Riad Ouarzazi – Fajr Gem – it’s not worth it

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of staying true to oneself and not giving up on one's wishes. They also mention a woman who wants to return to life and pray for her to come back from the grave. The speaker encourages people to pray continuously and continuously reminds them of three Wells they have.
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It goes so fast. Just look like Saturday to Saturday again.

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Just like yesterday, I was thinking about this yesterday and I said Baltimore Saturday already.

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This is the Dorian.

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Before we go to the story, I

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just want to shoot something here because it's really important about things going so fast.

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Whereas my grandfather or my great great, great grandfather

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gone tomorrow.

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And the day after tomorrow, your children are

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not given. It's not worth it's not worth that resentment that sometimes we hold in our hearts.

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The crunches is loony is not even worth aside. It's not even worth a heartbreak.

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Whoever comes in ask about us.

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Whoever does not ask about you,

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woman comes to visit us

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It does not come

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it's not a word to feel sad. It's not worth to feel

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you know, any heartbreak. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, By the

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time to

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focus on a llama to mention alpha alpha,

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some in the combat.

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So, manga Komiyama

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always dislike the short just says about the stages and we have created this man from an X ray of clay. And then from clay, we turn the clay into this sexual discharge

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and then from the discharge into a clot and then from a glove into a lump and then from a lump into bones. And then we cover the bones with skin and then we made him this human being

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and after that, what a surgeon says the next step is and you shut down

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and after death, you shall be resurrected

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from plane to death jurisdiction.

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Prophet Muhammad SAW some one day so

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then he asked us to have a ginormous manner

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so that we don't always

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align it to the Prophet Mohammed as this man and the Prophet said something really interested in.

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If this man wants to come back to life, he wouldn't wish to perform to work.

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Because when people die, they also have wishes.

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The first wish they will have when they die

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is to be able to come back and press off.

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Especially for those who did not pray. The very first wish you would have in the grave to be able to come back.

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the Setsuna the whatever they are working now with a life and a lot of us are missing out this summer. But at the end they say the very first thing a person would have as a wish in their brain is to be able to come back and pray. So

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if a person was to come back from the grave either show you and please tell me if I'm wrong. Okay because

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the very first thing that person if that person was to come back from the grave, imagine if a person was to come back from a break. Well, I think that person will not go represent family. They will not go back in business. They will not go back to their work they will not go back to their home. The only thing this person will come if there was a combat from the grave of the death which is gonna happen. You will go and do something that will get them

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because they saw it they saw the reality now they are great. If there was a comeback, you think they'd go back to their business and try to make more money that way.

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This is what

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we call it Danny. Portofino had any Danny in gender. The trees Eliza describes them describes the branches are reclining branches, something low

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Likewise, dystonia is derived from the word there, Nia. So

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it's not worth. It's not worth the fight is not worth you're not talking to your brother. It's not not worth you having fight with your spouse or

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as we say,

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we got what?

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They have three wishes altogether. These people weren't they are dead. Three Wishes the first wish is to be able to come back and

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mess it up 100 of

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these people if they want to be thrown in the fire, they will be asked what fill you in the fire sucker is one of the names of less than other countries soccer, what do you in the fire? The first thing you would say nicolina.

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We're not amongst those who used to pray. That's the first thing they would say. We can pray.

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Now we have the opportunity. Why don't we pray? Yeah, it's coming. But why don't we continuously for South

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Asia and

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and tell your children about it. We're not going to wait until we die them see I wish if

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they have two more wishes. Then we ask you can you guess if somebody dies, what wish would he have to when he wants to what if he wants to come back

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