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The history and success of Islam have been discussed, including the use of "hams" and "will" of Islam to motivate people to do things and the importance of choosing the right actions to bring out the best results. The use of shams and shiny culture in the past, including the use of shams for political gain and the use of sh matter in sh matter has led to a culture of fear and discomfort. Prayer and gratitude are emphasized as fundamental parts of life, and practical tips for gratitude and gratitude behavior are provided. The importance of realizing one's weight is a reflection of one's actions to increase one's sugar and spend time in these ways. Prayer and gratitude are emphasized as fundamental parts of life, and one should practice gratitude and receive wealth for one's life.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah Allah De Anza Allah Azza hiskey taba Allah Masha Allah who

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will hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah Hilary lemelin samulet one Aamir Khan Allahu Ahad what hamdulillah

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from Alhamdulillah no matter who when I start a new one, Estelle Pharaoh when I wrote the villa Himanshu Rory unforseen a woman say Dr. Medina, Mejia de la Vela Mandala woman got the little fella had the Ala Wai shadow en la ilaha illa la wahoo la sharika wa shadow Mohammedan Abdullah pseudo salatu wa he was Salam ra I by the law called Allahu taala for the Kitab al Karim Allah administrate on the regime.

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When you do exaro home Shakira in about

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it please,

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the curse of devil

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The one who his goal in life is to pull us away from this rotten Muslim theme. The one who derives pleasure from us, disobeying our Lord and our Creator, our sustainer the beloved Allah subhana wa tada and the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim, at least the one who wants to pull us down

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has a very interesting story and some of us might know this story. Some of us might be familiar with it. But regardless of the level of understanding or have knowledge of obese today's hold by is going to serve as a reminder inshallah as the last one which Allah says remind, because reminder is of benefit to the believers, right? We might know things we might understand things but being reminded is very important.

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It believes has a very interesting story.

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It blees has free will, or had free will has free will just like us. And in sweat gin, the met the mankind and jinn have freewill, they have the ability to decide whether or not they want to do right or wrong. Allah subhanaw taala gave us this as a privilege, you have the ability to decide if you want to pray the hood. Or if you don't want to pray the hood, you have the ability to decide if you want to eat halal, or if you want to eat hot, um, you have the ability to decide if you want to do a hot or hot action, you have the ability to do so. But realize one thing as Allah prasada teaches us that on the Day of Judgment, we're gonna have to turn in a resume of the things that we did in our

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life, or the choices that we made. And we're gonna have to answer for the choices that we made.

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And so it pleases like us, he had the ability to choose what he wants to do right or wrong. The angels the meta, on the other hand, were created to worship Allah subhanaw taala. They don't have a choice. They weren't built with the innate ability to choose, should I or should I not their goal, their mission in life is to praise and worship god alone. And that's what they do. You know, that feeling that you get when you're really thirsty and you drink a nice cold glass of water. Or when you're at that $1 wedding and you take a bite of that sweet glob, gentlemen, you know that that feeling you get it just, it's so good, you're really hungry and you get food in your stomach, or you

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you know, you're clocking out of work or you leave the school day you're done with your classes for the day you finish your final exams, those feelings of euphoria. That is the feeling that angels get when they worship Allah, the feelings of happiness that we get when we get something that we want, when we are able to sleep in on a Saturday. Those are the feelings that the angels get when they worship Allah subhanaw taala. That's why he was adding him a lot. He says that the goal for the human being is to reach the level of the angels in the sense that when the human being worships Allah, it puts a smile on his or her face. When the human being praises a lot. It puts sweetness in

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the heart of the believer.

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But shaytaan, or at least as he was known before, did not have this personality.

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But it bleeds interestingly enough, used to be one of the highest worshipers of Allah subhanaw taala. He was a superstar. I was gonna say LeBron James, but I know where I'm at. He's Kobe, right?

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Can't talk to him a little bit. But anyways, so he's Kobe Bryant.

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He's amazing, right? Not as good as Derrick Rose. May Allah guide them to Islam. I mean, but he's amazing. He was incredible. It was a worshiper, he was an iPad. And it was interesting to note that because of his ability to choose, if he makes the right decision, he gets more points. The angels don't have a choice. All the actions they do, that's how they're built. But if someone has the choice to do right or wrong, and they choose the right that's plus points for them.

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So it police used to hang out with the angels because the angels have the top of praise of Allah spawn Tada, but at least was so good that he was able to kick it with the angels. Kind of like how when they have summer camps,

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For all you know for like UCLA or USC, all the basketball teams and professional players will come through and they'll pick out some players. Hey, come play with us at our summer camp. Kobe says Colby comes in completely my summer camp. You're that good. You can hang out with the professionals. That's how it pleases relationship was with the angels.

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And one moment in time Allah subhanaw taala fulfilled his plan in the local food, to create our father Adam Elisa, to create our father the first of all the prophets, the first of all mankind, Adam, Allah subhanaw taala fulfilled this plan

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and shade in obliques didn't like that.

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Allah subhanaw taala he created Adam. And he said, he said to bow he commanded the melodica in the Quran, he says, He commanded them all to bow for Sasha do Illa beliefs, and they all bow except for Iblees.

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You might be saying, well, Allah says what is good, and I live in Malacca. And I said to the angels, but at least wasn't an angel. But like we said before, because he was at that level, the angels he's included in that group.

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For such elaborate beliefs, they all bowed except for obliques. And Allah subhanaw taala says that, please, why have you not done what I've commanded you to do? Why haven't you bowed to Adam, when I told you about, by the way, this session was not of worship. It wasn't necessarily My bad. It was a sense of respect.

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And so he commanded him, but he said, No, he said, I'm better than him. And if I don't miss out on him and not will fall off to human clean, I'm better than him. You created me from fire and you made it from clay, the first instance of racism ever to have existed on this earth.

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It believes that I'm better than him.

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And then the last one, I thought I said, here's the magic key. Imagine this, we read the story like it's like it's folktales imagine disobeying Allah subhanaw taala directly to his face. gendo Allah shaitan is literally in the presence of God. And he says, No.

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It's a whole different ballgame. When your parents say clean your room. Or your boss says come into work a little bit early. It's a whole saying no to them is a whole different ballgame than Allah spawn tada saying, bow and you say no. That takes a lot of arrogance. To say no to your Creator.

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And so shaitan says no, Allah spawn Tada. Then after a conversation says you are cursed.

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You are cursed. You are at a regime you are shaitan the regime. Interesting thing happens next.

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shaitan says he turns to ease you know, he raises his his hands when he asks Allah subhanaw taala he makes a request. What do we call a request in Arabic language when someone makes a request to Allah we call that a de la right? He makes drop to Allah spawn Tada.

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He says, make me amongst the Monday ring or give me a give me light. Give me life until the Day of Resurrection. And Allah Allah says Allah in luck, I mean, when you get what you want, some of us feel sometimes like we commit too many mistakes. We make too many sins. There's no way Allah will answer our draw. But look at shaytaan he directly disobeyed a lot and then instantly after what did he do? He asked Allah, Allah for something and what Allah do Allah granted his the right instead in nicomedia mandoline no one is too far away from Allah subhanaw taala to ask for anything. No one if shaitan can do it, you can do it and a little answer there. Ah, moving on. He said Carla and Camilla

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Mondrian. And then shaitan after this, after he gets what he wants, he makes a challenge to Allah subhanaw taala and the challenge that he makes is the topic of today's called the

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shaitan tells Allah you know this creation that you created these human beings, the ones that I'm better than he says filma it now whom just barely I'm going to come to them. Min benei ad him and translations min. benei at him is translated as in front of them, but this is incorrect translation. Min benei ad he means from between their hands. Someone can stand in front of you and it's not offensive. Someone can stand at a healthy distance in front of you and you will feel comfortable but if someone gets between your hands that's grounds for a fight that's serious, like back off I don't know you that much. Right? So shaitan is threatening us in the hula do when we're being barely to

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you he's a he's an enemy. He's a clear enemy. He's threatening each and every one of you who says I'm going to get in your face. Man baney at him, women fighting for him behind them well I'm a mad at him why insha Allah him? He says in on him from behind them and on the right and on their left. And then he makes the challenge to Allah spawn Tada. He says, Well as you do extra home shack eating. And Oh Allah, you will not find a lot of them will be grateful to you.

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The topic of today is called by brothers and sisters is being grateful to Allah subhanaw taala. Why, even though it seems like a simple topic, because this is the mode. This is the method by which shaitan is going to attack us. He already laid it out for us. He told us that his goal is to make us not grateful.

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His goal is to make us reject Allah subhanaw taala his blessings by not being grateful to him. If I asked anyone in this room, what is the worst sin a human being can commit? The answer everyone would give would would be shift. Everyone would say that should of course giving anything else the same level as a less violent Tada. And by the way, when I say schicke everyone instantly thinks of rocks and stones and animals and worshipping different you don't have to worship a rock or a stone to commit Showtek there are other kinds of idols right? Money can be an idol. Video games can be an idol. cars can be an idol, American Idol, right. There are a lot of different idols that we can

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sacrifice our relationship with Allah May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from ever thinking this for their sake. I'm not gonna worship Allah because I'm just so in love with money, man, I just got to get that green money over everything, money over everything. Allah says Allah, he has the highest amount he's not over everything.

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And she bluepay says God over everything. Anyways, moving on. So

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he says I'm going to make them ungrateful. That's his goal. And Allah subhanaw taala tells us something interesting. In the Quran, Allah Spano, tala says whether in Chicago as either knuckle in Chicago as either knuckle he says that if you thank those who are thankful, we'll get more. Allah says if you are thankful, then I'll grant you more. What's the opposite of gratitude is being ungrateful. So the I event is going to complete this whole statement and you're expecting to hear if you're not grateful, then you won't get anything more right logical statement. If you are grateful, you will get more if you are not grateful, you won't get more. But you know what Allah tala

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completes the statement with and hakima last month was the most wise he says well in Chicago to him that is either nutcombe whether in Feltham in the law, fabula chedid. He says, and if you reject, if you commit kofod then verily my punishment is great.

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Allah subhanaw taala is saying that if you are grateful, you'll get what you want. But if you reject very interesting, what is the opposite of kofoed is a man

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and so the scholars the commentators have come on they say that a man having belief in Allah is being grateful to Allah spawn Tada.

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And we know that our purpose in life on this earth will not hold up cool. Gina will insert Illa Leah will do is to worship Allah. Thus the commentators say if you want to worship Allah, Your Worship has to be rooted, the hustle, the foundation of your data has to be in sugar, in gratitude. And if you think about it, brothers and sisters, it makes perfect sense. It makes perfect sense. I run a youth group in Knoxville, Tennessee. I'm a youth director in Knoxville, Tennessee, and kids come to me all the time. But I don't want to pray. I don't like praying. It's too hard. I don't like doing this. And you can yell at them. You can tell them you're gonna go to hell fire. You can say whatever

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you want. But you know what works the most what I found out what works the most is when you tell them? Did you wake up this morning with eyesight? Yeah. Did you go to class in your car? The one that your parents bought you? Yeah, I went to class in my car. Were you able to buy lunch and eat it without any sort of like medical issues? Yeah, I was fine. So today was pretty good, huh? Yeah. Hello is good. So why don't you pray that a lot of thinking?

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Sometimes we use prayer as a means to scare kids, or is it mean that not even kids I'm sorry to scare anyone pray otherwise you're going to hell? Right? That's not the that's not the prophetic way. The Prophet Mohammed Sol Sol. And he made prayer sweet on people. So when they heard the event from VLAN, or the long run, they got excited because they're like, it's my time to thank Allah. And so if we find it difficult to pray to get up for it, and pray fudger and we're laying in bed, and we want to hit the snooze button. Remember, if you hit the snooze button, you might be hitting the snooze button on all of your blessings that day. You might not get those blessings that day, after

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you wake up from sleeping in past fetcher. What if you wake up and you can't see anymore? Can you imagine never ever seeing your mother or father? or hearing some of the kids are like yes.

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But can you imagine never hearing the sweet voice of your mother or hearing called on being recited? Or enjoying these beautiful days? in sunny Southern California that most other places consider a spring or summer and you guys still call this winter?

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Can you imagine not enjoying this? If Allah subhanaw taala just removed one blessing from our lives, we would not be able to enjoy these things. And so that reason in and of itself, the blessings that he gave us, is enough for us to worship him.

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How much do we thank him? The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam teaches us in a very interesting Hadith, how we think Allah subhanaw taala and why we think him and how much the Prophet Muhammad SAW sent him as we all know as my assume he didn't commit any sins or any mistakes. when he was younger, his heart was cleaned his heart was cleansed by the angels. I used to sit down

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He was someone who had what Nikita Allah who can have him that he had perfect character. He was a very Subhan Allah Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad you read his story, you just fall in love with him. And then second clip is going to be about the Prophet Mohammed Salah.

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And one time, as was his habit, as was his practice, he got up in the middle of the nights afraid to hedgerow to Allah subhanaw taala. He got up in the middle of the night to pray.

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And this teaches us the foundation of our prayer. And he was praying so much. He was praying so much that his feet began to swell and his heels began to start kind of like cracking you guys ever seen someone's heels when they're cracked because of the dry the dryness. So his heels began to crack. His wife, Ayesha will do a lot more on how our mother was there. And she was witnessing this. And she saw him praying to the point where it was hurting his body. And just like any other person who loves you, when they see you harming yourself, they're gonna say, What are you doing? Stop it, you know, when all the guys try to carry in all the grocery bags in one trip, right? Your mom or your

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wife is like, stop, stop, you're gonna hurt your back again. And be like, No, I'm a macho man. Right? So you're trying to like show off. But anyone who loves you, you know, fathers, they see their son doing something, lifting weights, stop, you're going to hurt yourself. Whenever someone loves you. And they see you doing something that is a little bit stressful on your body. They tell you to stop because they can't bear to see the pain on you because they love you so much. We see the love between the wife of the Prophet Muhammad SAW them and the prophet SAW. We see their love. So she tells him Stop. Stop praying. Aren't you already like given genda? Aren't you already going to

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Agenda we're the ones that have to be praying. We're the ones that just stand in the night and ask Allah for forgiveness. We are those people. You are a prophet. You've already done your work. You're guaranteed gentlemen.

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The Prophet Mohammed Salim looks at his wife, with loving eyes and a smile and says is this is this the case? I'm going to genda for sure. She was Yes, this is what you've taught us that all MBA are going to Jenna. He goes flr akuna optin shokudo. He goes, if this is the case, if what you're saying is true, that I'm going to be going to Jenna, then should not be a thankful slave.

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Doesn't it make sense that I thank Allah for this? This is the essence of our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala if we honestly think about it, and we take a pen and a paper today after Juma and we write down all of the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala give us then think about this statement. flr akuna abdon shockula should we not be slaves that are thankful to Allah subhanaw taala asked Allah to make us amongst those who are thankful to him and whose relationship with Allah subhana wa tada is rooted in sugar is rooted in thankfulness and rooted in gratitude, because only through that we truly appreciate to our level what Allah subhanaw taala has given us a Kali Kali had

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our stuff for Allah highly welcome when he signed in Muslim or Muslim at festa. Peru in order for him.

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And hamdulillah hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam Allah emammal, MBA with mousseline satana. Mohammed and Habib while he was a happy woman to be our home BSN and Elijah Medina, la Madonna men whom I mean.

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So now that we've talked about how shellcode is something that's very important in our life, and how prayer should be rooted in sugar, there are some other practical tips you might be sitting here saying, okay, big white man. You've told us now that we should be grateful. What are some ways that I can go home today on a Friday with my family and my friends and my co workers and become a Shakir? Someone who was thankful there are a couple of tips of the Prophet Mohammed will send them taught us the first tip to become grateful to Allah subhanaw taala Jalla wa Allah is in a Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad wa sallam he says menlyn manlam Yesh guru NASS. Let me ask her a lot. Omar Carlos

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who lost a lot of Salaam. He says those people who do not think and Nast humanity, mankind, people around them will not be thankful to Allah subhanaw taala. This is a beautiful spiritual statement. But this is also an intense psychological discussion. The Prophet Mohammed says Adam is teaching us two things here. Number one, he's saying is thank people, thank people, right? He's saying be someone who when someone does something for you, you turn to them. And you don't say, yeah, you should have. Right. You turn to them and you say thanks. I appreciate that. And you know what the biggest victims of lack of gratitude are the ones that are closest to us. How interesting is that?

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You know, a waitress will come to your table when you're at dinner, and she'll give you a glass of water. And you're like, thank you so much. I'll tip you more today. Right? Your wife comes and does the same thing. And you're like, it's too It's too warm. I need ice. Right? are the ones that are closest to us are the ones that suffer from our lack of gratitude. When it doesn't make sense. The ones that are closest to us should get the most gratefulness from us the most gratitude you know your son comes home from it. We know with an exam he gets a 98% Mashallah, instead of saying where the other 2% go, right

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You say Mashallah 90% awesome, give him a hug. I'm so proud of you, thank you for studying and doing well. You know what's interesting, if you think the ones you love, for the things that you love them to do for you, you'll never have to ask them to do anything in your life ever again. Because when people love you, they want to do things that will make you happy. So if you thank your kids for getting good grades, you're never going to have to tell them to study again. Because they're going to be like, I remember that one day that Baba and mom are a boon on me or Mom and Dad, I remember that one day that they made me feel so good in my heart for getting that good grade. I'm going to do

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it again. I'm going to do it again. You'll never have to tell them do this, do that. All you do is say thank you. Thank you so much.

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So the Prophet Muhammad salsa teaches us number one to thank people. Number two, and this is a very, very interesting point. This is deep, so So get your life jackets on. He says, my lemon sugar National School of Law. He says that if you don't think people, you won't be thankful for last pantalla he's teaching us basic psychology. He's teaching us that the things that you do as a habit, the habits that you develop amongst other people, amongst the relationships you have with your fellow men and women on this earth. He's saying that these relationships or these habits will extend to your Creator and our Creator and our nurture and sustainer Allah subhanaw taala. So if we have an

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issue of being ungrateful to people, guess what that might extend to our relationship with Allah Spano Tata, if we're lazy, and if we procrastinate with with fulfilling our promises with people or appointments with people guess what that might extend to your relationship with Allah Subhana.

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So he's teaching us that the way you act in your private life will extend to your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala. In that relationship, it's very important to realize that extremely important to realize that the second way to increase your sugar The first is to thank people around you. The second way to increase your sugar is to spend this is one of my one of my shoes. May Allah protect him should have the Nasr agenda on my teachers. He taught me something very interesting. I was praying Normally, you know how we all prayed from the law. And I said, You know, I read about in these books, all these great scholars and these great Muslims, they talked about they tasted the

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sweetness and prayer. Right. They have like this this like this Helier to sell out like they have like sweetness in their prayer. How can I get that sweetness and prayer

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and shake up? The Nasir told me because he teaches a class meaningful prayer. I'm sure it's been here. He said, spend some extra time in such depth with your face on the ground. Because think about it this way. What is the most honorable part of your body? Someone could punch you in the arm and you wouldn't care. But if someone touches your face, right, that's serious. That's business. So he's saying you're taking your face, the most honorable. And for some people in the room, me included the most beautiful part of your body. Right? And you're putting it on the ground. And you're saying what? Some hon little bit. You're putting your face on the lowest part of the ground, and you're

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saying who is the highest Suhana Robbie, how perfect is my lord the highest? So he says if you really want to taste the sweetness of a man and sugar, he's saying spend my share of the Nasir told me spend 30 seconds extra in such that normally we go down spiral de la la, la la la, la la about a lot. He's saying no say some Hammurabi, Allah Subhana, Allah, Allah Subhana, Allah, Allah, and then just breathe. In that position. It's not haram to spend time and

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breathe and then just say, Oh Allah, thank you. Oh, Allah 100 Allah, all praise be to you. The one who gives me everything gives me life gives me helped me well spend time and then you'll taste that sweetness and prayer. The third tip we're going to wrap up before but with this tip in sha Allah

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is to realize the goodness that we have over other people subhana wa, there is no one on this earth, who does not have it better than someone else. And that might logically not make sense. But realize that we all live different lives with different variables. And maybe someone has a million dollars, but they are stuck in a wheelchair and they can't use a single penny of it for while they want. And maybe someone is very poor, they live paycheck to paycheck, but their body is perfectly healthy. Everyone has an advantage over someone else in the way that we think of advantages. And so whenever the human beings have had a lot of incentive, they say it comes from the reward and this yen which

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means to forget. So human beings have a tendency to forget the good things that we have. We have a tendency to forget whenever anything bad happens Subhanallah I bought a Toyota Camry, right. And I loved it my first car that I bought on my own, I drove it out of the parking lot. And I was like feeling good. You know, I had the sunroof moves. I was like leaned back in my car a little bit had the steering wheel up and I was like this car is fly humbler? My wife's gonna love this. And then instantly like literally as I'm pulling out of the parking lot of the Toyota dealership, I see an Audi S for drive by like my my car stinks.

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I want to Audi right. And I just bought this car and I was like so excited. Human beings have a

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tendency to forget the goodness that we have. Well law had all been like four seconds after I just signed the paperwork. I wanted a new car.

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It's very strange. And so it's it's important the Prophet Mohamed Salah Simon says, when you see people in Deen or when you feel like your content in your deen, look at those people who are above you who pray federa at the masjid, who donate sadaqa who are good to their families good to their wives and parents and kids. But when you see people in dunya, and you begin to get jealous of the people in dunya look at those people who don't have as much as you and this is an instant if there's such thing as a sugar pill. That's what it is. As a sugar shot like an injection that's just gonna give you automatic gratitude. That's what it is. Look at those people who don't have as much as you

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will I don't need to elaborate that is the end of this clip by Chawla. I asked Allah spawn tada to allow us to practice what has been said and heard. I ask Allah spawn tada to give all of us health and happiness and good wealth for his sake in this life as well as our loved ones and ask Allah Allah to join us all in Jenna with our families, be lady sad with no accountability and ask Allah, Allah to make us all join each other on set Altima. zakim in the law, how am I get to who you saw lunarlon nebby Yeah, you are letting me know sallu alayhi wa sallam with us NEMA Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Radha Ali Mohammed came out so later Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim in naka hamidah Majeed Allahumma

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barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Kamau Bell Dr. Ana Ibrahim

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Ibrahim in naka hamidah Majeed in the La Jolla moto bit oddly when we say that goodbye when Han in fashion foshay will include a bevy you already know Camilla undercounter karoun, aka masala