Zakir Naik – Why did Allah Create this Universe- Who Created Allah- What is the Meaning of Allah

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The caller asks about Allah's creation and the meaning of his creation for the world and humankind. The representative explains that Allah is created from a single male and female parent and that all creation is based on the free will of God. The caller also asks about God being created and the meaning of his creation for the world and humankind. The transcript describes the definition of "arre" in the Bible and how it relates to the culture of the United States, stating that any person who claims to be God is the only one considered a true God.
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My name is Rama Krishna.

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I'm a physiotherapy student.

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My question is, what is the nature of Allah to create Adam and Eve and this total universe, what he will get from this? And my second question is, everything is created by someone. So even God must have been created by someone. What is the meaning of Allah? Brother? Those three questions. The first question is Why did God create Adam and Eve and what was his reason to create all this world and humankind? Allah subhanaw taala created Adam and Eve May peace be upon them both. So that the humankind could come, they were the great great grandparents. Allah says in Surah hoogenraad chapter number 14 and verse number 13 Yeah, you are now so in a kalapana comienza en Sahaja Allah boom, Shu

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Baba Baba, Allah Allah tada foo in the lawyer calm in the La La Mancha be all humankind we have created you from a single pair of male and female and are divided you into nations and tribes so that you may recognize each other not that you may despise each other. And the most honored in the sight of Almighty God is the person who has taqwa, the criteria to judge and the human being. It is not wealth. It's not color. It's not cast. It's not creed, it is taqwa, it is God consciousness. It is righteousness, and despite it, so, Adam and Eve peace be upon them both. They were our great great grandparents of yours also and of mine also, all human game. Therefore I call you a brother,

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we are better than humanity.

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Allah says yeah, you a NASS or humankind. And Allah says in Surah Surah, chapter number 17 verse number 70, Malika kharab nominee Adama Almighty God has honored all the children of Adam, but they're born in India, USA, UK, born in the Hindu family or a Muslim family or a Christian family. Allah says he has honored all the money Adam, if you are a human being alive, whether your name is Zakir Avila Ramu Shanker, if you're born a human being Allah gonna do now coming to the question, why has Almighty God created human beings? Alaska, the human beings because Allah says, this is one of his best creation, all the other creations of Allah subhanho wa Taala. they obey Him.

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We have the angels, whatever Almighty God says, The angels obey him directly, they have no free will, the human beings the creation of Allah subhana wa Taala, which has a free will, we can either obey Him or disobey Him. So Allah has created such a creation. We are one of his best creation, and the best of forms, but we have a choice of either obeying God or disobeying God. If you obey God, we will go to Jannah we go to work, we go to heaven, if it is a pain will go to * will go dark.

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So this is a test for the hereafter. Allah says in Surah mulk chapter number 67 verse number two, Alessi khaliqul mata Mata It is Allah was created that a life to test which of his good deeds to this life is a test for the hereafter. So let's create the human beings and Allah says in Surah Daria chapter number 51 verse number 56 bamaca electrojet novolin sila Ali Abdul that we have created the jinn and the men not to worship Him. So we supposed to worship obey the commandment of Allah subhanaw taala. So this is a different creation of Allah subhanaw taala which had the freewill of even going against Allah subhanho wa Taala obeying all the other things the stars, the trees, the

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mountains, the Quran says they do say that Allah subhanaw taala the prostate to him, they obey Him, we have a free will. Now when Allah given a free will, with the free will if you obey Him, we become hard and dangerous. With the free will if we disobey Him, we become the partners of the devil. So he's created us for the test for the hereafter. Coming to a second question. Everything has a creator who created

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God. If anyone says everything as a creator, it is wrong statement. Every created thing as a creator.

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The definition of God is he is uncreated.

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The moment you say who created god, he's not God.

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The definition of God is he's uncreated. Suppose a person comes and asked you

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that brother, my friend john, he was admitted in hospital. He gave birth to a child. Can you guess? Was it a girl or a boy? Can you guess? Right out this? can guess why?

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Can you on the microphone? Can you guess? Was it a girl or a boy?

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Huh? See brother john. He was admitted in hospital. He gave birth to a child. Was it a girl or a boy?

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Can you guess?

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a 50 50% chance. Well, why

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people are laughing Why

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can you get

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Congress why

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Even if you guess can you get the answer right?

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Can you guess I give you two chances with a girl or a boy?

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Trying out? Girl.

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Brother, can a man give birth to a child?

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Ah, there you made a mistake, saying that you made a mistake by asking who created God? A man cannot give birth to a child. So where's the question of it being girl or a boy? See now you understood?

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No, that's good brother. So it was a man cannot give birth to a child. So is the question of a girl or a boy. So when you asked him who created God, God by definition, Allah by definition is uncreated. The moment you say who created Allah is not Allah mala Mia cuando foreigner, there's nothing like him. Coming to your last part of the question, who is Allah?

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Who is Allah? The best definition I can give you is code to suit a class. Chapter number 112. Was the wonderful it's mentioned the Quran cool, whoa Allah say he's 11 only. Allah Subhan Allah the absolute eternal love Allah mula. He biggest not noisy forgotten, mala Mia coloca found out that nothing like him. This is a full length definition of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Any human being any person says so and so candidate is God. If that candidate fits in this poll and definition, we Muslims have got no objection and accepting that candidate has got fallen definition. This is the litmus test for theology for the study of God first is cool Allah says Allah and only Allah Subhan

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Allah the absolute eternal, lumbering Bella mula, he begins not noisy forgotten. Bella Mia coloca, Fernanda nothing like him. If you go to the Hindu scriptures, the same is mentioned in the Hindu scriptures.

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cavalla word is mentioned. If you send out your Punisher chapter number six, section number two was number one, it comes with a theme God is only one without a second. Second test. Allah Subhan Allah the absolute eternal Bhagavad Gita, chapter number 10 verse number three says, I am known as the Lord of all the worlds then we got in the beginningless third test Lambiel Isabella Mueller, he begins not noisy forgotten. It's mentioned in the shadow shadow Punisher. Chapter number six was number nine, not just a passage, Jonathan agenda of him there are no Lords he has got no parents Almighty God has got no father, he has got no mother. And Father, there's nothing like him is

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mentioned in shashidhar of Punisher chapter number four, verse number 19. And yet you have a chapter number 32, verse number three which says, notice at the mercy of that God, there is no prathima there is no it there is no image, there is no photograph, there is no sculpture, who says that your job is chapter two verse number three, same as well. amiracle local finance. So any person saying so and so candidate is God. If that candidate fits in the fall and definition, we Muslims have got no objection and accepting that candidate has got For example, some people say Bhagwan Rajneesh is Almighty God.

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While doing question answer time a Hindu told me, we don't believe needs to be God and never said that the Hindus believe Bhagwan Rajneesh is God. I said, some people believe Bhagwan does needs to be God. Let us put this Rajneesh to test first test is called walau odd thing c'est la vie nollie was Rajneesh one and only was he the only man who claimed divinity. There are hundreds of them. And in this country, we have 1000s of men who have claimed divinity. He's not the only one. But originally it was yes, no, no, he's unique. Let's go to the next test. Allah Subhan Allah the absolute internal was Rajneesh, absolute eternal. We know from his biography from his autobiography,

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he was suffering from trauma from diabetes from chronic backache. He imagined Almighty God suffering from asthma, diabetes, chronic backache,

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third test, learn with Isabella Mueller. He gets that noise brought in. But one nice niche was born in Madhya Pradesh. He had a father and mother in 1981. He goes to America USA, and it takes 1000s of American for a ride in the state of Oregon. He starts his center and causes depression is from his village. Later on American government arrest him and put him behind bars. Resume says the American government slow poison me. Imagine Almighty God being slow poison.

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In 1985, the American government took him out of the country comes back to India in the same city Puna and it goes back to a center which is now called an Osho commune. And if you go into the Samadhi of Rajneesh, it is mentioned on the Samadhi Bhagwan Rajneesh Osho never born never died, but visited the earth from the 11th of December 1931 to the 19th of January 1990.

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Never born never died, but visited the earth from the 11th of December

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1931 to the 19th of January 1990. They forgot

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To mention his Samadhi he was not given visas to 21 countries of the world,

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Almighty God coming in this world to visit the world and requires visas to go to different countries. And the Archbishop of Greece said, if you don't remove rajnish, out of this country will burn his house and those of his disciples. And the last test while I'm here called aku. Finance is so stringent that no one besides the true Almighty God can pass the moment you can compare God to anything he's not God. While I'm here called local finance. We know Rajneesh like the human beings had a beard, one nose, two eyes, two years, two hands, the moment we can compare God to anything in this world, he's not God, what a miracle now, if someone says Almighty God is 1000 times stronger

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than unfortunately, men have heard the name of unfortunately. Have you heard Unfortunately, the person who got the title Mr. World, Mr. Universe, the strongest man in the world, the strongest man in the universe, the moment you can compare God to anyone, whether it be unreleased watchmaker, whether it be Dara Singh, whether it be King Kong, whether it be 1000 times a million times, the moment, you can compare God to anything in this world. He is not God, what a miracle. There is nothing like him. So this is a full line definition of Allah subhana wa Taala given in the Quran, whichever god you're worshiping. Brother put that God to the test of surah class in that God passes.

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That is a true God otherwise it's a fake God.

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