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The speaker discusses a culture where a man tries to "monster" someone by giving birth to them without their knowledge. They also mention a woman named Aurora who refuses to share her secret and talks about wanting to "ache in love" with her. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being aware of one's surroundings and surrounding environments to avoid becoming dangerously outdoors.

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You can in your do I mention all your Rebecca's and you Joanna's and use Jonathan's and your Smith's and your admins and your most of us and I don't know who else is doing something in your life mentioned all that special thing if you can add it to your drawers, it makes it even better. What is this special thing I'm saying to you? This is called Munna. Munna Jack is something that is wonderful, the Gambia the prophets taught us I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna explain to you what that is. The prophets taught this to us the Allah ma the scholars have laid many different monads what manager Munna Jack is a secret one to one you have with Allah where you open your heart to Allah

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where you talk about the details of what is what has led you to this da Munna jazz is when you start talking about anything that could get Allah's attention with finer details, okay, just to get Allah's attention, right. So what am I talking about? See them no, hello Salam in the Holy Quran. He is going to make a dua okay, this is surah number 71. You will find it there. His dua is quite short at the end. His dua is literally around Billa Tara Allen abdomen and caffeine and the Yara O Allah don't leave a single nonbeliever on the earth he was making a lie that because they've been so bad, so bad on the earth that he said to Allah He was gonna go Allah don't let them live on the earth.

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Let's have a fresh start and that's why Allah sent the floods of Satan I know halogens time where it flooded everyone else and just the believers were saved from the Ark so he's gonna meet that guy he's gonna say about Bill Finley Oh my Lord forgive me while he validate yeah on my on my parents Solomon duckula Beatty and those who bought my Ark Okay, forgive them that's gonna be his bond now before he makes the DUA he's gonna make a Munna jet Okay, he's gonna make a manager. Now this manager to Allah azza wa jal is going to be a you know what is like two pages of the Quran of Ghana. Two pages of the of the Quran as Managua to Allah azza wa jal okay just before I carry on I'm gonna

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ask the sister of the please just give them some fish and bring them back inshallah just get them settled inshallah. So say there are no hallelujah Salam Salam is going to make this magic now he's going to go into the details of his Dawa his Dawa history he's going to explain you know what led him to this dua he's going to now tell Allah in His minut detail details, okay, in his manager this is gonna listen to what he says this insulin number 71 from about five you'll find it he says Rob be in need to call me like you know,

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my lord, I have called this my people I've called My people by night and by day, hakuna lemma down to meet our fear Allah whom Janu Samia woofie and Annie him every time I call them to you Allah so that you could forgive them. They put their fingers into the ears, so they wouldn't listen to me. He's saying this in his blog was the ocean we'll see. And they covered the faces with their clothes so that they wouldn't see me what else Sadhguru was that bubble stick bearer? And they became very stubborn and arrogant. So nine neither how to whom the hell, then I call them out in public or like $1 in public through Miami Island to La Gumo sarong Tula who is Aurora and then I announced to them

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and I went to them secretly one by one. And I said this he's saying this to Allah Taku to self you know Rob Beckham in who can have I said, seek forgiveness from your Lord He's oft forgiving your sin in some

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major Ara in this drought that you're suffering, Allah will send the rains again upon this land where you did you can be a morning, Benny and Allah is going to extend your wealth once again and he's going to extend your children where they are generating where they come and and Allah is going to make re recreate for you Gardens and Rivers on this land. And he's saying a lot of things that is in his lie, he says, Alan Turing gave a holocron mahu severance and

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I said to them Have you not seen how Allah has created the seven heavens above you? What your and Rafi in an aura and how Allah has placed the moon inside as a source of light for you. While there are other shinza See Raja and Allah has made the sun a lantern for you will know what I mean by the Camino Albina and Allah has made vegetation come out from the ground from now he's saying all of this in his Munna to Allah then the most astonishing thing is he says the next thing in his manager to Allah. He says, Walk on Lulu.

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The Kumala

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dumb one

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he says, Oh Allah, I'm calling them to you. And they're saying to one another don't abandon your false gods. Let

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the don't abandon the false code of one. One as a not the false god of Sua. Where where who's Allah say, Allah's Messenger he may die said and Yahoo and Yahoo can NASA five false gods say you didn't know how they said I'm a Prophet mentioned in his manager to Allah the names of these false gods the details of them to Allah. Now why do you think Allah azza wa jal will now repeat those five false gods in our Quran? For us to repeat them until the Day of Judgment? Why would that be the case? Why would Allah do that? Because Allah wants us to say all the details of what's going on in your life to Allah, right? You might have had a long day of work, okay, what do you do after a long day of

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work? You come from a long day of work, you come home, you sit down with your husband, or you sit down with your wife, you sit down with whoever is close to you, and you open up you say, you know, I went in the office, I walked in the office and she was just staring at me.

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She was just looking at me. When I took my first break for coffee. She was looking at a watch how long would it take? She really wants to get your sack isn't it? Then she comes up to me with a pile of work puts them on my desk and she says you got till 330 to finish all of this Malave she just wants me out of the out of the office doesn't she? You say that your beloved right? You know all these things that you share? Allah wants you to share those things, those you know motions and things that are happening the details of whatever you said to someone, someone someone said to you, Allah wants you to share that with him. Because if you can make a human you're close one Why should

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an Allah deserve to be your close one? You know through Munna Jha, you draw yourself closer to Allah with these words, because you're looking at your stress and all those things that are happening in your life and you're about to make a DUA to say oh Allah guide me in my workplace guide me in there, keep my job, you're gonna say all of that, but you're going to reach out and you're gonna say, oh, Allah, you know, I went to my office and they said this to me and I don't understand but I'm doing my best I'm trying to do what I want but I don't know what to do anymore. I said that to her she said that to me, Allah guided please Allah guide me keep me on this job or give me the best job or

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whatever it is. You're going to ask Allah azza wa jal for guidance let's say for example even for ETS for your for your child for something else, I don't know whatever you've got details even if it's to do with you know, reports or whatever happening with your health checks and so on. mentioned those things say to Allah, they said this, the doctors are saying this bottle of Allah, I'm asking you to do this for me. Oh Allah, I don't know what to do. Um, and we will do it. I've got I've got no way of you know, looking ahead and doing something else. Please. Oh, Allah, please help me. This is no Nigel. Because you're opening up your heart to Allah with things that are happening in your

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real life. Okay? And Allah azza wa jal, he wants to hear. He wants to hear your insight. Not that he doesn't know it, but he makes you draw closer to Allah. Okay. It makes you draw closer to Allah. Oh, it's going to get his Bessie let me