula hula Quran. She said that his o'clock was just the Quran. You read the Quran? Yes, well that was his o'clock. His character, exemplary, amazing. And in the Quran Allah says we're in luck Allah Allah Who looking away at him, you are upon

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the greatest level of character.

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To when you learn the Quran, it should show in your character Calm down, speak with respect to no swear words. You have the Quran in your heart you have the Quran on your lips, you if the powerful words of Allah protect you, then the bad and evil words of shaytan will drop that God.

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The hadith says when a person lies that the angels go away because of the stench of them from the mouth of that person, but you can smell it I can either you might put a menthol or a little strong chewing gum in that doesn't make a difference to the angels, your bad words or your bad words. If a powerful word protects you, a bad word will actually render you without any protection.

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Remember this so none of us we are the people of the Ummah, Omar what amount of the Quran the Sunnah of Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we should be ashamed when we utter a swear word. Those two do not come together from a movement. May Allah forgive us. Let's change our ways. today. We can make an intention, no more swear words, I'm going to read the Quran. The powerful words protect me the bad words must never come out of my mouth.

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when Allah accepts an individual, remember, it is Allah's grace and furthermore, it is said that the same person who is a

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member who has memorized the Quran, if their parents played a role in inspiring them in helping them in assisting them in whatever way possible in cheering them on, they will be made to wear a crown on the Day of Judgment.

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It's not easy, it's not a joke. What do the mothers do today? What did the fathers do today? A lot of effort on the children. My child has become happy but the child is only born. Before the child is born. The mother is saying oh Allah make my child to Hafeez Am I right or wrong. And when the child is born, they want they try this and they try that the concern within an individual male or female to make the child a half if that concern itself is Mobarak, it is blessing because even if the child does not become a half of that child's life will be blessed. The concern of the parents will ensure that minimum is they have a decent Islamic upbringing. That's a good concern. May Allah help us our

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children are deeply affected by what we do when they are young. So watch how you use social media. Watch how you speak what's your character and conduct because your children will mimic that you want your child to become happy but you've never read the Quran and the child does not see you reading Salah either what's going to happen.

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You want to

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help your child, let the child see you in love with the Quran. You read the Quran, you're happy, you're smiling, you come out and you're in a good mood challenge I also want to learn

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we look at it as a burden. It shouldn't be May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness. So when you make an effort to put the Quran in your heart, Allah has guaranteed that He will protect you. If I had to kursi alone thrice can create a barrier between you and shaytan or the gene kind. What do you think the whole Quran will create? Subhan Allah Subhana Allah so now when Allah says We have revealed the book and we will protect it, it means when you have it in your heart, Allah has guaranteed He will protect it in your heart. You are a VIP, you have closed circuit protection.

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What's the reason I got the Quran in me I'm walking, I don't need to fear anything because I've got the Quran in my heart. I am brave, I can do anything and everything that is upright. Why? Because I've got I've got the Quran in my heart no one can harm no one can attack no one can do anything. No one can touch me unless ALLAH has allowed something.

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Because Allah promised he is going to look after the Quran and where did you put it? the cleverest place ever in your heart? Subhanallah Isn't it worth making an effort my brothers and sisters? My brothers and sisters no matter how old you are, make an intention. Today I'm going to memorize the Quran. Make an intention today. Even if you're in your 50s 60s 70s and beyond make an intention. Today I'm going to memorize the Quran start with one idea to Ayers

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Allah will open the doors in a way that you will manage to memorize much more than you thought. Because the Quran unlike any other thing to memorize is unique.

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Try to memorize anything else at a young age when you're sharp, it's not easy. But when people tell you you won't be able to memorize because you are now 14 years old, I tell them the Sahaba were mostly around that age Subhanallah they were around that age when they initially May Allah make it easy for all of us. So to look after the Quran, you're actually looking after yourself. Let me tell you something else. Have you heard the dua of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him? Allah Huma Jalil Purana Hobbema Robbie Abu Bina one Ross will do Rena wa Jalla. Ximena was the harbor who moved me Amina, well, who moved me na waka eterna wasa econo what Danny Lana Illa Jana Tikka

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Jannetty nine

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Oh Allah, make the Quran.

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The spring have our hearts, the joy the growth when spring comes people celebrated right now in southern Africa. It is spring it has just come in and they tell the little children Wow, spring is coming. You know, now this will happen and that will happen. Well your heart also deserves growth. Don't you want to see it blossoming? So the blossoming of your heart how will it come? If Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made the DUA to make the Quran the blossoming of our hearts, there has to be a connection between the two. Can't be that it's not would you like your heart to blossom? Which means Do you want to be a happy person who lives in the pleasure of Allah content?

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Always smiling, never worried about anything? Wallahi the responses? How connected are you with the Quran? Those who are connected and plugged in with the Quran are never ever depressed impossible.

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If it is, it's human, and a little bit you quickly come out of it because obviously human nature sadness, happiness, it happens to all of us but you won't go down. No, not beyond that level of drowning. never never never know. You might struggle human beings you lose someone. It's normal, natural to be sad to cry. It's okay. Crying is a beautiful coping mechanism that's naturally given by Allah. It's fine to cry, but there's no yelling, screaming questioning Allah doesn't happen to Euro Hatfield. You have the Quran in your heart, it doesn't happen.

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Subhanallah on top of that, Allah will provide you sustenance go and check the Father. Which one of them is has died of hunger? Check them

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Subhan Allah may Allah make it easy. So you want sustenance, make an effort with the Quran, you want to look for a job, make an effort with the Quran, you want doors to open, make an effort with the Quran. And if those doors are closing something is wrong between you and the Quran. Either you're not reading it enough, either. You're not trying to perfect the recitation. Either you're not interested in its meaning or either you're not putting it into practice or the last one is either you're not conveying it to others or teaching it to your children and so on.

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That's what it is. So the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is dua is mega powerful. Oh Allah make the Quran

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make the Quran the blossoming and the growth of our hearts each add in Quran Allah Allah in the Great Quran. Robbie Apollo Bina What else will know? So do Rena make it the light of our chests? The light of my heart? What it What should it be? It's actually the chest A sada. But what is meant is make it a light for us know.

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Your face shines your actions shine. Allah gives Baraka in your wealth. Allah gives blessings in everything you do. Your your home is filled with Roanoke. It's filled with beauty. It's filled with that light ambience. That's amazing why it's a home where in the Quran is recited that's what it is. entered the masjid in the masjid. When the non Muslims have entered the houses of Allah they will tell you I feel a tranquility and the peace Have you not seen it the open days.

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If a non Muslim can feel that tranquility and peace about us connect yourself with the Quran and see how you will feel tranquility and peace even on your masala as you see it. Let's suggest that when you're about to fulfill salah the minute you late it's beautiful, beautiful scent you feel nice, you're fresh, you made wudu you're coming you touch the Quran and you're happy.

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That reminds me yes, it's okay to read from your

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Phone No harm. It's okay to read from your app no harm. It's still one notch better to read from the Quran itself.

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The printed version reason is this one you don't really need will do for it that when you do so, which one has a little higher virtue?

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See, it's permissible we're not saying no, but I'm only giving you a point of note. My brothers and sisters check that dua. Let me finish it for you before I leave.

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It says Allahumma Jalan Khurana la vie Maria Kulu Bina one Ross will do Lena what Jalla Zan Nina Jana. The detachment

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of what

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our sadnesses we don't want to be sad. Oh Allah take away our sadness through what through the Quran. That Hadith means when you have sadness turned to the Quran, the Quran will take away your sadness, it is the word of Allah.

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Sometimes you said what do you do? You can have this tablet and that pill and the sleeping this and whatever when it may Allah protect all of us Wallah he, the one who turns to the Quran repeats it learns it breeds it more and more and more and more is the happiest of the Lord sadness will fly away literally jalla azana Were the harbor who moved me now who Momina our worries, our anxieties Oh Allah let them go through what through the Quran. Make the Quran a means of the going away of our worries and anxieties and hormone well hormone.

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My brothers and sisters shouldn't return to the Quran. Don't you agree with me when I said we're not doing enough? We got to do more. Pick it up to it. Make sure after your ferret salah, sit for a moment pick up anything you don't have something on your phone no harm. Read two verses close it.

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Was it too much? Read the meaning of it or attend a little lesson of Tafseer once a week, twice a week, whatever it may be, go make an effort your worries will go it's it will be as though ALLAH is talking to you.

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That is Allah.

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at the end, what God eterna what the lead and make it our leader make it

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our guide to what to Jana, the Jana that belongs to you the highest ranks of Jana, may Allah Almighty grant us all Jana, what a beautiful dua, what lovely verses of the Quran. Look at what gift Allah has bestowed upon us. The greatest gift you and I have is the gift of iman. And that gift of Eman comes hand in hand with the book of Allah. Imagine Allah Who made you as sophisticated as you are as good as you think you may be. Allah has made you not only unique, but He who made you gave you something to say read this. How can you not read it? He says when you read it, you will have so many benefits, so much of goodness that you won't even imagine. That's the Quran for you. So these

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words were inspired by our half if mashallah Tabarrok Allah and Mubarak to the entire 10 will family. May Allah bless you and all of your offspring and keep us all steadfast on the deen and may it be an inspiration for all of us to learn and memorize no matter what age it is May Allah subhanho wa Taala truly connect us to him and May he make a such that we become what is known as a hello Quran, the people who are connected to the Quran obviously I must quickly clarify that in no ways that we belittling the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, the two are intertwined, they are connected the Quran and the Sunnah, they come in hand in hand, because there are some people who sit

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and say I take whatever is in the Quran, everything else I don't want to hear that's wrong. Because you take what's in the Quran, it will lead you automatically to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and the entire sunnah. So may Allah Almighty grant us blessings oppo loco li ha That was Allah Allahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad

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