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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum Peace be with us dravo

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kaksi Chow vostra Ani Bali post Dr. Your own AI Amir assalamu Aleikum Nikki Amir Esteban, peace be with you. Now people are like what is this guy talking about? But for the people from the Balkans the people who are doesn't matter if you're a serb, or Albanian or Bosnian,

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these are nationalities and they shouldn't split us apart. The way of life that was ordain on our visa on I put stone a

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stone story on our stoners historia storytel, Borg who are offski Allah, on eyestay issues Jesus, who he worshiped, stay on Obasanjo. Hope I'm doing all right now.

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He is the one creator who gave us this greeting of peace. We're wishing upon you and I What's this, all this for the people who don't understand what I'm saying? Now, we're doing a specific show for those from the Balkans who've drifted away from the right way. So we're going to be trying to reach out out of the love to our brothers from the Balkans and our sisters from the Balkans and everyone from all over the world can benefit inshallah aquebogue not from this show. We'll be right back with my brother and your brother from Albania from New Jersey in management Diem here on the deen show.

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This is the

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this is

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this is the

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assalamu aleikum

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wa rahmatullah congressi Marche pendeen Alhamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah doblo, such as for me, so directly, yes, Minister directly or obscure knees from Europe, but only Luke Mirvish from its own veggie family Deen service dapibus neck East? Mashallah, pa ye.

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So, I was born in New York, you came over from Albania at the age of what one but when you still speak Albanian, I do it. I still speak some broken Bosnian. We want to reach out to the people from the Balkans all over the world. People can benefit doesn't even matter if you're Serbian, or Croatian. Or you're not a Muslim yet. These are nationalities aren't they correct can a Serbian or a Croatian they can submit to the will of God and be a Muslim? Absolutely, it's true. So you had this, you have this event coming up. And I thought we'd make a show that would try to help people from that neck of the woods, the Balkan area who've drifted off. They've kind of you know, taken certain

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cultures that aren't really Islamic. And we're trying to out of the love because many have the love, they fought through communism, and they still held on to the belief in one God. But now, you know, we want to reach out to have them come all the way back. This was your idea. Talk to us about this idea you had? Well, absolutely.

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Not absolutely in the sense of it being my idea, but the love that we have for our people in the sense of wanting to really help them to see that what we are practicing and teaching of Islam, that it is no different than what the prophet himself peace be upon him has actually called and taught the people during his lifetime. We have love for our people in the same way that we have love for all people we want what's good for them. Naturally, when you're of a certain background, it can help you feel a bit closer to the people because of the ethnic ties and national ties and things of that sort. So this is a bit of that expression and manifestation of love of true compassion and concern

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for them, of hopefully being able to help them see the beauty of Islam inshallah, that means now more than a Muslim and honestly separado Allahu separador. Okay, so what I just said, Well, we know that a Muslim is one who has submitted not to Jesus or Mohammed, the sun or the moon, but the one who created the sun, the moon, on the cheek on the agenda, on your knife to his throat to choke is Jenna. Am I saying that right?

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So, now,

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we've defined this word Muslim, how do you define it in Albanian for the Albanians out there? They're like, what's this? They're Muslim, maybe or they're considering being Muslim. Are they around with somebody like they think Muslim is an Arab thing? How would you define it?

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And in the Albanian language what a Muslim is and what Islam is go ahead and talk to him well

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as his sheep assuming Nathan Fianna Muslim and as I aged, nearly you see all the sort Rogen Allah see Don't try to wear symbols legit a lot.

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The believer or the Muslim we use the same term in Albanian Muslim is the one who basically wants to submit and live according to what Allah has given of teachings. So, absolutely Natasha episome xochitl Western Islam, Allah

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icoca creo Chilean talkin insaan in the kitchen.

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Man Yo, Nick cannot see my Allah Allah Subhana ademar familia at the Madrid near Xin at the Madrid booth. To understand that as a Muslim it is to live a life of happiness with God with Allahu Allah azza wa jal also within oneself with one's family, with the larger family of humanity, as well as everything else of what Allah has created,

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to find your place within the creation as a whole to be a Muslim in the same way that everything else has surrendered to live according to what Allah has given of teachings. So you can still remain a serb or a Croatian or any other nationality. Right? But do you have to abandon that to be a Muslim? See, and that's one of the interesting points that you bring. I remember hearing as I was growing up, that she thought yeah, and they see chitter chatter, like you're Albanian and you can't be anything else. You know,

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Allah has created us whatever our backgrounds are, and we are naturally supposed to be grateful to everything for everything that Allah has given us, your MC zone and have the Leela tsutenkaku shifter. So comes Geodon, do what may have fallen through Allah on Porat, right in the same way that Allah has also created you have a Bosnian background and someone else have an Arabic, Turkish or whatever the case may be. Whatever Allah has decreed for us, we welcome it. We are thankful and appreciative to Allah for it. But that's nationality that's ethnicity and heritage. And there's no contradiction between that and what religion itself is, there is no contradiction, nor is there

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competition. Each one has its own place has its own role in significance in the life of the person Mashallah tell us that we're going to go to break now. Tell us this was actually I was sitting with one of your colleagues you actually finished from the prestigious Medina University, you speak also Arabic fluently you graduated from that university, was at the same time about Jaso bridges. Actually, he's my senior by about four or five years, he spent some time in Bosnia doing humanitarian aid, helping after the war, I believe. And he was also having this this

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idea that we should reach out to the people from the Balkans because they've drifted away from the way of all the prophets and messengers and they've

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cited decided many of them, you know, unconsciously consciously, you know, to follow certain traditions that are not opposite to Islam, you know, so it's very important that we're doing this episode so inshallah God Willing not to judge or be, you know,

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putting people down but just trying to critique the situation. So we can like a doctor diagnose the problem, and God will and give some good advice. I mean, yeah, so we're gonna we're gonna take a break. Have you talked Have you had before go to break? Have you had contact with shale gas or jazz? Actually, there was a phone call about maybe a month or so back Yeah, you know, he speaks also Bosnian he does Yeah.

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No Albania but his Bosnian is Mashallah very good. My father's told me. Okay, look, we're gonna be right back to

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aquebogue da here on the dean show. inshallah, with more. You think these things are gonna bring you happiness. You know why you keep going back to the club, and you keep getting going back to these desires.

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Because you never find satisfaction.

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It's gonna end up causing you if it hasn't already. A lot of pain.

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You're kidding. You're kidding is really

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what we are offering in Islam. What we have found in Islam for ourselves, is a means by which our hearts are at peace. They're at rest. They're not discontent. We are pleased with what we have.

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I am not afraid to say

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid to say

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I am not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I am not

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I'm not afraid to stand.

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Back here on the deen show, fellas dose to Nam dose llyod Nadine show. And again, forgive me for my broken Bosnian. We want to really

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capture the attention of those people from the Balkans, our brothers and sisters who are out there. Now I'm gonna give you a story. The other day I was at the post office and I saw a brother from what's called son jack. All right, you know, our son jack is an older gentleman, he was walking with a cane very nice suit dressed real nice. He's been his 80s. So I called over to him. And we started talking. And I thought it's a good opportunity, because the person really from talking to him way before in the past, that he wasn't implementing Islam. So I reminded him about the crater about a law and how this show does life, look how it's passed, you're 85 years old now. And all these good

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times are gone. Now you should go ahead and make hudge and just spend the rest of your life really Institute, you know, for all the mistakes that we've made. And he and and and this is a common argument you can take off with this. He said what many say? He said, Ah, you know what, you know, my great grandfather, you know, my father used to pray or some family member prayed. And they went to Hodge five times. And I'm like, What about you? Why would they better than you? Have you heard this argument? Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah, it's, it's very common to find that from our people. Because understand, that was for about 400 years, part of the Ottoman Empire. And so Islam is something that

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has really dug deep roots among our people. And so for over 400 years, it was typical for our people by Albanian Bosnian, the mixture of different peoples that are in the Balkan areas, to be at hamdulillah very good, devout Muslims to pray, to fast to address Islamic Lee to make the Hajj to give the cat to uphold the Pillars of Islam, for example, among other things. And so it was only unfortunately, with the communist regime, basically taking over what then became former Yugoslavia that changed things, but it's typical to find and so something that's even interesting. I remember speaking with my father once before, where he said, the first time he came to Medina while I was

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still a student there when my first daughter was born, and he saw my wife with the niqab. And he said, I remember seeing my mother dressed like this. And I'm saying my grandma, he goes, Yeah, your mother, my mother, your grandma, she used to wear the niqab prior to the actual government passing a law saying that women have to uncover their faces. And so it was this gradual breaking down of the Islamic identity among our people. But they know very well because you're still talking What about 2030? Pardon me, 3040 years of, of communist rule, in essence, perhaps even a little bit more, but you're talking a few generations, they know they've seen their grandparents, they've themselves

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prayed, they themselves fasted, they themselves dressed islamically but yet the kids or the grandkids have it, so they identify with it, and they see it, but still there's that barrier that's preventing them from actually taking that step to say hey, you know what, I'm the son of so and so the daughter of so and so hamdulillah they were emammal they were shared, they were righteous people. And I can be just like there's nothing to prevent me or nothing that should prevent me from doing so. That's the key I want to be like them because they were upon that way that was pleasing to the crater you know, praying five times a day giving in charity, avoiding alcohol, avoiding

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gambling, all the things that the last and final messenger had warned us about through the verbatim Word of God the Quran and reading the Quran and not just having it up there during Ramadan you it's collecting dust you kiss it, you put it on the shelf, and we've abandoned this, this this guidance from the Creator. And now we're just Muslim by by name, right? is Muslim just about being Muslim by name or is it by action?

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And in the same way that if you were to ask an Albanian and this is because my Albanian is not the best either. Something I've learned from just speaking home with my parents.

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boku Foley sheep. These are the sheep tarvisio. shoff insane look foolish homemade chicken. You know, like when I speak Albanian? It's kind of like the village you know, Albanian. And some of those who are well educated, they listen, they laugh. Now, some of them may even get to the point where they may say and this was something that happened was a student Medina they didn't call me Albania. They'll say American why because Albanian was so poor. So imagine now

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culturally speaking, if you don't speak the language, you're not considered Albanian, you're not considered a Bosnian. What about being a Muslim? How is it possible that we would accept that they say, well, you cannot do anything of what Islam teaches nothing of what Islam has have has a beautiful teachings to, and yet to still say that it's okay that I'm Muslim and that there's no problem with it when we don't accept that even at the cultural level. No, I mean, yes, absolutely. So this is, you know, I just want to make this clear that we're going to bring up some things that are

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practiced, and some things that we're going to critique not in judging the individual and putting them down, it's in a hope that we don't want them on the Day of Judgment, to be judged by a law and to end up in a place where it's very hot. And that's the hellfire. We want everybody to be in Gemini and paradise. So talk is cheap. And that's why Allah the Creator, he said, messengers to guide mankind. So we have to obey the last and final messenger, his way, his Sunnah. And we have to implement Islam, by our actions, by our speech by everything that the Creator has told us to do, not just by Talk, talk is cheap. So tell us some common things is now you start implementing Islam,

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okay. And for instance, the woman she wants to start to, you know, put on the hijab, okay, she wants to cover up dress modestly. But the parents who are Muslim, they start chasing her out of the house, they start giving her a hard time they start rebelling against her and basically boycotting her. I mean, is this and these are Muslims from I mean, probably most cultures might do this, but particular we see this, you see an Albanian culture we see this in the Bosnian culture. It has, what advice do you have for the, for the, you know, the the Bosnian parents now who are listening are Albanian. And they're they right now, possibly having a conflict because their daughter wants to

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dress with the fashion that the crater sent down, not with the culture around miniskirts and you know, all this other stuff. And that's it, if parents would recognize that look.

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We have still values and traditions that, for the most part are good ones.

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When it comes to Islam, it only further beautifies those values and traditions. So there should be no parent that gets upset because their daughter wants the cover herself and not to uncover herself. Rather, as parents, you should be proud, you should be thankful that she's not dressing in ways that are going to cause her to become the, perhaps the meal of somebody's sexual appetites. You should be happy and pleased to see that she's a person who respects herself. vation mycharge kotze dalworth setiawangsa your theater marathon which PR Bukola Tasha finish with patata to own and the riverton team, and in that she's making a statement. When she's dressing like that. She's saying I respect

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myself that I'm more than just the physical body that you know men can indulgent. You know, the same thing with regards to even the brothers who will hamdulillah if they start to practice and they start to grow a beard. And I remember that. That was one of the issues I had when I first started. Just because a person grows a beard. It's not that they become an Arab or something else. And I remember seeing pictures of people that are eating memes from the Albanians from the Bosnians from over 50 years ago and more where they had beards as big as this and bigger. You know what I mean? There were things that even tradition wise that with regards to the clothing, and I brought a little

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token Can I can I give a shout

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out our people they would dress in I had the coffee, the American or Arabic style, but this year is an Albanian one. And because you know Albanians of Bosnians are people got some swagger, they would have this stuff hanging a bit to the side, you know, a little bit up to the front like this. And it was like, this is how they walked around. And they had no problem knowing that in the Balkan area, or even in Europe, when they went that this identified them as not just being Albanian and Bosnian, but being Muslim. You know what I mean? So they didn't have problems with that this inferiority complex that unfortunately, has made some of our people they're not all at hamdulillah. But some of

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them think that if their son or daughter were to address islamically, where to start praying, where to start living the correct Islamic life, as if they have something to fear as if something's going to happen to them. Nothing's going to happen. If anything, it's only going to be good, that's going to happen for them for the children for the family as a whole. And there's many people as proof for this. Now we'll see parents pushing pushing hard for the children to study to study so they can graduate, you know, get that Master's that PhD that GED whatever it is, but now, the formula the blueprint that the creator sent down, that improves your character that helps you to be the best

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amongst society. That

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helps you to be a better son a better father. It's a complete way of life. Islam when you submit to the Creator, it produces good results only good results. This is right 100% so now they said oh, when you start practicing, you start praying to the Creator, the one guy, the same guy, Jesus, worship Mohammed worship Abraham, you don't worship His creation, but the one create tour, you're doing Islam submitting to the will of God, like slow down, man, you're going too much, you know, they're promoting, you're going too fast. Now you got, you know, till 5068 just the push. Oh, you know, just slow it down. Why do you think this is? What is it, they're discouraging the youth, and

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they'd rather see their daughters out there dating in the nightclub in the places that boys and girls are mixing alcohol. And next thing, you know, you got all sorts of evil that's coming from this, but now they want to do good. And even the parents are preventing them from doing good. What advice do we have

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will tell the parents Yeah, Varsha rush,

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slow down to the parents, because what they are really doing is they they're allowing shaytan, to take advantage of their ignorance.

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If you can understand that, as parents in the way that you love your kids, and you want only what's best for them, Allah, He loves us even more than we can love our children, he cares for us even more than we can care for our children, the teachings that Allah gives us, they are for the betterment of our lives, as well as our family and parents lives. So parents need to understand that when a child, their child is going to practice Islam, they should not all of a sudden start discouraging it. But rather, they should realize that look, this is only going to make my child more respectful towards me, this is going to make my child only a more decent person, that with regards to what they may

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have. And unfortunately, among our people, we have problems of alcoholism, of gambling of all sorts of other different problems, to see that inshallah the son of mine who will hamdulillah is praying that he is not going to drink that is not going to gamble that he's not going to be some loser who's going to, you know, harm his family, but rather he's going to be in sha Allah, this great person, that is going to be a role model in the family that is going to be all of these other wonderful things. And the girl just the same, she's not going to bring any shame to herself to her family, she is not going to in any way destroy her life. In her future, she is not going to do these different

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things that our grandparents themselves never did. And so it's not about us leaving and changing and doing something bad, we're actually going back to what our roots are. That's the roots that we're trying to go back to. We'll be right back with more here on the dean show, inshallah.

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Everything the This cup is in sincere submission to the one who created it, because it's following the rules of gravity. By definition, this is how we can say that Islam has been here since the very beginning of time. Anywhere the Muslims went to people embrace Islam, in masses, countries and nations. And this is something that is amazing never happened on the face of Earth. When people saw a practical way of life of being truthful, be honest, making sense of everything that they do. And they buy and sell.

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I am not afraid to say

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I am not afraid.

00:23:33--> 00:23:34

I'm not afraid.

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Back here on the dean show. And we're reaching out to the viewing audience from the balcony area. And we're trying to give them some heart softeners they're going to soften their hearts out of the love because their judgement is close. And this message is lucid. It's clear worship one creator.

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Jesus never claimed he was God your issues he could record a book your issues, he could record a song obatala nanika do. Jesus never said he was God? Did he? Not clearly No, never. And we don't worship Jesus, do we? We worship the one who created Jesus and that's Islam submitting to the creator and doing all the good that he's told us to do. So even for those people who are not yet Muslim, they say hey, that makes sense. I never believe this whole Trinity thing anyway, I just want to worship one God. So that's the message of Islam and doing the action so we kind of expanded on some of these things. We're gonna have to do another episode to go further into it. superstitions

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you know people abandoning the Hajj until they're like 60 you know the banyan mafia guy now he's you know, making this whole thing into a click to a gang. You know, you've seen these two in New York is big. I heard Albania, Albania and mobsters. So, so

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One wants to talk about man and overall general advice. We're coming to a close you know superstitions such a thing in Islam, the reading of coffee cups and you know, you go to a nightclub and now you're feeling guilty. You're missing something. So you go to the Imam who's supposed to be an example, but he's charging you 200 and 100 bucks. He's maybe he was called a Haemophilia, put it around your neck, kiss it, or you got the big law chain. And now this is like your badge, right, but you're in a nightclub drinkin and you're a mafia guy. Are these things also an Albanian culture? Yeah, there. What do we got to say? I think that with regards to these things, as you mentioned, I

00:25:34--> 00:26:18

think in the next session, we'll need to really talk about some of these things in a bit more detail. The main focus of what you did mention is that we do not worship except for one God say that in Albanian, look, besoin vestan is not some arbitrary storyteller. And I suppose that's it. Yeah. Danny. Yeah, that one, not three and one, just one. That's simple. The same God that Jesus Himself worship, the same God that Mohammed worship, the same God that Musa Ibrahim, Moses and Ibrahim and all of the marshmallows, peace and blessings be upon them. So Islam is nothing more than the continuation of what every prophet came to teach. Believe in the one God, worship only this God,

00:26:18--> 00:26:53

live life in the way that God has given and you're going to have the happiest life in this world. You'll be saved from punishment and Helen the next. And in addition to that, you'll be entered into the gardens of bliss for eternity. And you don't have to be paying for those who Amalia throw that stuff. That stuff has nothing to do with Islam, the superstitions? No, they don't mean No, no, no, no, no, no. Okay, so we got a lot more Toba, you're actually going to be talking about this. You got an event for people who are in the area, they want to fly into the event. They're from the Balkan area, even if they're, you know, whoever they are, they can come in to your machine on the 25th is

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it? Yep, may 25. Friday, May 25. And we have a field to the side of our building. So if anybody wants to teleport in they can do that too.

00:27:02--> 00:27:45

But it'll be in sha Allah it's a free event. We're going to have dinner as well as inshallah something of a nice presentation. Some Bosnian Albanian, for our brothers and sisters and child This is at the the Muslim community center in Rockford. In Rockford. You guys have a website. We do. The website may still be down though, but the address is 5921. Darlene Dr. Rockford Illinois 61109 and we hope to see is in Shama Okay, so before we cut out you know, gifts are always encouraged, and we're gonna give you a gift inshallah. Right now we have the the new You see, purpose of life, let's get zoomed in on this and hope you're a size large. So you know, this is a gift for you. And we

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encourage our viewers to follow, follow, follow Mashallah, here you go, here we go. And we also have the purpose of light bumper stickers, we have a Brother Mohammed Khan, who put these together, may Allah reward him. And we encourage people, they can pick this up as a gift for you.

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Thank you very much for the love bless you too. And we also before we cut out now, and last but not least, people have been waiting, they've been waiting, you know, for years, people want to know my story. And I was really reluctant. I really didn't want to talk about the past. But you know, from talking with people have more knowledge and you know, really reflecting making as to how to praying, I thought, you know, people like this could be a benefit. So we kind of didn't go into the details. We kind of made a film so we had hooked up with a filmmaker who made the film dounia to Dean is finally here. You saw the film, and you know, it has the new volume form of the deen show. So you've

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seen it, we actually have?

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What are your comments cuz you've seen the film? We've, you know, we've had other people comment on it. You recommended that this be shown in different discussion groups and Islamic centers must judge? What was your comment on the deen show, Jr. Today? For those who haven't seen it. I'll reiterate what I have said in the past. I think it's a wonderful story that touches on many of the true things of challenges that a youngster growing up in this country will also face where they want to have money, they want to have friends, they want to have the girls, they want to have the party life, they want to have all these things that they perceive are going to give them happiness and

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make them feel significant and important in the way that you yourself had. But then to realize that look, you know, once you get it, it's not what it was meant to be. It's not all that it was made out to be. So to see how a person like yourself, who had it, and then walks away from it, realizing that it does nothing to feed the heart to feed the soul. It does nothing to really add to the significance of who you are.

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And to see that what does make that change the difference is Islam. I think that it's it's a transformational experience and movie that you put together there. So I really recommend that it's

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Something that should be seen something that our youth should also be brought into a discussion about, just so that we can learn from history and not be doomed to repeat it. Absolutely, absolutely. That's why we made the deen show so it can be a benefit to mankind help people after watching it, who aren't Muslim thinking about me and Muslim thinking about the purpose of light to really reflect if they're not reflecting, watching the film, God willing, it could be a tool that people can use to help people really reflect upon the seriousness of figuring out the purpose of life before death overtakes us. You get the dean show vineya to Dean volume four Thank you very

00:30:34--> 00:31:16

much. Thank you for being with us. We're gonna have to do another program for the people in the Balkan area soon inshallah. AKA Baba, Philemon daraja. Look forward to it. Thank you so much. Hello, and thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen show. share this episode with all your friends or your family and those who've been away from the creator they've been found they're lost in their desires and their passions know that this life will end this life will end and we will be judged on the day of judgment and there's a Hellfire and there's a paradise and we want to strive to love our Creator the way that he has communicated to us to all his messengers. Muhammad peace be

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upon him being the last and final messenger and we have the verbatim Word of God the Quran and the Sunnah, the authentic sayings of the last the fundamental to get to know this Quran, read the current on Connect, connect with the Quran, connect with your Creator so you can achieve great success in this life and the next and we look forward to see you next time here on the deen show. aquebogue inshallah, don't forget to visit Eddie to pick up dunya to Deen, we'll see you next time. Peace be unto you.