What happens to a person after death

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the process of life after death and how it is a test for human beings to respond to death. They also mention that after death, all humans will be put into hell and their bodies will be seen as proof of their actions. The speaker emphasizes that all human beings are put into hell based on their good and bad deeds and that anyone who refuses to comply with the law will face judgment.
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I am from Karnataka voobly.

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I am a doing Java manager as a medical distributor. My question is very good one, what happened to them? Thank you.

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But the other question, where are the dead people? And what has happened to them? As I mentioned my earlier answers that Allah says in surah mulk, chapter number 67, verse number two, I love the color, color matava that Almighty God has created that alive to test, which of you is good indeed. So this life is a test for thereafter. Now, once a person dies, his test is over. That's just finished. But the results of all the human beings from the first human being on the face of the earth from Adam, peace be upon him, till all of us that are living as well as the last human being go live, all will be resurrected on the day of judgment. And the results will be declared together.

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You know how we have, for example, your voting, voting takes place in north India, separate date, South India separate date, in a separate date, but the counting starts together, and the results are declared together. Similarly, here, this test has taken place, but the molecule is the Master of the Day of Judgment, the Day of Judgment will be together. It's up GitHub.

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who's right who's wrong, we'll take this together. And then depending upon your good deeds or bad deeds, Have you obeyed the commandment of Almighty God or not? You may go to heaven or hell. So all of us would be resurrected at present, they are dormant, dormant, that means they have died, but they will be resurrected Almighty God will give them life again, on the Day of Judgment, so all the human means be resurrected. And on the Day of Judgment. Allah says in the Quran, that no one would object to the justice of Almighty God.

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Because our organs will be a witness, our eyes will give witness our hand will give it myth about ourselves. So even those who will be put in Hell, if they have not followed the commandments. The Quran says they will not object to the justice of Almighty God. They will say Give us one more chance and Almighty God would say it is too late like them this Oh. So on the Day of Judgment all be rejected depending on a good deed bad deeds, you will pass or you will fail you will have no hell. Hope that answers the question.