Zakir Naik – Why did Allah create human beings knowing that most will go to Hell? Is not Allah Merciful?

Zakir Naik
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Why did Allah create human beings? When he was knowing that on the Day of Judgment, a large number of people will go to * tandem? Does it not raise the question on the mercy of Allah?

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Allah john booshka large number of people call Jana Madonna chata. Hi. does Allah purposely want to keep wanting to put a large number of people in *?

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No spill.

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The question is that, why did Allah create the human being then he knew that on the Day of Judgment, a large number we go to help. The human being is a unique and one of the best creation of Allah subhanaw taala. Unlike the other creations, all the other creations that submit the will to Allah subhanaw taala they obey, so why not 100% whether it be the trees, whether it be the stars, whether it be the sun, whether it be the animals, whether it be the birds, all of them are Muslim, they submit the will to Allah, Allah led to creations, the jinn and the men, the jinn and the human being. And the human being is a superior creation, that they have free will of their own.

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They can either obey Allah or they can disobey Allah. Now after free will is given, if a person obeyed the commandment of Allah subhanaw taala obey, then follow the Quran and say Howdy, he is far superior than a person who has no free will, and you obey the commands of Allah subhanaw taala. So a human being who had a choice of his own, had the free will to obey or disobey Allah subhanaw taala. And then, if

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he followed the commands, he's higher even than the angels, or the angels have no free will to disobey Allah subhanaw taala So, he has created a new creation.

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And when something you want something which is excelling, or have a higher quality, the chance of success rated, for example, if you appear for an examination of 10 standard, you find that most most of them pass when you go to bachelor's degree, yet much most of them passed, but lesser as compared to 10 standard. If you appear for an MBBS degree, the percentage of passing the exam is lesser than people passing the bachelors in arts or in science. If you go for MD or dm, that the doctorate of medicine, again, the percent of people who Chan who pass is less than the person of people who fail, because it's a very difficult examination. So you're also this is a test that we underway, and Alas,

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monetize the free will. It is not Allah who's purposely putting them in gentlemen giving them the option. In fact, Allah was merciful. And he says that you asked for forgiveness, I'll forgive you. And another one of the months that you asked for forgiveness, Allah will forgive you.

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If you do anything medicine, enlightened me hoping this in that would be as big as a mountain. If you ask for forgiveness and if you repent insha Allah, Allah will forgive you. But we human beings, we are ungrateful to Allah subhanaw taala we do a mistake, we ask for forgiveness, Allah forgives us and we go back to the sin. So this is the test we underway. And Allah says in the Quran in Surah Al Imran chap number three,

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what's the way the five that kola nuts in Zakat, every soul shall have a taste of that.

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And only those who are successful. Well, to achieve the objective of the life is those who enter Jannah this life is nothing but mere play enemies. Allah says in Surah Millichap number 57 was number two.

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I love the khaliqul mortal hatha, it does allow Skd death and life to test which I feel good in deeds. So this life is a test for the hereafter. Allah is most merciful. He's very kind. We are a unique creation, one of the best patient Allah subhanaw taala. We are undergoing a test. Imagine if in examination in a medical examination, a person writes the wrong answer. You can expect the teacher to say oh, I'm merciful, I will pass you. If the teacher passes. The people in the medical examination, what will they do when they pass instead of treating the patient they will start killing them. So you have to follow the rule even though merciful. You have to

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see what the result of the tests are and based on that test, if you pass you go to Jenna, if you fail, you go to Jana.

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Hope that answers the question.

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