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Moving on to the second issue, what does it actually mean? To catch a Salah within its time? What needs to happen in order for you to catch the Salah when it's time. So we have two opinions on this issue, the HANA fees and the humbleness. They said that as long as you catch that there could be a harm in the time in its valid time, then you have caught the seller. So as long as you catch that beautiful day, before the sunset, you have caught ourselves as long as you catch the beer too late. How long before the shadow hits is complete length you have caught the hopper as long as you catch the beauty later on. Before the sun rises. You have caught the budget prayer, right you said as long

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as you catch the could be on Iran, that is the Hanafi and the humbling method, opinion number two, the Maliki method and the Shafi method, Maliki method and the Shafi method. They said you have to catch one complete locker, meaning that they are on the road and the two sides does. If you catch the two such as then you have actually caught the whole locker and that is what it means to actually catch the Salah. That is what it means to actually catch the solar. These are the opinions amongst the mothership. When you look in terms of the tablet,

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and some of the Imams of Hadith, they had a third opinion they had a third opinion, which is as long as you catch neurocore then you have caught the Salah as long you have caught the rocor then you have caught the Salah, this is based upon the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that whoever catches the rocor then he has caught the Salah, then he has caught the Salah. now in this situation, what should you aim for? You should aim for the Maliki and Shafi method, meaning that try to catch the whole Raka. This is to be on the absolute safe side. Worst case scenario catches the quarterly haraam, and you're fine catch the birth of the Haram and you're fine. So this is like an

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absolute case of necessity, you want to try to leave as much you know time as you need to pray one Raka. And as the absolute minimum that needs to be done before the Select timing is over before the Select timing is over. Now, something that needs to be mentioned when you're not sure of the Scylla times itself. So for example, we're all out, you know, on a barbecue one day, and it's pretty cloudy and we start looking around and we start asking each other Hey, is the time for motive kicked in at the time for motive kicked in? Then you get this one person is like yes, the type of motive has kicked in. What Why do you feel that her mother was always just a feeling right? In this situation,

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you could not make the clear you cannot blindly follow someone that does not have certain knowledge, you can only blindly follow someone that does have certain knowledge. So what I would say is that in times of doubt, always take the safer approach in delaying the Salah always take the safer approach in delaying the Salah as long as the Salah itself doesn't run out. So rather than praying early and you know being doubtful, delay it and be on the safe side delayed and be on the safe side.

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Now, let us talk about prohibited and disliked times prohibited and disliked times. In the Sharia There are five times where Salah is prohibited or disliked. There are five times where the Salah is prohibited or disliked. Those five timings are after the fudger prayer until the sunrise after the fudger prayer until the sun has risen until the sun has risen number two during the sunrise itself till about 15 or 20 minutes afterwards till about 15 or 20 minutes afterwards. Number three, when the sun is at its absolute peak mean that there's a period of time about 15 to 20 minutes before the whole time where the sun is at its absolute peak, then that is a time that it is prohibited or

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disliked number four after the onset of prayer until the sunsets after the prayer until the sun sets and then number five, during the yellow period of the sunset during the yellow period of the sunset meaning so that time just shortly before the market of prayer, when you look at the different narrations that talk about times that are prohibited in times that are disliked, these are the five signs that you will find or dislike these are the five signs that you will find or disliked. Let us summarize this discussion. You should know of three particular times know of three particular times number one while the sun is rising number two while the sun is at its highest point and number

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three, that short period of time just before mclubbe these are out of the five times the three most important times where you should know that the Salah is disliked and in fact prohibited. The Salah is prohibited. What does it mean that the Salah is prohibited during these times.

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Number one is that if you have to pray afforded the prayer, it is permissible to pray within these times, but it is disliked to do so. So that's the first thing that it means. If you have a fourth prayer, it is permissible to pray during these times, but it is disliked. Number two is that if you have a knuffle prayer that has no reason behind it, then it should be avoided completely, it should be avoided completely. So for example, someone is praying Doha someone is just praying a regular knuffle prayer, then it should be avoided completely during these three times during these three times. Number three, is that if you have a reason to pray, then some of the scholars accepted it.

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And some of the scholars disliked it, some of the scholars accepted it, some of the scholars is selected. What does it mean? You have a reason to pray? So for example, you walk into the masjid, and you have quite a bit of time left till mcgard can you pray to here tell machines are not? Or for example, you just made Waldo, and it's one of the dislikes, times can you pray that prayer of the hospital will do of you know, enter into a state of will do or not difference of opinion, safer opinion is that don't get too close to the actual

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How do I phrase this in? I have it in my head, but I don't have to phrase it on my tongue. So the reason let's go into this, why is the are those three particular times prohibited or the strongest prohibition? Because that is the time when the people that worship the sun worship the sun, right? That when the sun is highest at its highest point, as the sun is setting in that yellow time period, and as the sun is rising, so to be different from the disbelievers and those that worship the sun, the prophets are Southern prohibited those prayers during that time during that time. Now, how about the other two times? Why are those times disliked those two other times are disliked so the time

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after us or prayer until the sunsets and the time after you pray fudger till the sun rises. Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wanted to give people a break. This is hard to fathom. But there are some people that would love to pray Salah all day long, and they wouldn't fulfill the rights of their wives, they wouldn't fulfill their own daily necessities. So the person had to force them to give them a break. So he made those times prohibited so that they will spend time at home and spend time with their families and do other things as well. That is why so the scholars mentioned that those two times are prohibited from after you pray the budget prior to the sunrises.

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And after that's a prayer to the sunset, that you shouldn't pray enough for the purse As for the other three times that we mentioned that that is directly related to the sun. And we should not be like the people that worship the sun during that time. So now, we said in summary that if you have a reason to pray during those times, then it is permissible to do so, however, particularly closer to the Muslim time, particularly very close to the zenith time, and particularly very close to the sunrise, it's probably better not to pray those prayers, it's probably better not to pray those prayers mean if you just wait a few minutes, then you can actually pray and there's no sin upon you,

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nor are you in a doubtful situation. So avoid those doubtful situations as much as you can. How about something like istikhara? This is the codified follow under a general knuffel prayer or is it a Salah of reasoning? It is a summer of reasoning. So for example, if you have a need to make istikhara and you want to make istikhara it is permissible to do so during that time. Any questions on the disliked timings? Any questions on the dislike timings? Go ahead.

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Let's see. Yeah.

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So according to the majority, they said no, you can't pray during the disliked time. However, when you look at the narrations of some of the Sahaba they actually did so themselves that they prayed in front of the Prophet Sunnah and possibly in taking care of them. So as soon as for budget, Allah knows best it is permissible to pray right after the budget prayer if you miss it. Well, la vida, Ibrahim.

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So you're praying Sunnah prayers? Or what are you praying? Exactly.

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So the sooner prayers. They're a part of the actual salary itself and you have a reason to do so. I would say as long as you're not extremely close to those deadlines, then you're fine. But don't get extremely close to those deadlines. Well, Ah, no. Yep.

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Yeah, if you missed it, but you made it to the very end.

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So give me an actual scenario. So you're just

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coming in to visit and then sir, missed what I'm not getting in the congregation or by yourself.

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So you, the man was at last? Yeah. So is it better? Okay, so this has nothing to do with the timing right? So when we discuss congregational prayer, we'll discuss it then inshallah. Yep.

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Soon after sunrise, not sooner he prays tulip eyes

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will be getting rewarded. Yes. So in this Hadees it's like you have to wait for 30 minutes after sunrise for making the

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Should we pay that to our guys after sunrise after delivers after sunrise? Yeah. So you should not pray at the sunrise itself. But 15 to 20 minutes after the sunrise. That is when the shuttle actually is Mullah Juana. Any other questions on this? Go ahead. I have been good on the topic.

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I woke up in the dislike time. Yeah. Yes. Do I just keep this

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So if you're very close to the sunrise, Yes, go ahead and pray your prayers only. However, if you have like 15 minutes or so, God and prayer centers and prayer for itself? That's perfectly fine. What

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was the one of the photos of the times was like, What? What is that? So the ones we need to choose from after you pray till the sunsets. And then you have where the sun is just about to set. So meaning is has no setting?

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Well, we differentiated between those two, because one deposit son wants to give a break to the orbit. And because you're constantly worshiping and the second one is because the prohibition of not being like the disbelievers. So that's why those two different prohibitions are there. Yeah.

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Yeah, in this position, so now before, but and then I paid but and then after that, right away, should I start or wait and then so this is what the brother was asking. But my question is that we can is preferred like right right up first finishing the first prayer, I should I should have started sooner or I'm waiting for that too soon.

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after sunrise, and then I will break. So I would say if you have a particular mother, follow what your mother says. If you don't have a particular method, then it seems that it's perfectly fine to pray it's not a problem in sha Allah one

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last discussion that I want to have with you for tonight, as you know, we have quite a bit of time, we have quite a bit of time so there's not gonna be less discussion.

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So the next discussion I want to have with you for today is the issue of

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what to do in winters and summer times in our situation of Calgary and our situation of Calgary. So the first thing we want to understand is the general understanding that every Salah needs to be prayed at this proper time that is the general ruling of every Salah. Now when you go into a Muslim chapter number 100 it is the hadith of Abdullah buzzworthy Allah one Homer, where he says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam combined the heart and ulcer, and he combined McRib and Asia without traveling without rain, and without fear. He was asked, Why did he do this? He said to make things easy for his oma to make things easy for his oma imama telemovie. In his introduction to CERN

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in the third movie, he says, I've seen the scholars implement every single Hadith, except for two or three of them, except for two or three of them. One of the Hadith that he mentions, is this hadith of Abdullah Barnabas or the Allah one, Homer is one of the hadith of Abdullah, Abdullah Abdullah, who and Homer. So now with that having been said, what do we understand from this discussion is that up and until you have a very valid reason, then you should not be combining prayers, you should not be combined in person. So we're not going to be talking about traveling, the issue of traveling, we're not discussing that today. We'll talk about a little more suffered, perhaps at a later time.

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But what we are talking about right now, what if you have an extraneous circumstance? So for example, a surgeon is performing surgery, or you have an exam that will just take place like once in your lifetime, hopefully, like your CIA exam, or some other big exam, and they don't allow you to take a prayer break, nor do they allow you to pray in the room itself. Are you allowed to combine your thought with your answer? And your marketability or Asia? If yes, what situation or scenario does it look like? So the answer to this question is yes, in extraneous circumstances, you are allowed to combine your prayers, they would be prayed in full. So we praise the Lord for our

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survival. And you can be praying them either of the two times, either your time or your time. And same thing with motive and a shot McCullough would be paid in full, a show would be praying for an either of the two times. As a general rule of thumb, this should not be a reoccurring practice. If this is happening, reoccurring Lee then there's something that is definitely wrong over here. There's something that is definitely wrong over here.

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We get into Scenario number two. Now. Scenario number two is that of the summertime. So we mentioned that the beginning

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of salado, Asia is when what happens according to the majority, what happens, and then a lot of the show begins,

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the redness of the sky disappears. Now what if you live in a locality where the redness of the sky doesn't actually disappear? You'll actually see the redness of the sky there for a prolonged period of time, all the way until it is very close to your time, how do you calculate what time Maghrib and how do you calculate what time it should be prayed at that time? This is more of a modern day phenomenon. In the books or films, you generally will not find this discussion, you will generally not find this discussion. However, what Hadeeth did they base this upon? We mentioned in our introduction to Kitab Salah last week, that the Sahaba della one of the acid parts of southern that

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at the end of time when the day is so prolonged, is you know the period of a year what should we do? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said make dr dr meaning approximate the timings of the Salah. So now the discussion arises, how do you approximate the timings of the summer? How do you approximate the timings of the Salah. So now in our situation like Calgary, you're given one of three scenarios one of three scenarios. Scenario number one is that you look at the time difference between Moga Asia and a place like Makkah and Medina which is very close to the equator, and then you use that time difference. And you establish that in their locality. So for example, if Maghrib

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is at 10 o'clock, at an hour and a half to it, my Isha becomes at 1130. So this is Scenario number one that you're doing taqdeer based upon what is considered the normative state of living close to the equator, because Mecca and Medina are very close to the equator that is considered normative state where the sun laws were legislated. This would be opinion number one.

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Opinion number two, they said that you take the closest city to you, that has a normal time mean that it has a normal sunrise and sunset. So in a place that Calgary, perhaps the closest time we would find this is according to the HDI of Shaykh Abdullah Hakim quick, I haven't reconfirmed this myself. But he said a place like Winnipeg that has the closest thing to a normal prayer time. And what is their time average during the summertime, it's like an hour and 45 minutes to just under two hours. So for example, modem is at 10 o'clock, then a short time will begin around 1145 because that is the closest city opinion number three, and this is given by the European fifth Council. They said

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that in this situation, where you do not have a clear sunrise and sunset and beginning of timing of prayers, then you are allowed to combine the prayers up and until that clarity is made up and until that clarity is made. Now this year, in particular, I made an extra effort to look at, you know, what was the situation in Calgary. And I noticed that from around June 2, all the way till about August 10 or so we were in a situation where the the red light for motive was there for an extremely prolonged time, it was there for an extremely prolonged time that even if you were to go out in the mountains, that's when you truly see the red light, you would see it even at like 1140 or 1145.

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Around that time. So this shows us that we are in a situation where we don't have a normal state for a shot. Now we've stated already, that it is not permissible to perpetually combine the prayers without reason, however, with this count as a valid reason for combining the prayers, and Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best the European folk council founded as a valid reason, they said that if you have to pray Salah Malaysia at 1145, and then you have to wake up for fudger. Let's just say at like 345, there's very little time to actually get any sleep. And you add that into the realm of if you're fasting during that time, things become even more difficult things become even more

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difficult. Now you want to make the scenario even more complicated. How about if you want to pray that only 10? Does that mean you're going to pray my mother prays right after that you pray thoroughly? And the answer to that is no, you wouldn't put that away. In that situation. You're exempted from pretty thoroughly because it is very difficult to do so it is very difficult to do so you wouldn't pray throw away.

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What is my recommendation in this scenario in this scenario is that we should try to stick to the rule of an hour and a half, fixing the salon at 1115. I don't believe that to be permissible. I don't even know where that number comes from. That why did we decide at 1115 was most of the calendar stated? That number is not appropriate or accurate because it doesn't abide by any of the opinions that we've stated doesn't abide by any of the opinions we've stated. Because no are you going according to Makkah and Medina, nor are you going according to the closest city, nor are you taking the easy

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Way out if you're going to make things easy people easy for the pill at least allow them to combine moderation. Why are you telling them to wait, you know, an hour and 15 minutes? And realistically, is there a large difference between 1115 and 1130? Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best. So now with that having been said, The general rule of thumb in the summertime, particularly from those days that I mentioned, from like June 2 till about August 10, then in that situation,

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we use the rule of an hour and a half, that is the safest thing to do. In a situation where you feel you're extremely exhausted, you're not going to be able to stay afrasia and you might end up missing fudger then I do not see anything wrong, in a one off situation, combining a shot combining one mclubbe with a shot based upon what in the Mussina for a winner be Schaber hassanal the Allahu anhu when he taught his children Salah, he taught them to combine Maghrib and Isha because he knew that they could not stay up, he knew that they could not stay up, and they were after the age of universal law had been had become upon them. So that having been said, as a one off, you're allowed

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to combine, but general rule of thumb stick through the rule of an hour and a half. Do you understand the summer case scenario now? Fantastic. Let's move on to the issue of the her and ask her in the wintertime, the hot and acid in the wintertime. So now, can a prayer be prayed before? It's time? Like the whore? Or like mclubbe? And the answer is no, the her and us and Margaret can never be prayed before the times no one can fudge it actually. But fudge is not a prayer that's combined. But that from the prayers that are combined the Lord and Margaret, they can never be prayed before their times. So for example, if you know the Lord will start in the winter time,

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actually over here somewhere much of an issue, because the Lord kicks in at like 11 something like 1157 or something like that. So it's not so much of an issue. But in like other cities in Canada without kicks in at like 1230. And your lunch break is from like 12 to like 1230? Can you pray God before the time starts? No. And then what happens with us their time, because you're not going to be getting an extra break at that time. So that is the scenario we're trying to paint where you know, the harder it starts at like 1230 and McRib is at like 10 to four or like 415 like in Calgary time. So what do you do in that situation? Are you allowed to combine or not? So in this situation, again,

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the general rule of thumb is that prayers cannot be combined, and particularly not on a regular basis. So you have to make sure come within agreements to your boss, come with an agreement to your work that you know what, I just need five minutes and try to stay in although as long as you possibly can, that when the time kicks in, even in your cubicle, if that's what you have to pray, pray over there. That is what should be done that each prayer should be prayed in his proper time. However, if there's an extraneous circumstance, where you're travelling between meetings, so for example, you have to go from, let's just say the North East to Southwest, you know, it's going to be

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a long journey in the winter time, and you know that you're not going to be able to stop anywhere, and there's not going to be a place to pray, then in that one off circumstance, it would be permissible to pray the heart and answer together at the time of the heart, or the master at the time of assert, and there will be prayed in for they will be paid in full. But again, as a general rule of thumb, only in extraneous circumstances, only an extraneous circumstances. So I know a lot of times people who are working is difficult to get time off, in my personal experience, discuss these issues in advance with your boss, just so that there isn't a problem just so that there isn't

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a problem.

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That's the issue of the winter time.

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And was there anything else I wanted to talk about?

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No, cannot be paid? Yeah.

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Fantastic. So so the time for Joomla. The scores have actually differed in two groups. And even the second group has two opinions in it.

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Is it going to be the whole event?

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Okay, it's not so the time for for Joomla. There's two opinions. Opinion number one is the majority the Maliki might have the chinafy might have been Hanafi madhhab, that the time for Juma starts, when the time for the horse starts the opinion of the majority the humbling method, they said no, the time for Juma actually starts before the time for the hood. What did this they base this upon? They said that during the time of deposit selling we pray Juma with the proper Salaam and we sought shade in the in the walls before there was any shadow before there was any shadow meaning that this is before the time of zone before the time of zone. So the humbling method it says that yes you can

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pray before the time of zone. Now inside the humbling matter of itself. They deferred how much time before is the one are you allowed to pray. Some scholar said that Juma is just like eat that as soon as the sun rises, you can Praise Tomato Juma then other scholars

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shake up no claiming that a hidden holla he said that the morning is divided into six parts. And you can only pray in the last sixth of the morning. Where did he get these six parts from? He said the hadith of Juma were the promises and them says that whoever comes early, then it's as if he is sacrificed to Campbell until he has sacrificed just an egg. And that was the last sixth of June according to him. So he said within this less six than that is what you are allowed to pray in terms of the establishment of Juma and that is the opinion we actually follow over here. And the I see that we go according to the last sixth hour before the time for the order begins. That is why even

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in the summer times, we'll pray tomorrow at 1230 in accordance to the last six of the hour. Why do we do that? I personally believe that the humble opinion is correct, that you can pray jumar before the time for thought, but also due to the fact that when you have like 1000 people that you need to accommodate, if we only keep one Juma at 130. Or let's say we have a second gym, I'd like to 30 people can't take lunch breaks at 230, right, they can only take lunch breaks between usually 12 and two, that's like the approximate time. So just to make things easy for the people will have one gym at 1230 and another one at 130 Lazzara.

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Any other questions on that? side? So I believe that the time for a sharp edge has actually kicked in? What time do they do they give you a comma here

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at 20. Okay, so we can do q&a for five minutes, and then we'll we'll end over there inshallah. So now open q&a for whatever you like. inshallah doesn't have to be just about this. Go ahead.

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Yes, you cannot play in the office because these companies

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were also.

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So the first thing we did make clear, you don't have to pray in the masjid. In a situation where you're working, you're exempted from praying in the masjid. Number two, in your office, they have to religiously accommodate you for your prayers. If they discriminate against you, because of your prayers, they will be you know, liable to a lawsuit in that situation. So as long as you make up the time that you miss, they have to let you pray. So for example, you take 15 minutes for Salah, then that means at the end of the day or at the beginning of the day, you have to give in that extra 15 minutes, those 15 minutes will not be exempted. So speak to your boss about that. And they will

00:27:33--> 00:28:06

allow you to pray, where can you pray, people have this understanding that, you know, we need to pray on a special on a specific floor on a specific room on a specific a specific carpet. That's not the rule. Any place that is clean, you're allowed to pray. So even if you have your own cubicle, you're allowed praying in your own cubicle, that won't be a problem. You don't have a cubicle, speak to your boss, even if it's the janitors room, praying the janitors room literally the only place where you shouldn't pray is in the bathroom. Other than that every area is clean until it's proven to be dirty, and you're allowed to pray. But the most important thing is communication. Communicate

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this with your boss and your boss has to accommodate to this. Allow them

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here for probably

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days. The first question the second question is

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really for do modeling toggling, for example I need to jump right in the fly. Yes, then I will certainly do I thought. Okay, fantastic. So we're going to discuss the traveling PR in detail, but I'll give you a summarized answer now. So the summarized answer is that as a traveler, as long as you're traveling more than 80 kilometers, and you're making special preparations for that travel, then you are considered a traveler. With that having being said, You are allowed combining for prayers, Lord and ICER and Maghrib and Isha. Forgeard is never combined, there's no combining with budget, though her and assert can either be prayed at the time of God, or they can be prayed at the

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time of Asa, Maghrib and Isha can either be prayed at the time of Margaret, or they can be prayed at the time of Asia, the order becomes too, acid becomes too Maghreb stays as three maglev never changes and an issue becomes two lockers. And yes, you are allowed to do so with those two conditions. Number one, that you're traveling more than 80 kilometers and number two, that you have to make special preparations for that trip. As long as that is the case, then you are allowed to combine and shorten your prayers. That now what is the preferred thing to do if you're in a space for a prolonged period of time? So for example, you're going to California for work for let's just

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say a week. Best case scenario is that you should try to pray in the masjid while you're there. If you're not able to pray in the masjid. Then you will pray each prayer shortened, but in its proper time, so God in His proper time to talk as I said is fiber time to the cause. Mogra by this time three tacos. Ha this fiber time to tacos unless you're an extremely busy 60

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situation, then you can combine and shorten with any circumstance. Now next question in terms of Juma while they're traveling, there is no Juma for a traveler in all of the narrations that we have the process of them where he was traveling, never wants to be established jamaa while he was a traveler. And that is why some of the scholars have even said that if you intentionally stopped, your travel will for praying Juma, this will be considered considered an innovation, it will be considered to be the cause of autism never did so. So if a person is traveling, he has the concession to pray the Lord during that time, and he will pray as to like us, Allah Harada

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he saw what's next, and then we'll go from there. Yep.

00:30:38--> 00:30:41

So you missed that period calibration? Yeah. And they must have

00:30:42--> 00:31:19

recorded everything is it better to join the competition or wait for them to finish instruction? Fantastic. So now in this situation where you've entered the mustard there in the showed in the last rocker, they have two scenarios over here. Scenario number one is where there's more than likely no second congregation. So if there's no second congregation, more than likely, then you join the congregation and you continue praying as your first occur from where you start. And a situation where the more than likely is the second congregation, then it is better to delay it and join the second congregation. That's only in the situation where you've missed the record for the last

00:31:19--> 00:31:27

locker. If you can still catch the record, you should patch the record with the Jamal and pay we'll pray with the congregation will honor. Go ahead.

00:31:28--> 00:32:06

If I'm traveling, yeah, my flight is at 11 o'clock. 11am or pm? Yeah. Okay. I'm on flight. Yes. Wait for the flight. When I see my window to the sunlight. Yes, I'm traveling to a different time zone. And all this east or west or east. Okay. So if I'm going towards east, the entire flight period is some sunrise. So there's no sunset. So when I reach after 10 hours, so what should I make? Because that time every state is maybe the republic time or something is coming to an end. So how should I take this 10 hours. So if you're going east, it wouldn't work like that. Because if you're traveling east, you will have a sunrise and sunset, because you don't have the international dateline. The

00:32:06--> 00:32:37

International dateline is when you're traveling West. so in this situation, you would have a sunrise and sunset with the exception of when you're traveling extreme north in the summertime. So for example, if you're going to Calgary to like Frankfurt, in the summertime, you'll leave here at 6:30pm. And you'll get into Frankfurt at like 11am. And there's not going to be any Sunset at that time. Just because you're traveling north. In that situation, you approximate the timings. That's what you should do, because there's no correct answer over here, because you can't skip a whole day of prayers.

00:32:38--> 00:33:15

Like, you can't skip a whole day of prayers because of that. So you just approximate the timing, and that's perfectly fine. inshallah. So just to give you a clear scenario, let's go back to the Frankfurt scenario. You leave here at 630. So you've already prayed us there time. Okay. So the old prayers you have to catch now, because you know, you're arriving the next day at 11:30am. So you have to catch Muslim Asia and frigid. Now there's not going to be any sunset, nor is there going to be any sunrise. So what you do know is that you're arriving at 1130. So I would say within the last two hours or so you can pre budget, and then I would delay my market and Asia, probably by about

00:33:15--> 00:33:23

three hours after takeoff. That would be about fair, because 630 over here will be about 930. So three hours is fair. Yeah. Well, I know.

00:33:25--> 00:33:35

There was brothers over here, go ahead. For congregation for more reward. There's more people. Yes, the more the greater the number of people, the greater the reward of the congregation.

00:33:37--> 00:33:41

have like an entrepreneur who prefer to go to certain laws.

00:33:42--> 00:34:01

So the general rule for some alternate is that it should not be prayed in the masjid. It should be prayed in a public yard or a public gathering area. It should not be prayed in the masjid. So anytime there's the ability to pray to pray in a public area. That is the preferred place. The bigger the congregation the more the reward there isn't that Allah Sophia?

00:34:08--> 00:34:08


00:34:16--> 00:34:41

So you are you are allowed to pray to lock eyes with them. But your intention should be for though not for Juma. And what I was stating is to intentionally find a place to pray Juma as a traveler is not good, but rather. Yeah, so. So if you just happen to find a machine and you're praying to God, and Okay, they're praying Juma. So you can listen to the hotbar. But when they are praying Juma, your intention should be forethought. your intention should before the horse.

00:34:42--> 00:34:43

Make sense?

00:34:44--> 00:34:45

Go ahead.

00:34:49--> 00:34:49


00:34:51--> 00:34:54

Yeah. And then you've come without making.

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

You do so much

00:35:00--> 00:35:31

Yeah, that is not correct. When we talk when we talk about salado JAMA, you will mention that, that when you're joining the congregation, the tooth bills that have to be made that that VLT that heroin and the tequila have Roku, the Roku so the two tech bills that have to be made, a lot of people make that mistake, where they'll just go Allahu Akbar and go straight into the court. That shouldn't be done. You should make the appeal to the Haram and then make a second thing Viola for going into the Veera Rocco Allah Juana. Last two questions, inshallah. And then we stopped. Yeah.

00:35:36--> 00:35:46

So yeah, we discussed the timing for the horse, we said, the door starts as soon as soon as it hits the highest point all the way till the shadow is equal to one length, then that is the time for the horse.

00:35:49--> 00:36:12

How do you calculate that it would require to go out and stand in the sun. Well, that's why we have calendars and apps. Now, they calculate that for you. So I would say in your locality, it's very easy to use the calendars and apps, however, when outside of your locality try to combine between using your app and between actually checking the length itself. And it's very delayed a little bit rather than being doubtful and praying before the time actually starts. Allah one last question.

00:36:16--> 00:36:34

So the tech bailout for this aid, they start from tomorrow at budget time, and they end on the 13th day of the ledger at our start time. So 13th day of the ledger would be Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Sunday would be the 13th 13th officer time on Sunday, chama

00:36:36--> 00:36:37


00:36:38--> 00:37:00

So what is not allowed to do is I say everyone in the masjid follow after me. So I school Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, and everyone starts joining me. That is not allowed. However, if I'm doing it by myself, and Sajjad starts doing it, and he starts doing it, and we just naturally happen to go into it. That's perfectly fine. But to intentionally do it together, that should be avoided.

00:37:02--> 00:37:03


00:37:04--> 00:37:04


00:37:05--> 00:37:24

near, that's just to encourage the people though, right? I've noticed a lot of times when you go to the massala for eight, if you don't tell the people to make that there could be a lot. They'll be busy on their phone or talking to one another. And it's better that they do that could be a lot rather than to be busy with other things. We'll conclude with that. Allahu tada Allah sallallahu Sallam Avantika Libyan Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam.