Struggle In The Way of Allah

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and then haven't really learned in the middle who want to stay in or who want to stock fuel. Let's talk fuel who went to LA he went to Villa Himanshu Rory and fusina women say you are Marina you Hello fellow Manila homie good lil fella. herdy Allah wa shared one ilaha illa Allah hula hula sharika Where shall we say Daniel Mohammed and Abu Who are you? Hello Eddie anomala Taku la hotdog Ducati how call to karate he will attend butanna 11 to Muslim Yeah, you can so taco Rob Bakula de la common FCO wahida wahala common has hojicha but that's the men who marry Jalan Cathy around one is what tabula hell lady tells me he will or harm in the law. Hi, Karen alikoum Rob.

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You Hello, Dina amla, Takuma wakulla Colin sadita your slate Come on. We all feel convenor welcome. One main three letter word Rasulullah, who for confessor 1000, all Lima and never do for now. stoeckel Hadith he Kitab la vaca. Ural had you had you Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or shallow moron to have a calamity that the timbira Bukola did attend Walla Walla wakulla dollar Latin for nor Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah he led he had no he had or mcinerny Natalia Lola and had no law Alhamdulillah Allah De Anza Allah Allah Abdi Hill keytab over lamea Allah who a wotja al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen All praises due to a law the Lord of all the words all praises due to Allah

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has guided us to this path and we would not have been able to guide ourselves why not Allah tala guided us. Allah has guided us and Allah has chosen us a lot to Allah mentions in the court anniversary referenced last week where he drew filet haco jihad. Watch the bear come when they're john Allah contadina him and her Raj, so struggle in the way of Allah. So, as you rightfully be the case he has chosen you.

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So a lot tireless has guided us.

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And we ask for further guidance every day when we pray and read the Fatiha Dino CRR Paul and stop him.

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So we already on the path if we're praying our salah and we read in the Fatiha. So when we say Dino Surat All Star team, we're praying for further guidance. We're praying for the path to be made smooth for us. We're praying that we remain on the path.

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So we've been guided and we've been chosen who has to back home he has chosen you.

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Military become Ibrahim he's chosen us for the path of Abraham and the path of Abraham is the path of tawheed is the path of monotheism. In a world that is always witness polytheism of various types. So the idols of our day and time. They're not necessarily idols of stone that people carve with their hand, even though there's a comeback for that sort of idolatry, but the idols the idol of the self. People are encouraged to worship themselves, to see no one no thing higher than themselves in their personal desires.

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And the people are encouraged to worship money, people are encouraged to worship material things so much so that if one lacks certain material, possessions they see the life is meaningless. material things do not define our lives should not define our lives. We should define the value of material things in our lives. And ultimately nothing should be so valuable that it enters into our hearts. We should divorce our hearts from

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The world with all of this world,

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not being unconcerned about the affairs of the world, not to be struggling to engage the world in the best of manners, but to have it divorced from our hearts so that we don't gain what we think we should gain from the world. If we don't possess what we think we should possess from the world, or if the world is given to us in abundant spirit, it doesn't become the object of our worship, we worship the Lord of the material thing, who has given it to us in the first place with greater fervor. And we've tried to fulfill the the the demands, that the creator of the material wealth has placed on our wealth, such as a cat, and sadhaka. charity. So we've been chosen to struggle with j.

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e, Bluefin Li, how could you he had he struggled in the way of Allah should rightfully be the case, who has tabacum his chosen you. In other words, we've been chosen for this struggle.

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So if you as a Muslim, if we as Muslims, people of faith in general find that our life is difficult, understand that we've been chosen for this difficulty, and we've been told what that love doesn't place on anyone a burden greater than they can bear. If you're struggling in your realm, whatever it might be, you might be a single mother struggling to raise your children against impossible odds. Understand that Allah subhana wa Taala has given you that chosen you for that struggle, because if you patiently persevere, and if you continue to sacrifice for the sake of those children, you're only elevating your place in gender, you're elevating your place in gender, and you're elevating the

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respect and esteem that people have you in the world. If you continue to be patient, and you continue to live a dignified existence, and you don't give in to the temptations all around you

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to give up or to compromise your values. Your esteem in the eyes of those around you in this world will grow and your status with Allah subhana wa Taala will grow and that's what we're living for. We're not living for this world. We're living in this world, and the world is a place of struggle. We've been deceived into believing some of us that this is a place of ease, why do I have it so hard? See, the question reveals that there's a misconception in terms of how we understand the world. Why do I have it so hard?

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As if we suppose to have it easy in the world.

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wishes Alhamdulillah that a loss of Hanwha to Allah has given me faith because why people are tested, according to their faith. And the most severely tested of all people were the prophets. Allah Silla. So the more difficult our test in the world, the closer we are to the prophetic McCombe.

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And the closer we are to the prophetic macom, the greater our faith. And so Allah is testing us as a recognition of our faith. So the people of ease and there are they're cruising along on the good ship lollipop, the people born with the silver spoon in their mouth. Right they have no character. You can probably think of already example. They have no virtue, because they haven't been confronted with the trials and tribulations of life that build character. They have not had to overcome the obstacles in life that establish virtue within a human being.

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with Jay Hindu, finais, haka, jihad is struggle in the way of Allah, but the struggle is for Allah, if we're struggling in isolation.

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And we divorce the struggle from our worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala, it can be overwhelming. But if we see our struggle, as a function of our worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala, then we know that struggle, as long as we patiently persevere is elevating our station is multiplying our reward exponentially,

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is multiplying our reward exponentially. And so we're tired we're told time and time again to just keep struggling. When a law makes us an offer. A business transact offers us a business transaction that will lead us to paradise. Yeah, you Hello, Dina Ave Hello

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kumala t gelatin tune g komen other than Aleem all you believers Shall I direct you to a commerce tiara hell Abdullah Kamala t gelatin tune g komen, Devin le, what is the investment? It's an investment all of us can make the T Jarrah of this world, the business of this world, most of us can't enter in. We don't have the necessary capital. We don't have the finances. But this transaction alone offers us we can all enter into it. So what is the investment took me an owner beenleigh he were one of suli really believe in Allah and His messenger. But to Jae Hee Duna feasts and be in the lobby and when he Kuma and fusi come then he can count on tala moon, and that you

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struggle in the way of Allah with your love with your wealth in your lives that is best for you if you bought new and so this offer

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comes with the or the investment rather to get the return. And this business is struggling what to Jay he is a billionaire to struggle against ourselves

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are the other other aka olufsen that he buy in a jam bake the most serious enemy you have? Is that self between your two sides? Because no one knows you like yourself. Therefore no one can mess you up like yourself. People walk around in circles they what happened I don't even know. Enough says you're smiling. That's why we rise above it. If we're trapped and the next Alicia Nia bear, he Mia, we will be messed up. So we have to refine and cultivate that enough so that it elevates and elevates and elevates until this is enough so Maria Nestle Kameelah nafsa rodya is the please contented so motmot in there is the pleasing soul the soul pleasing to God? Why because it submits

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and the submission. It might have been hard It might have involved struggle, but it brought amazing ease and the mind ussery Yusra difficulty brings ease, difficulty brings ease. And after a while we are we are we are are consumed

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by just knowing that we're dedicating our lives no matter how great the struggle to pursue the pleasure of God, the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala What do you do when law II who are at bar and the pleasure of Allah is the greatest thing that we can attain to along the internet Salah calorie Dhaka well Jenna when you pray first before you pray for the car, so I'm not discouraging you from praying for the car. I'm not discourage you discouraging you from for praying for the job. Praying for the promotion, praying for a better home and garden. But before you pray for the car before you pray for the job before you pray for the promotion before you pray for the better Home

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and Garden. pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala for his pleasure and Jenna Allah home and numbness Allah carry Dhaka well Jana, Allah we ask you for your pleasure in Paradise, and then pray for anything you want in the world. Because a lot Tyler will will will will will reward you will reward us for having our priorities in order.

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Because what does the home in the garden and the job in the promotion? The car? The yacht? The candle? What does all that mean? If we're on a path if we end up in hell?

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What does any of that mean if we end up in hell?

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Allahumma NSL carry Dhaka? Well, Jenna, yo Allah, we ask for your pleasure in paradise.

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This is a this is our first prayer.

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May Allah give us tofi but we have to struggle brothers and sisters. Don't look for ease. If if it comes, thank Allah. Don't and don't pray for difficulty.

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But if the difficulty comes because you pray for it, and it comes in it overwhelms you.

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That's not beyond the realm of possibilities. When it comes though, persevere. When it comes be fed patient when it comes no matter how hard the trial or the test. Don't compromise your dignity. Don't compromise your dignity and conclusion. Brothers and sisters. never see yourself as a victim.

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Now victimology is very popular these days.

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We don't even want to get on the James Brown pant plan because of it. So if you see yourself as a victim, then you just complain and wait for someone to come and change your condition. What does the law tell us in the Quran?

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In the law head now you may you may be a common hunter you how you rumanian fusi him, Allah will never change what is with the people until they change that which is with themselves. Allah is not going to send someone necessarily to come in, oh, I'm gonna make it better.

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No. And I said, We don't even want the James Brown plan. What is the James Brown plan, I don't want nobody to give me nothing, just open the door, I'll take it myself. We don't even want that. Just, if the doors not open, I'm going to kick it down

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and take it

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because maybe someone won't come along and open the door. No matter how hard we appeal to that good selves. Maybe shaytan is overwhelmed them in his appeal to their bad self, an open no door item to kick it down then.

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And to go back to last week, I'm going to prepare myself to the best of my ability to put myself in a position to kick the door down

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and get what I need from this life and i'm not i'm speaking figuratively people say you know, people go rob the bank, kick the bank door. Now take the money. You know what I'm talking about. I'm just for the sake of those people out there who y'all know what I'm talking about to you just devious. So brothers and sisters, strengthen yourself, strengthen yourself worked to do everything in your power to put yourself in a position to get what you need from this life and trust in Allah. See, and we have to stop here. Because we started late, I was blocked in someone parked in my driveway and left.

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there's no excuse to keep you here to three o'clock.

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But a final thing we can say is this. Brothers and sisters that

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we can't see ourselves struggling alone, we're talking about struggling

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because we as we said we're hooli upon insane as the Quran reminds us, the humans created weak. So if you're struggling alone, and you're not seeking the help of Allah, with a stand to fist and below when you seek help seek help from Allah, it can we can easily be overwhelmed because of our inherent weakness. But if we're relying on Allah and we're trusting in Allah, we're depleting our our fair to allow we're stress seeking our strength from Allah. And we're recognizing well a hola wala quwata illa Billah there's no strength or power itself with the law.

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If we recognize that, it will be easy. Every struggle we eat will be easy, because we're relying on the source of all strength and power. We're relying on the source who created every means. And Allah tala will put those means at our disposal.

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And we see it every day we see people we say how did that brother How did that sister end up there? Because they trust in Allah. They said Bismillah and they started kicking down doors, and their, their, their their kick was more powerful than the sum total of the muscles in their leg. If you know what I'm talking about, because Allah subhanho wa Taala was behind their cake. Allah subhanho wa Taala was behind that kick and they kick down doors and kick down doors and kick down doors until there was no obstacle in their path.

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So this is how we should approach life. Relying on a live we rely on online reliance and our trust is deep will find no obstacles able to keep us from the good things we want to do. akula Holly had their stock family welcome. Meaning your common stock through law.

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Stuff last. Last

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alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala CD mursaleen in Allah wa Milla Ikeda, who you saw lunala nadie Yeah, you Hello Dean Manu sadhana Riley he was heading Moo Taslima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam. tesni McCarthy era

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Brothers and sisters, this is a beautiful this we have a beautiful, beautiful religion. If you step back and look at it you'll be in awe

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because the perhaps the most beautiful thing about Islam

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is that it breaks it down as it is. The Quran doesn't try to delude us the Quran doesn't say life is is gonna be easy, and it's gonna be roses and crack crackers and cheese and fruit juice.

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The Quran doesn't say that the cron says, Well, I don't know when the condition men are hopeful do or not simulate and well we'll enforce with them all right. What is your Sabri that surely one of them no one will lie. I swear by God, we're going to test you with something of fear and hunger and loss of fruit lives and crops give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere Tabata Kennedy bat Hill milk

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condition Kadir and Lady Hala pal nota was

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the one who created life and death to test you which of your best indeed has evenness when you

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know, the people think there'll be left alone merely saying we believe in not be tested. The Quran lets us know upfront.

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And it lets us know that real human liberation doesn't come back via libertine behavior. Just do whatever you want. True liberation of the spirit

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comes through submitting

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and restraining oneself when the men have and the camaraderie and in however in agenda tarheel met were the one who fears the time they'll stand before their Lord.

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And they restrain their soul for the things that lust for,

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or client and clients For verily paradise will be their abode. And the people who pursue their lust, whether they end up they end up going crazy, they end up addicted to this and that and eventually committing suicide, they end up penniless because they pursue their lust and gamble the house when the life away, drank their house away in their life away, use drugs, Chase sex or whatever, until it ruin them.

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And then they had no real pleasure.

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They only have pain

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for us is the opposite we have pain and struggle and difficulty then we have on imaginable pleasure.

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unimaginable pleasure and it starts in this world.

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It starts in this world. Although feeling Muslim no one Muslim I mean no one here in Milan with Robin Ella to Z khudobin bodies head at now have learner Mila Dong Khurana and they can tell Wahab Robin I forgot no sobre Adana one soar now I live in caffeine. Allah Robin Africana. sobre akademin Athena muslimeen wife one hour Hannah and mo Nana fallen short and a little Omen Catherine Allah Herman and Ruby came in handy while hasn't one over the weekend Minal agassi well castle when he became in a juvenile hall whenever the became an galloped it they will come from a region alone looks similar and then has sciatica matter Ruby Bane and our main Amal seek woman thought it cannot

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be met by level nahi hai genetec wamena nama yo we know about dunya on that Tiana the SMS you know absorb you know what Tina? Hey Tina, where determina what you

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will attach that and Athena will attach Allah dunya baraha mina Mina

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Cavalia, your Harmonia, murrah Hamid wha wife one wokefield and our Hannah and Nolan iPhones jordanelle Omen caffine Yeah, Lady anomala takuan law well, Kunal now saw the pain and Nola mobile app they will send you eater even quarterback in here and in fact, Shay one more go to your buddy. Here the canal Tarun was Allah Allah say he didn't Mohammedan wala and he was happy he was an intern Sleeman kathira our chemists Allah, your honey we are hammock moolah.