Tarbiyya 02 – Tarbiyya begins in my Home Not in the Outside World

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Tarbiyya begins in my Home Not in the Outside World

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The London Isla salatu wa salam ala, ala Colombia, Allah Allah, he was happy to do that. But

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inshallah we continue with the series of reminders on Serbia. And I was looking at my list of a number of things to talk about and I think I have about 36 or 38

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things so that's takes care of the next 30 days inshallah.

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inshallah knows that.

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Yesterday I spoke about the issue of the importance of Serbia begins with me, not with my children. A lot of times parents think that Serbia means to do something to the child, it means to do something to yourself. Because children listen with their eyes. everybody listens with their eyes, not with various people don't care what you say, until they see what to do. So that's why it's very important for us to look at ourselves first. Today, to expand on that, let's look at the issue of the Mahal, the issue of the atmosphere, the issue of the kind of situation inside our homes.

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So one is to look at our own conduct, and say, How do I as a father or a mother? How do I behave? How do I speak? What kind of language do I have?

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In my language more critical? Or is it more inclusive? Is my language more approving? Or is it more disapproving? Am I slandering people and

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saying nasty things about people? Or am I praising people, because whatever I'm doing, that is what the child is learning.

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That is what the child is learning.

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So it is no good to tell the child that a bat is haram. And Viva Allah subhanaw taala said that Aviva is to eat the flesh of your brother, when you are eating the flesh of your brother everyday is no good telling the children that right? If you are eating the flesh of your brother, your children will also eat the flesh of their brothers. So there is no sense in telling the children that something is haram if you are doing it yourself. So first and foremost, we need to leave those things ourselves. And so also with other things, and in this context, we need to look at what is the kind of atmosphere in our homes, many parents are very concerned about the company that their

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children keep. And they say, Oh, my son has fallen into bad company, my daughter has fallen into bad company, they have these kinds of friends. And that kind of friends when they go out of the house. And this happens, that happens. But I always tell them, it makes no difference your child can go and your child can be in school or college with all kinds of people makes absolutely no difference. What makes a difference is what does the child come back home to

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because what the child comes back home, comes back home to is the standard of this child.

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That is the standard against which the child is going to judge whatever the child sees in the outside world.

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So if the child sees in the outside world, moogerah belly dance, and when he comes home, and he finds that his father has, has, has arranged a party in which there is our belly dance happening, or if there is a party in which there is some, you know, singer who's singing and music and whatnot, there. As far as the child is concerned, the major out of the belly dancing is all in the outside world is fine. Because the same thing is happening or some version of that is happening in my own house, in my own house in my own home.

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Now the parents forget what they are doing in their houses in their own homes, and they get very concerned and so what do you see my child is gone astray. And I find that my son is the whole time and my my daughter in the whole time and they are in the disco or somewhere. But he was really like the You are the one who sent them to the disco. So why are you complaining?

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You send them to the disco as well as much as if you are taking them holding them by the hand and taking them inside the place. Because the atmosphere that you created in the home is the atmosphere of the disco. We have the television in our in our homes. And this television is full of the words kind of filled that you can imagine.

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And understand one thing very clearly that the stuff you see on television is not random. It has been created by some of the greatest experts in the world, in how to make an impression and how to retain that impression in the mind.

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These people are experts. These people are the world's finest and greatest experts, most highly paid experts

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in how to create an impression and how to keep that impression in the mind. Because remember,

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if you're paying for advertising on television, you're paying for a 32nd slot

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for the 32nd slot. And if I remember correctly, I was doing some research on this

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in the United States

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A 32nd slot on primetime television on one of the channels, one of the one of the major channels, costs $7.5 million.

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So somebody is paying that kind of money is that serious money and somebody who's paying that kind of money. Imagine a one minute slot on that television channel, we'll build the SBA

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as if it will build the SBA

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a beating our heads against the wall trying to raise funds for this thing. There are people paying that kind of money for 60 seconds on television. Why?

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Because they know the power of the medium. They know the power of visual media.

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Just to give you a very small example, there is a fantastic ad which I saw and I can't remember whether it is a coke ad or a Pepsi ad but one of the between the Coke and Pepsi one fantastic at no words, no dialogue, no nothing. But the I will just describe to you what the ad is. And then I challenge you to forget this ad. Imagine somebody who's seeing it. The ad is of a little guy who's maybe this the age of this little boy here, maybe you know six or something like this, he comes to a slot machine. And in this slot machine he wants to buy Say for example, he wants to he wants to get a Pepsi. Now the slot for the for Pepsi is higher, so he can't reach this slot for Pepsi. So what

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does he do? The slot for Coke is lower. So he puts in his money, a can of coke drops, he put the gun, he puts the can of coke on the ground, he puts in some more money, one more can of coke drops, he puts the second can of Coke, he stands on these two cans of coke and he puts in the money for the Pepsi gap. And the Pepsi gang drops and he takes the Pepsi gun and he walks away leaving the two cans of coke on the ground

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32nd ad which will stick in your mind for the rest of your life Believe me.

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That is the power of the visual media. Now imagine what is the power of the real thing. In the visual media on the television screen your children are seeing and we have lost all sense of shame whatsoever.

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Completely we have lost all sense of shame. We sit in the home, the grandparents, the parents and the gen the grandchildren all sit together and we watch a Hindi film. And we watch some other stuff in which there are half naked women dancing and there is music and there is all kinds of corruption and horrible stuff. And there is no sense of shame whatsoever. Either with the elders or with the youngsters they all sit together and they watch this without any sense of shame whatsoever. Right so you've been watching that and then next thing you know you have organized this party where now that Wizard of Oz on the screen is now available in your own home life.

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What value are you creating? What therapy Are you giving your children?

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What are we are giving our children?

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Believe me my brothers makes no difference to me. I have no children. I don't even want any

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your children, your children. And believe me, Allah subhanho wa Taala I've seen this again and again and again. It all comes home to roost.

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Every chicken comes home to roost.

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So don't think that you can do these things and then you will escape you will not escape you will not escape.

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And just because you might be involved in some work of Tao or some good work and some charitable work and so on. It does not exempt you from following the outcome of Allah subhanho wa Taala he does not exempt you from following the orders of Allah or following the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam.

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We live in a strange world. When we find these things happening when we find corruption happening in the homes nobody criticizes nobody says a word. People go and participate as spectators because also answers my friend. But lead one of the same youngsters keep a beard let him say let him follow the stride for the sooner he wears a cap on his head or he wears his trouser above his ankles and everybody's up in arms. They start criticizing the good they start saying all kinds of things about him and then we wonder how is it society is so corrupt? society is corrupt because you made it corrupt. Society is corrupt because you reward sin and you punish virtue.

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You reward be that and you reward shirk and you reward all kinds of sin and you punish the sooner Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Then what do you think the society will have?

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What kind of society are we creating? And believe me, you can build massages from here all the way to the cupboard makes no difference.

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Your society will remain as corrupt as it always is. Unless we change the atmosphere and the Mahal in our homes. Islam has to enter our lives. Islam is not the name of a building which you put up somewhere. This is not the Hindu religion. You can go and give something to God and

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Got right by I've done my job for you now You keep quiet, I earned my own life no doesn't work like that.

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You don't go and give anything to Allah Allah does not take anything from you. Allah subhanaw taala gives us

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no matter how many so called good deeds you and I do it will not change society until we change our hopes. We have to change the atmosphere in our homes, we have to change the atmosphere in our own lives and then society will change. Otherwise just building this and building that and building that is just structure resist construction makes absolutely no change to society society will continue to remain as corrupt as it always is. Today there is no shortage of massage. There is shortage of muscle isn't a massage it

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will not shatter the massage if you go to any country in the world. There are massages and if you go to some countries in the world there is a Masjid in every street Alhamdulillah right where we are within a stone's throw there are three three other massage they like for massages within a radius of one kilometer from this or not even less than that.

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The shortage is of people in the masjid. The shortage is of Imam of the masjid. The shortage is of disobedience of the shortage of obedience of Allah subhanaw taala there is a shortage of people following the cinema Hamas Allah Allah Allah Azza wa sallam.

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So let us look at ourselves. If we want Serbia, Serbia has to begin with me, not with my children, my grandchildren not to begin with me. And with the atmosphere in my home, which is directly in my control.

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The atmosphere in my home is in my control, I decide who will enter my house and who will not enter my house. I decide who I invite and who I don't invite, I decide what kind of a thing will function or war war whatever happens in my house and what will not happen in my house. I am the one who decides whether the television set should be here or should not be here. Somebody come one day Kevin told me please speak to my children. Tell them they are watching television all the time.

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And they don't study they don't do this. The whole time is sitting in front of the television. I said absolutely. Right. You got two evil children. I will certainly talk to them. But tell me which one of them bought the TV. Let me talk to him first.

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and yell But fortunately, tell me which one out of these four who bought this TV. So let me talk to him first because he is the source of the corruption. He brought the TV the TV wasn't here in the house. They wouldn't be watching it. So obviously since they are watching it and they are the ones to blame. Then which of them bought the TV so let me talk to him first.

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The Havana hotel You are the one you go and buy the thing you bring it you pay the cable television fellow every month to to to beam in all kinds of filth into your house. And then you blame the children because they watch TV. I mean, what's he supposed to do? make coffee and it'll reset. He's gonna play the hedges in front of the TV. What's he going to do?

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Please, my brothers understand this. Do not create traps for yourself. You create a trap for self the number one person who's going to be caught in that trap of yourself.

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clean the house, clean your house.

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Clean your homes, clean yourself. And you will find automatically that the Cheerio children will automatically have survived because they are coming out from a pure environment. Please understand, Allah subhanho wa Taala does not accept adulterated stuff. Allah does not accept a virtue with a sin Allah does not accept a valid visa Haram. We are not doing Allah subhanho any favor whatsoever if we think by doing some virtue, some good thing, anything good you do is for yourself.

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Not for Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah Allah is free Allah subhanaw taala is free from all needs and all wants including whatever using you are giving you

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clean your homes, clean your society clean your yourself

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and that is the beginning of Serbia inshallah, every day we will talk about different aspects of Serbia. But I thought let us begin with the with where it all started which is which is with ourselves was Allah Allah Allah will carry while Ali was savage mine, Veronica