Why did Allah Reveal the Quran Last, 1400 years Ago. He should have Revealed it First

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Good evening everyone.

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My name is Aditya and I'm doing my final year engineering in Chennai.

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Though I'm a Hindu, I've been having this question about Islam that I wanted to ask, and no better person than Dr. Zakir Naik, as you certainly speak many times the Holy Quran was written 1400 years ago, and is considered the most worthy and the latest revelation given by Allah. So I have two questions to you. Allah who knows all? Why didn't he give his best of Revelation the first time itself to the first of messengers? And why did God take so many times to give his best of knowledge? And my second question, which is related to this is, even before the Holy Quran was written, that is 1400 years ago, human beings had lived in the earth for 1000s of years. So why did Allah the Most

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Merciful, didn't give them that best knowledge which has given us for the last 1400 years? Thank you. So very good question. Very 11 question. Two questions. More the question overlapping answers. He said that, why did Allah subhana wa Taala.

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Give this last and final revelation 1400 years ago? Why not in day one, when you believe are there? And second part is a part of the same question that what about the people who lived before 14 years ago? They were deprived from the Quran? So if allies most merciful, Most Gracious, Most Beneficent, so isn't it that the people earlier before Fernanda with the primary good question, reply a question. My son, he tells me

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that Abba Father, you want me to become a doctor. Why do you mean nursery first standard second standard, then schools and college, why don't you put me into medical college directly.

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If I want my son to become a medical doctor,

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I don't have to put him into the medical college directly. I have to first make the ground very clear. Firstly goes into the pre primary school, then goes into the school first and onwards on passes school, then goes to the highest school, then college and many fit, then he enters a medical college. Similarly, Almighty God, who has knowledge of the unseen hand knowledge of everything, he even if knowledge of the human beings. So it is mentioned in the Quran, in Surah rod chapter number 13, verse number 13. Allah says, luckily,

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that we have sent a revelation and every age and every period by name formation in the Quran, chorus aboard engine and the Quran. But there were several revelations and

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the first revelation Almighty God knew that the human being had to develop if he would have released the Quran. At the first time, at the time of Adam peace be upon him, he knew the human being won't be able to grasp it. That is the reason in the revolution that came before the hurun that the engine. Today we have the Bible, though we don't consider the Bible to be the engine. But some parts of the Bible may be the Word of God. It's mentioned in the Bible, in the Gospel of john, Chapter 16, verse number 2014, Jesus Christ peace be upon him says, I have many things to say unto you, but he cannot bear them now. For him in the spirit of truth shall come, he shall guide you into all truth.

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He shall show you the way to come, he shall glorify Me, so your Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, he knew, but yet he said that you will not be able to grasp it. Therefore, when the last and final messenger will come, he will show you things to come. So similarly Almighty God, he knew very well, that when is the right time for human beings to receive the last and final revelation, the Quran, and that was about 400 years ago. As far as the second part of the question is concerned, what about the people that came before the Quran was revealed? I will tell them that if my son goes to standard one, he will not be given the medical question paper, he be given the question paper of standard

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If he goes to higher school, he will be given the question of high school, then junior college fine. So similarly, the basic message of Almighty God in all the scriptures, in all the revelations from the first revelation is that our civilization Quran was the same that you have to believe in one God, that you have to worship Him. And no one is to all the messengers right from the first messenger Adam, peace be upon him, right down to No, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, peace be upon them all. All of them taught the basic message of oneness of God, and about him and about this message of oneness of God and thought he inshallah I'll be discussing in detail on the last day of

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this conference on the last Sunday, the 20th of January, inshallah.