Whoever Works for Allah, Allah Protects and Honours Them

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Allah says in the Quran in surah Baqarah Chapter number two was the moon 43 that we have made you an Amati was a middle most community, adjusted the balance community, so that you may be a witness over the nation, and the messenger will be witnessed over you. Since the messenger Muhammad Salah Salem the last and final messenger gave us Muslims a message and we accepted it. Now it's our job. It's our duty that we should convey to the rest of the world.

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During the last about the last pilgrimage of

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the Beloved Prophet peace be upon him on the Sabbath day over 124,000 Saba, he had the message to you, and all of them that yes, Bishop, you delivered the message to us. The Prophet said, although the present year delivered to those who are not present here, it's our duty to convey the message of Islam to those who are unaware of it. I would like to ask you a simple question.

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One day, suppose

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you go out of your house, to the office

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and your neighbor

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without any reason, he abuses your mother.

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He uses foul language against your mother.

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When you come back home in the evening, and you come to know that your neighbor has abused your mother, use foul language against your mother. What will you do when you get back home? And you come to know that your neighbor without any reason? Without any cause? He's using foul language against your mother. He's abusing your mother calling bad names. When you get back home, what will you do?

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Hit him? What do you do?

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What will you do?

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Find him. What do you do?

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If your neighbor abuses your mother without any then use a foul language against your mother when you get back home? What do you do?

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Tell him find him.

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Break his neck.

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So many things we should fight them. We should tell him who should break his neck. We should hit him. Allah subhanaw taala is telling us in the Quran. In surah Maryam

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chapter number 19 Verse number 88 to 92 they're the Christian they are using foul language against Allah subhanho wa taala. They say Allah

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is the biggest abuse you can give to Allah. It is the most hideous thing you can say to Allah. Allah saying, Sorry, Maryam chapter 19 Verse number 88 to 92. That day, the non Muslims,

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the Christians,

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the other non Muslims, they

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are saying that Allah has begotten Son is the most hideous thing you can say to Allah.

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If the sky had feelings, the sky would bust open, the ultimate experience under the mountain would have fallen out water ruin. Allah said that if anyone says Allah is building a son, it is the biggest abuse you can give to Allah. In the sky head feeling the sky will burst open the earth to the splinters under the mountain would have fallen down toward the ruin. But to us Muslim, nothing is happening. We are sitting on the backside doing nothing.

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Every day our non Muslim friends, our non Muslim colleagues, our non Muslim people at work.

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our Christian brothers and sisters, our Hindu brothers and sisters, they are feeling alive.

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And we can't even open our mouth.

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When someone abuses my mother, I want to fight them. I want to hit him. I want to kill him every day.

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Our non Muslim friends, our non Muslim neighbors, our non Muslim colleagues, our non Muslim people at work. our Christian brothers and sisters are Hindu brothers and sisters. They are abusing Allah. And they're saying

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what are you afraid of?

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We save a lot more than our mother more than our father, someone. A mother. You want to fight him? You want to hit him. You want to kill him?

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Oh non Muslim friends every day they're abusing Allah. I'm not telling you fight them. I'm not telling you how to do them. I'm not telling you get them out in Islam. I'm only telling Open your mouth.

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Most of the Muslims are sitting on a backside doing nothing. What has happened to us

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What has happened to this?

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We save our love more than anyone in the world more than everyone in the world more than our children more than our mother more than our father, it is only lip service. namesake. Allah He

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more than more than more than ourselves. We will not sit on a box and do nothing.

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At least open your mouth.

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I think deliver the message.

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What are you afraid of?

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Unless crying in the Quran, they are saying

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Indeed, you have given the biggest abuse to Allah, it is the most in the thing you can say.

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If the sky had filled in the sky would have bust open, the ultra desperate asunder the mountains in the fall, not water when we say that mountains is the strongest thing if it had feelings. And if it came to know that someone has said that

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the mountain would have fallen down towards the ruin, but we Muslims, we are more harder than the rock. We are more harder than the mountain, nothing happening to our heart.

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It's a shame.

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We are afraid

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if I do, my non Muslim friend will become upset. They're more interested in keeping the friendship of their friend than the friendship of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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you have a misconception Actually, your non Muslim friend will respect you more.

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When I did our anywhere in the world, the non Muslim respect me in India.

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And whenever I travel, the non Muslim they respect me more when I go to the shop or Dr. Zaki like okay. We will not take money from

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when I'm going through the custom doctors, whatever we say he says, We cannot take his bags.

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We're not doing for discount. We aren't doing for freebies.

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They respect me so much that the population of England started loving me the government you're scared.

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My Prime Minister of India Modi, he got scared.

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This man is getting very popular being a Muslim.

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When we give lectures in India 100,000 200,000 500,000 1 million people live

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1 million people live not on the social media not on the television live.

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And when we give a talk in India, about 20% or 25% or non Muslim men 100,000 come to listen to my talk 20 25,000 A non Muslim when 1 million people come 200 to 250,000 a non Muslim imagine 200,000 non Muslim coming live

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in India.

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In Nigeria, we can't even

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that we the non Muslims in India love me more than the Muslims in Nigeria.

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The Hindu tells me in 40 years in the question answer session in 40 years of my life. I did not know what my religion what I learned in two hours with Dr. Zaki next week when non Muslim started accepting Islam. My Prime Minister Modi, his border bank was getting disrupted. So what does he do? He lives in allegation, doctors I can make it a terrorist.

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This is the power of Dawa.

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The people love the Prophet. When the Prophet did Dawa even enemies, they said

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when they went outside the town to give them wealth when the profit

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even though they were against this man, he would not

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be Muslim shouldn't be following the footsteps of the Prophet and

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believe me, whenever I go in other parts of the world and the Western countries

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when I when do you get to other parts? Again 25,000 People coming when the count gets large, the government gets a bit scared the government. So we are going to add on satellite social media. And believe me, whenever I meet non Muslim most of them not 100% But more than 95%

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the non Muslim their sin my lectures, they respect me. They love me.

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And many of them they accept the truth of Islam.

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In the politicians who say okay now is getting popular.

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So even in Malaysia, the people don't use the politician. therefore assume the politician in Malaysia

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the Hindus in Malaysia they love me.

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When I go to a doctor, he does not owe doctors I can hug him

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That's from you. I see your videos on YouTube.

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It is a politician in India and the politician non Muslims in Malaysia will have a problem with me

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because they cannot Face The Truth

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For The World Bank they have to malign so that they can go to bang

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and now Ramaswamy cannot afford to give me 1.5 2 million ringgit I cannot heal doing crowdfunding, crowdfunding. Imagine that 1.5 2 million Ringgit $320,000 383 million naira? Naira if he gets through the port Indian in Malaysia, it will be better

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with this money, have the board in Malaysia, why do you promise

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he made a mistake? I have nothing.

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I did it for the public who don't do it. Laying allegations against me calling me a Satan calling me a terrorist. The judge gave him a fine

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and now he's going begging for money.

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If you made a mistake, you should, why are you asking the other news to pay for you?

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I would want this money collection meme should be given to the poor Indians to uplift them in Malaysia.

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Not for the

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if you made a mistake up from your

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so we have a misconception that if you do Dawa, you will lose your friendship.

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You lose your business.

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You lose your house

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and even if you do, what is a better way than to give it in the way of Allah subhanaw taala

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what is better than that? Allah will give you seven anytime. And when my Prime Minister Modi when he laid allegation

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in 2016, seven years back, I did he did are from India to Malaysia

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and all my property all my well being among

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all sacrificed in the way of Allah. My family members did not even bat an eyelid

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they did not even frown. Imagine all this has been taken by the tougher because what better, better business dealings this imagine some time earthquake comes your house is gone. You do business you don't money in business. This all my friends my house is gone to the coffee because I'm in the

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business dealings this.

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Every night I used to pray in India, that Oh my Lord, Allah led my life and my recipe sacrifice for you. Allah heard Hawkman my wealth is gone for the me of Allah. Now I'm reading for the second half of the DUA, even in my life. I pray that may be murdered in the way of Allah