How to Quit Listening to Music

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Read the last question from Marva Kabul, Afghanistan, how can I quit listening to music as I'm addicted to it?

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Regarding how can you quit music? The best I can think is that if you hear the clear wrath

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of the beautiful of the wonderful Quran that we have in the world, when they recite the Quran,

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the the peace of mind, the Sakina the sukoon that you get is multiple times then hearing any music, whether it be rock music, pop music, any music, I don't know what type of music but if you hear the carrot of maybe shake saw the shrimp, or shake up the monster dish, or or shake a fussy, beautiful carrot, there are many shake could be many, many Karate, if you heard the way we recite the Quran, and the beautiful wife that ALLAH given them Alhamdulillah it brings tears to your eyes. And if you can understand the meaning nothing like it, I feel here they cannot along with the translation, which is available on the YouTube. We heard them it is beautiful. This is one of the best ways that

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once you start getting hooked on to it. No music can come anywhere close to it. The second thing that I can tell you is that you can listen to the Munchen the nasheed the Islamic nuship of those Islamic woodshed who who think without the musical instruments, you have example Mr. Bata then you have then become any of a song without the musical instrument. And mashallah the words Islamic it takes you towards Allah doesn't take you away from Allah. So, if you heard the machine of these, these famous woodshed, Inshallah, it may give you an alternative to the music irrespective whether you get ordinary to music or not. According to the majority of the scholars, listening to musical

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instruments and the music, it is haram and a beloved partner masala sallam said that that during the End of Times know when the world will come close to them. People will say alcohol, gambling and music is

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so, secret inshallah you stop it as soon as possible and get hooked on to the karate to the resolution of karate, and the Muslim mentioned to do without the musical instrument