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memorization today doesn't make us a better person. rote memorization has simply become yet another ritual. It lacks luster meaning depth and personal growth. Those who have memorized the Quran some of them share the same experience even after memorizing the whole thing. I don't feel content, I'm not happy with my relationship with my Creator, why hasn't the Quran made me a better person? And that leads you to the real question purpose of retaining the book of Allah subhanaw taala is with the ultimate goal of destination paradise. If you accept destination paradise as where you're headed, of course, you're going to naturally embody the speech, the actions, the thought processes

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of the people of paradise, it would lead you to a new level of self acceptance, self worth and contentment. Memorization is an age old tradition, you know that and it's a cornerstone of preserving the ultimate message from our Lord, You know it that the companions of the Prophet peace be upon him memorized, but they memorize different they understood it, they embodied it, and they lived it on a day to day basis. Did the Quran make them a better person? So how are we going to do that? And are we bringing memorization into the new world after so many people wanting to do this? How come a better system hasn't come? And I realized we need a new approach, a clean perspective on

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memorization, a path to retention that would create a better person, not just a memorize, how could we take people and create a better vessel number one, you know, we'll start with traditional routes, but we need modern techniques. We need teaching online and remotely allowing people to develop to return to health to gain emotional balance, a mentor curriculum. I've been developing this curriculum for over five years. And I'd like to say memorize mentor is the modern day meditation cave for self development, personal memorization, growth, and a personalized system through which you will see development, mental balance, physical fitness, and an ongoing spirituality. This is not

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a course, this is not a motivation. This isn't even a let's see how it turns out. This is a journey. This is destination paradise, knowing that retaining the book of Allah memorizing it would be part and parcel of the journey. I'm inviting you to take me as your mentor, to accept my team as you're on coach and prepare for the journey ahead. The curriculum is innovative, the self development and the personal growth parameters that are already set out are beyond probably what you're already planning for yourself. They're beyond that. But what you need to do now is click the link below. Know that we begin within the next 30 days, and that you have been a part of this. You've been

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training to prepare as long as you've known me and you know what I have been about and where I'm headed. Come join me for memorize mentor, my team and I are ready to go the distance not a year, not two, but till we memorize and retain the book of Allah. I look forward to being your guide on this journey. I'll see you as we continue through memorize mentor was set up on a go model from a doula