Mirza Yawar Baig – Akhlaaq of the Ummati #7

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of practicing what they listen to and speaking as if it is true, as it is true. They stress the need for people to be aware of their own experiences and avoiding false assumptions. The speakers also emphasize the importance of faith in obtaining success and avoiding sugar and diabetes. They emphasize the benefits of a course on Islam, including physical and spiritual benefits, and stress the importance of practicing Islam to become a doctor. The speakers also emphasize the importance of avoiding partnering with an American accent and practicing gratitude to convey one's intentions.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala l mursaleen. Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman, Kaziranga sera from Abbado

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My dear brothers and sisters Alhamdulillah

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we are in our lesson of

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flock of the Almighty

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and as I remind myself a new every time that the purpose of these lectures is only one and that is it is to practice what we hear what we speak.

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So, I remind myself and I remind you that the only thing which is important is to practice what we listen to and what we speak. And that is the reason why we are doing these lectures.

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At the end of each lecture, as I always remind you to do and I remind myself, let us look at three things, what do I start doing, what do I stop doing? What do I continue to do? What is it that I wasn't doing till now, which I should start doing? What is it that I

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was doing until now, which I should stop doing and what is it that I am doing currently and I should continue to do? These are the three things that I want to

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emphasize for you inshallah. Now,

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we were looking at the issue of Eman entering the heart, and we looked at the

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214 15 and 16 were last rantala mentioned the Arab the Bedouins who came to salsa sell them, and they said to him that we have believed and Allah subhanaw taala said, No, you have not believed you have only said, you only entered Islam, you've only spoken it with your tongue, but belief has not entered your heart. And if you recollect, Allah subhanaw taala put a condition that Allah subhanaw taala said that however, if you obey Allah Subhana Allah and His Messenger sallallahu Sallam Allah will not decrease your reward meaning that for belief to enter the heart, obedience is critical, as proof of belief.

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As proof of belief, obedience is critical. We can't just say that we believe we have to also prove prove our belief I

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am sitting here in Groton, and behind me there is a small airfield and there are these small planes which keep taking off and landing.

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So I must apologize in advance for these little delays.

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Now, then, Allah subhanaw taala also stated he put his condition and Allah subhanaw taala said in number minuman alladhina amanu biLlahi rasuluh he sama lamb your bhaja had to be unworldly him one fusi him feasability la la ikaho. Masada Hoon Allah said only those are believers. Only those are momineen only those are the people who are steadfast who have believed in Allah Subhana Allah and His Messenger sallallahu Sallam malami are taboo and afterwards they did not doubt Allah saying this is not believed that you say you believe but then you follow something and you don't follow something and you think you believe and then tomorrow you have some other doubts and you do know

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Allah said no, if you have belief, then satisfy yourself completely and totally before you enter Islam or Once you have entered Islam, then you seminar upon or frown upon our legal mercy. This is the shadow of the moment that he says Allah I have heard and I will be. Now sometimes we might get

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people may ask you and say that, you know what you are advocating is blind belief, blind faith. Now I must say to you that it is not blind faith. On the other hand, it is faith to complete and total

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it is not blind faith it is faced with complete understanding. Now how is that because people who obey people who are saying seminar often they're saying seminar seminar

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To every order of Allah, whether or not they understand it, not because they understand the order, but because they understand who Allah is. And this is very similar to Allah alongside Allah is above any examples that we give this is very similar to our faith that we have for example, in experts. So, for example,

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if you are

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if you go to a doctor and the doctor tells you you know, you have some issue, you go to the doctor you get you get you get yourself scanned, you get yourself examined, the doctor tells you now, this is what is wrong with you and to cure that, these are the medicines that you need to take. And these these are the foods that you must eat, these are the foods that you must not eat, these are the foods which if you eat,

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if you eat these particular these are the foods that you must absolutely not eat at all it is like poison, but there are other foods which it is better for you to avoid them.

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But they are not as serious as the other one.

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Now, if I translate that into religious Islamic theological language, it is the difference between haram and Nakuru. I said this is haram. And this is macro. Now you might say well, you know, I am allergic to the word Haram. Right many, many of the youth because of the, of the fact that probably they can they came across in their lives.

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People who are a bit heavy on this haram thing and you know, for them, so people come to me sometimes they say, you know, do you make people who make the whole of life.

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So the I the moment I hear the word Ah, I switch off, right? So I say to them, Look, whether you switch off or you switch on makes no difference to the guy who's speaking. And it makes no difference to the fact that what he's saying is right, just because I don't like something switching myself after that is only going to harm me. So if I'm, for example, sitting in a room and somebody says Look, there is a gas leak, there is poison, get out of this room. You said no, I am switched off to the word poison. So the moment you say poison, I'm not listening to you anymore.

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So So stay and die. What what is the what are the what is the answer? Right? Stay and die. Because he is saying he's telling you this is poison. What's leaking into this room is poisonous gas. So get out this poison get out. It was a no no, no, I don't like the word poison. So but because you said poison have switched off. And therefore I'm not moving from here. All right, so don't move if that's your choice. Right. Now, the point I'm I want to make here is that focus on your own learning. Focus on what am I learning from this? How does it benefit me? Don't get

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don't get taken. Don't get taken in or switched off by who is speaking. Now the person speaking is this person. You know, do I like his accent? Do I like his face? Or don't I like his accent? Don't I like his face? I've heard people have a lot of youngsters come to me and say you know so and so.

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His accent is very dizzy, right? his accent is very indo Pak indo Pak accent. Now the person is talking to me is talking about is in their late 70s. They do speak English perfectly legible, perfectly understandable. But obviously, I mean, the person is from Pakistan or he's from India, and he's in his late 70s He is not going to put on an American accent to please you. He probably doesn't even know what an American accent sounds like. He probably doesn't even know how to put on an American accent even if you even if he knew he probably not gonna do that. So what you want to do right he's telling you something which is critical for your welfare is telling you something which

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is critical for your Acura is telling you something which if you listen to him and if you change your life, then inshallah you will get Jana. Now you want to negate all of that you want to switch all of that off, switch off Jana. Switch off my Acura because I don't like somebody's accent that doesn't make sense to you. Does it make sense to you? So therefore, look at yourself.

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Don't worry about switches switch off switch on and all that what is halal is Allah what is haram is haram. This is just the way of expressing it in the Arabic language, what is permissible is permissible, what is not permissible is not permissible. But if you think that not permissible, is any less important than haram? That's your problem because that what is prohibited, it will kill you. So now you go to the doctor, and the doctor is telling you I have taken this thing about you have diabetes very soon.

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Beer and sugar is haram for you is I don't like the word haram am switched off. So avoid sugar and die. I mean what is right? So think about that, then the doctor is telling you, sugar is haram for you sugar is prohibited for you sugar for you is like poison. You better listen to the doctor because whether you like his accent or not, whether you like his face or not, whether you like his word he used or not. He knows and you don't know. Now this is our approach as far as Allah subhanaw taala is concerned, Allah knows and we don't know. While Ariana may want to let alma mater reservoir wasa and Dakota Hosea for who

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was on to our unto him Boucher, for whichever local well Laurie, I don't want to let Allah Allah say, it is possible that you like something but there is harm in it for you. It is possible that you dislike something, and there is good in it for you. And it is possible that you like something and there is harm in it for you. And Allah knows, and you don't know, this is the meaning of faith as far as Islam is concerned. It's not blind faith. We believe, not necessarily. I'm not saying everything we believe, we believe without understanding how many things we believe with complete understanding of the thing itself, the law itself, but there are some things that we believe and we

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do, even though we don't understand not because we

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understand the law or the or the hokum, but because we understand Allah subhanaw taala we know who Allah subhanaw taala is, and therefore we believe and we do, because Allah subhanaw taala said, So, so far, exactly for so therefore for a Muslim, if he asked you, if you ask him, for example, why do you fast? He said, Because Allah said, so why do you pray? He said, Because Allah said, so now this is a legitimate, correct answer. Now, it does not mean that the fasting

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does not have some physical and spiritual benefits. Of course it does. Everybody does. But why is he doing it? The Nia Why is it doing that? Because Allah said so because of god it because of obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala? So this is a legitimate answer, this is a correct answer. Don't get

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don't allow anybody to, to tell you that your belief is blind your belief is with your eyes wide open, you believe is understanding what Allah subhanaw taala is, and you can give them this as an example to say that don't we practice the same logic in our relationships in and in our,

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in the way we deal with other experts in the area, you don't ask the expert for a certificate of their learning, you don't say necessarily there, I must understand I must become a doctor. Before I follow doctor's orders, you may not live that long, yet you might die before that. Because if you didn't follow the doctor's orders, then whatever you are doing might kill you before you have a chance to go through medical school and whatever else. So you don't apply that because it doesn't make any sense. You don't apply that with a lot of rounds on either. So our last round that I said here, that who is the who is the moment who is the true believer.

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Allah said these are the people who believed in Allah Subhana Allah and His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and through mala Mia taboo and then they did not doubt. They didn't doubt Allah and they didn't doubt the messenger of Selim. And instead of doubting What did they do, they strive with their wealth and with their lives, with their energy with their influence with their strength, in the cause of Allah. So who are these people, these are the people who work the other people who do Amal These are the people who try to implement the beauty of Islam in their lives, and who tried to present Islam in the best possible way to the world by practicing it

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themselves and loves it, those are the homosassa these are the people who are the truthful people

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as well as raw data to

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to make us among this article to make us among those who are truthful. So what must I do? No, I was looking at my own life and say, do I fit into this? Do I believe in a lie? Do I believe in Rasul Allah solemn? Yes, inshallah I do, then do I have any doubts? And if I have doubts, I must clarify those doubts, right, because as a believer, I do not have doubts of the law, I believe in the law, but we go through life and Chetan is there. So, it is possible that sometimes some doubt may enter our hearts, Nelson Mandela. Save us and protect us from shoe coke and shabu hot from all kinds of doubts. And may Allah protect us from that, but it is possible that you may get it out. If we get it

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out. What must we do? Go and ask somebody who can explain it. You

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And then make sure that your

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your life and your heart is free from doubt. And then act strive in the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala with your wealth and your strength, meaning, fulfill the orders of Allah subhanho wa Taala worship Allah subhana wa Taala and try to worship Him as it is his right to be worshipped.

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Do what Allah subhanaw taala has asked you to do, and stay away from what Allah has asked you to stay away from. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, These are our who came the

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these are the people who came to Medina and then they tried to go to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, that you know, we have not fought against you. And we have come with you with our dependents. And we have not we have believed in you and so on. But the tone of how they spoke and what they did, this tone Allah subhanaw taala didn't like. So Allah subhanaw taala said that they are trying to

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say that they are doing a favor to you, because they have accepted Islam. And he says, Allah says, so say to them over Hamas or solemn, II do not count your Islam as a favor on me.

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Sorry, I'm just waiting for this plane to go.

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So Allah is saying, do not count your Islam as a favor upon me.

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But Allah has conferred a favor upon you, that he guided you to Islam, if you indeed are true. So it's very important for us to,

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to understand this and to think about this, that Allah subhanaw taala is saying very clearly, to these people, that

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that fact that you have come to Islam, you're not doing a favor to Hamas or Salim. But actually Allah did you a favor, that you brought you to Islam, because if you had not come to Islam, then what would happen you would have lived without Islam, you would have died without Islam. And if you die without Islam, you know where you go. So that is the the other thing for us to understand. Many times

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you get this kind of I mentioned this in my last lecture also, many times you get this kind of statement from from Muslims, when you are trying to give them some wisdom quotes, bonus meaning I'm not giving the bonus to anybody. I'm just teaching them something. For example, if I tell them, you know the importance of the huddle, which I keep saying all the time, in almost every lecture of mine I mentioned that here is this time here is time I lost around 30 cents to the first heaven in a manner which pleases Him and which is in keeping with his majesty and grace. And Allah subhanho wa Taala then has it announced, you say who is it that needs something from me who is it that needs my

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protection whose need Can I fulfill and obviously for someone who is Muslim to be sleeping at that time, just show that he is not conscious of this. Fantastic? It is fantastic favor that Allah subhanaw taala has granted, you know, we've just got or Allah and Allah ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept all your about that, and all your devotions and all your prayers and ask Allah subhanaw taala to give you from his treasures. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to have written letters through color, in your,

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in your,

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in your ama. The thing about that did here, you have just come out of that letter color at a time when Allah subhanaw taala accepts our doors. But think about this, that every single night. There is a time in the night in the last third of the night, where Allah subhanaw taala accepted into us. I'm not saying that is equal to Reza just saying that if you're talking about the acceptance of God, then this is not restricted to the last 10 nights and the odd bits around that'll carry this comes to you and me every single night that we are alive.

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Now why would you lose it? Why would I use it? If I'm losing it? It means only one of two things either I just I'm just not aware, I didn't know that there was this beautiful opportunity or that I am just being arrogant, that I'm being lazy, I'm being ignorant by saying that, even though this beautiful opportunity is there, I am not going to take advantage of it. Now why would you do that? Now therefore you need to think and we need to look at our own image and say, do I really believe this is the meaning this is the meaning of bit more money in the believers are those who are

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who believed in Allah.

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la semana de Allah and His Messenger Salim. And who did not doubt thereafter and who strove in the path of Allah. Because what is the striving in part of Allah it is to do more it is to do as much as we can to please Allah subhanaw taala so sometimes you get this statement people say, Oh, you know, I'm praying five times a day now you are putting another burden on me. So why don't we think of what is it a border? I mean, this is a this is a gift for you. I'm not giving it Allah subhanaw taala gave it now you want to reject that you want to say no, no, no, sorry. I'm not interested. You know, you you are you're making an announcement, which is Do you need anything? No, I don't need anything

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in the language

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is what you want to say no. So therefore, welcome. Whatever we get from Allah subhanho wa Taala welcome that because Allah subhanho wa Taala grant is favours and Allah subhanaw taala has said about that. Waste tarzana boom line Shakur, con la Ciudad nakoma. in Cabo COVID. Na Vila de de de la said, that remember the time when your Rob announced and said that the one who was grateful to me I will increase and enhance my blessing and the one who is ungrateful to me, let him be where, and let him be warned about my punishment as if this is very important for us to keep in mind and say, I don't want to be among those people who will be counted among the ungrateful people of the world. I

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want to be among those people who will be counted among the people of gratitude people who are grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala This is what we we want to do we want to be counted among the Grateful people who are grateful to Allah smarter and not not vice versa. So I remind myself and him Let us think about that, let us do it. So that we are among those people now. My brothers sisters.

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Allah subhanaw taala ended that set of if by saying, Allahu

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Allahu Allah will available similar to a lot of de la obersee Ruby Mata Maru, said, Verily Allah subhanaw taala knows the unseen, the unperceivable of the heavens and the earth and unless Rattata sees everything that you do is all see of what you do. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from ourselves, Allah is seeing us meaning in a way which suits His Majesty and grace, meaning Allah is not only seeing what is the apparent which is, which is in front of you and me, but Allah is also seeing and looking into our hearts, Allah knows our intentions. Allah subhanaw taala knows everything that we

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we try to hide, we try to cover up Allah from Allah subhanaw taala there is no color, there is no cover from another monitor. So therefore, we need to be clear in our minds and say, let me do that which pleases my Arab jelajah Rollo and let me stay away from that which does not please Him, my brothers or sisters.

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It is

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very, very important for us

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to remember that. This is the great mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that Allah subhanaw taala gave us our faculties, right Allah subhanaw taala gave us all that we have. Now.

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if there is a person

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who borrows your car, that you have this nice, beautiful car.

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Now you have this nice, beautiful car, and this person comes this friend of yours comes to you and say can I please borrow your car? He borrowed your car. He takes it and he trashes it. What do you say to that? What do you say that if he trashed his own car, that would still be bad, but at least it is his own car, right? But he takes your car and crashes. Which means that this person now was even able to drive he was even able to be mobile. Thanks to your favor on him. You gave him your car so the person could go from point A to point B would go meet his friends or whatever he was doing. But he treats that gift of yours with complete disdain. Right with complete in gratitude, by

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trashing it. What would you say to that? I think about this in the context of what we get from Allah subhanaw taala. Every single thing we have is because of the Father lavalas monitor my eyesight I'm able to see I'm sitting in this beautiful location here. I've got a piece of Long Island Sound piece of the sea behind me. I've got all these beautiful flowers, and I'm spoiling the scenery by being in the middle of that. All of this, I'm able to see

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Why Because Allah gave me full color vision.

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If I was blind, I would still be sitting here, you would be enjoying all of this scenery, but I would be blind, I would not be able to see I got to talk to you. But I would not be able to see right now if I am not grateful to Allah subhanaw taala for giving me good eyesight. Now, what do you say to that? Similarly, if I say that I'm the very fact that I'm sitting here, itself, the fact that our that this place was accessible to me, that somebody invited me, and thanks to their generosity, I am able to sit here, should I not thank Allah subhanaw taala for it, right? Should I not thank Allah for this, the very fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala is giving me the trophy, I could be doing

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anything at this time, or I could be watching television, I could be watching, and not necessarily watching something which is prohibited, I could be watching something which is permissible, but they're doing or watching TV or you're reading a book or something or going for a walk all are good things, but they benefit me only in this life. But instead of that, and I am going to go for a walk later on. But I will say instead of Allah subhanaw taala gave me the trophy to sit here and talk to you and try to share with you some thoughts related to how we can achieve his pleasure

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related to how we can live our lives in a way that pleases Allah, which is good for us in this dunya one accurate. If I go for a walk, it's good for me in this video, but on the accurate probably has no effect. But if I'm doing this work now, it has benefit for me in this dunya Well, actually, I am engaged as Vicar of Allah, I am engaged in trying in the ins and outs of Islam. Whether anyone listens to me or not, is completely immaterial, it actually doesn't I am not bothered. But I'm saying that it is immaterial because the reward that Allah will give me is irrespective of whether anyone has listened or not. I should not be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala for this, instead of

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this, if Allah had said, You know what, I am going to reward you only if at least one person listens to you and brings about a change in in his or her life. What would I do? What would I do? I have no way of persuading or a letter on compelling somebody else to act on what I'm saying I've got zero I mean, I've got no influence whatsoever. I'm talking let's stick to the topic of the hedges because I mentioned that I'm recommending to you I'm saying you should pray. But can I make up? I can maybe I cannot make up. I can wake you up. I can't I can't force you to get up. I can't do anything. So if you whether you pray or not. I have no way Dr. Allah had said no, no, no, I will not reward you for

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being agile until somebody else also prayed that I'm dead.

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But Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah when he said to me, I said Your job is to convey to convey, convey in the best possible way and I tried to do that to try to try to convey in the best possible way and if I'm making any mistakes and that if we can summarize some aspects of that, that I seek your apology, I seek your forgiveness. Forgive me

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what I'm trying to do my best and Alhamdulillah inshallah muster It is my complete belief and faith that insha Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah who will reward me and will recommend me for doing this. This is the mercy of Allah. So if Allah has made you and me accountable only for our deeds, Allah did not make us accountable for the effect of those deeds or not say that, this deed will be rewarded only if this or that happens. No, that's it, this is your job is to convey your job is to convey go and convey to the how do we come by our actions before we speak, so we we apply the principles in our lives, we practice the deed, and then we convey and take the deen to the rest of the world. This is

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the essence of the doubt of Islam. So I want to close by that by saying the importance of Iman, which comes to us in sort of moderate in these eyes, and of course, all over the Quran, the importance of action, which supersedes everything else. Whatever we learn, we must put it into practice to once again go back to the the three point formula, what is it that I need to start doing what it is that I need to start doing? What is it that I'm doing currently, which is good and I realized that and therefore I'm going to do that? Even more? Ask Allah subhanaw taala to

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enable you and help you to do that. And we pleased with you in that process for sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi erotica

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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