Zakir Naik – 15 Point Action Plan for the Muslim Ummah when Someone Insults Prophet Muhammad PBUH or Indulges in Islamic Blasphemy

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker delivers a message on the 15point action plan for the Muslim umorness, emphasizing the need for individuals to address the systemic issues of Islam, including terrorism, before they cause harm. The message includes a brief explanation of the actions the Muslim should take when someone insults their honor, including apologizing for their actions and not reply to anyone's statement. The message also emphasizes the importance of avoiding evil behavior and not coming across any negative comments or actions.
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The second message

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that I want to deliver before we throw the floor open for an open question session is

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that 15 Point action plan for the Muslim ummah, when someone insults Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him or indulges in Islamic blasphemy.

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I will not be repeating what I spoke last week, last Saturday in the last session

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about what was done in France, including

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the act of President Emmanuel Macron. of France. I will not be repeating that, and given

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a short message of 24 minutes last Saturday in that message.

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I did say

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that what President Emmanuel Macron said that Islam is in crisis all over the world. He got it wrong. It is actually Islam has the solution for the cases all over the world. And

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I requested that

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if you hear my talk, Islam, the solution for the problems of humanity, it will clarify all questions, and even my talk on is terrorism a Muslim monopoly? It will reply to the allegations of President Macron that Islam is a radical religion, and Islam is the religion of terrorism, if we get the details, I also mentioned in the last session

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that regarding what Muslims should do, they should listen to my answer, which I gave in 2006 Regarding the Danish cartoons, the Jalan pastan newspaper in Denmark, which had given caricatures 12 cartoons of a beloved Prophet Musa al salaam, but because I got so many requests

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from the viewers, that I should repeat the reply and but natural sin that reply was in 2006.

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That's about nine years ago. Today, I thought of giving a short message on the 15 point action plan for the Muslim ummah, when someone insults Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, or indulgence in Islamic blasphemy. If someone

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speaks against Allah subhanaw taala, against the Quran against Islam. So this answer is a brief regarding the 15 actions that the Muslim should take. It's not only focused or localized to what's happening in France, it includes that, but this is a general answer on 15 actions that the Muslim should take this answer of mine will just be touching on the highlights of the 15 points, I will not be going through the details, because there's a question answer session, each action or each point in detail can be spoken for an hour or more, it requires a lecture. So this will be just touching the salient features of the 15 actions that move to to take and it will be specifically on this

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topic. I will not be discussing about the general variety that all Muslims should do, that we Muslims should be good examples to the non Muslims, that we should be honest, we should be kind, we should be merciful. We should be humble, we should be helping all this is spoken by me in detail in other various lectures of mine. So today, I'll be hitting the nail on the head, only speaking specifically, of the 15 actions that the Muslim ummah should take when someone insults the Prophet, or someone indulgence in Islamic blasphemy. The first

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action whenever someone reads an article against a prophet or sees a sketch, or a cartoon, insulting a beloved partner, Salah Salem, we should follow the Hadith of the Prophet Musa al salaam, our beloved Prophet Muhammad Salah someone said, especially it's a Muslim.

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Why not one Hadith number 177 That the Beloved Prophet Musa Lawson said that, if you see any evil action, you should change it with your hand. That means you take an action against it.

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If you cannot,

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then do it with your tongue. That is by speaking, if you cannot,

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then do it with your heart. That means hate that act and agree it is wrong, then you will be the lowest level of moment, the lowest level of a believer.

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So the least a Muslim can do whenever he does

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Any derogatory remarks against a prophet, or any caricature or any cartoon against the Prophet and insult against the Prophet, any blasphemy against Islam, the least he can do is condemn it immediately in his heart.

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And agreed that what is done is wrong. This is the least anyone can do today.

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After the society has advanced, we find many Muslims have got so much westernized and I've started agreeing with the freedom of expression, that many a time when someone insults the Prophet, you don't even bat an eyelid. As nothing has happened. Oh, there's a freedom of speech. Today's world is you know, it's a global village and the freedom of speech that someone was trying to tell the Prophet, no problem, a moment, a true moment. Whenever he hears any insults, the least he can do is condemn that act in his heart. So number one that any Muslim should do whenever he comes across any blasphemy against Islam, any insult against the prophet is condemn that and agree it is wrong, then

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only can you go ahead with the other steps. If you don't condemn it, if you don't hit that thing in your heart. If you don't agree it is wrong, then how will you be able to reply or to take the other steps? So number one, is you have to condemn that act in your heart.

Part 1 – Introduction & Condemning the Act in the Heart

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