Why are Non Muslims not Allowed to Join ‘s School

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My name is David. I'm studying in sixth standard. My question is why non Muslim children are not longing in new schools to join, that can learn Arabic and became simple. They can learn Arabic and become Muslims also Alhamdulillah. young brother David, is nine years old asking the question, Why are non Muslim children not allowed to enter your school so that they can learn Arabic? And they can accept Islam?

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Difficult question to me, I'm one of the most difficult questions.

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whether our school Islamic International School,

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it's a school

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that is mainly talking about the formula education, and Islamic education. We don't want to make our school as a conversion center. Because children entering at a very small age, we don't want people to say that is our getting enrolling people are six years old and nine years old, and forcing them to accept Islam. What we'd like to say that if your parents are convinced

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about the faith, of this religion, and if they want to put you in the school, we have no problem. But a child himself comes, mela give you that I can pray. I cannot say that a child cannot accept Islam. It's wrong. He can. But what I would like to say that if your parents come and have the right to follow the rules and regulation of the school, then we have no problem in accepting you. So ask your parents to come to a school and the rules and regulations that are there. There are many rules and regulations as long as they do not mind following the rules and regulation, attending our lectures leaving the Quran you want to learn Arabic you want to accept there's no problem see to it,

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that because you have to follow the law of the country also. Ask your parents let them come let them interact with the management and if they agree with the rules and regulations. inshallah inshallah I'm sure there will not be any problem especially you brother because there was a question to get in the school is difficult to get into Islamic International School, the more difficult but inshallah the question ask a parent to meet with a doctor and inshallah if they agree to follow the rules and regulations. Admission will be very easy inshallah for you, inshallah, Hope that answers the question.