A Glimpse of Masjid Omar Ibn Al-Khattab on a Rainy Day in Jerusalem

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The transcript describes a group of people discussing a letter given to them by a member of the Church of Oklahoma who wants them to dress up as Jesus' soldiers and use it as an excuse to build a message about the law. The group prays and talks about protecting their religion and their wealth and churches, but the conversation ends abruptly.

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When Amara de Lyon who came to el coche when the Muslims conquered it, he

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was approached by his general

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and our VEDA on the line who commented on

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hellos. And he talked to him and he said, you know, these are people who, who, you know, they're dignitaries dressed in certain finery and even now when we're looking kind of see there's a lot of jewelry. There's a lot of beauty that's added to the dignitaries here. And so I'm going to be largely set up at VEDA I wish that someone else other than you said that basically he's saying like, can you dress up a little the people have a coats you know, the the Christians here, that's what they're familiar with as far as leaders go, and I'm gonna rely on her setup, but right I wish someone other than you had said that and he said it's famous statement, he said, couldn't comb it.

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We were the most humiliated of people, the Arabs, for us and Allahu Allah. And Allah subhanaw taala honored us with the snub, but you need to Lena is that if you lady hide, so if you seek honor in anything other than Islam, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will forsake us. We come inside the Mexican armada of the lion hood, the church of what's called the church of Oklahoma, where the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is literally right down. It's right around the corner here. And so no matter the law, no came. They wanted him to pray there, they invited him to come inside the church and pray and and model the law and who refused. And he said, I don't want it to be used as an excuse later, I'm gonna

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have such incredible foresight, he said, I don't want it to be used as an excuse later to build a message. Because they say I'm afraid yet. So he stepped aside a little bit to this place. And he prayed, and how much foresight came through, they built a message it and this is the message, it's beautiful.

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This is the agreement that I'm going to talk about the law is made with the people of India, which is one of the old names of Jerusalem when he arrived, he says Hi, that my author, Abdullah, who I met, meaning I had Ilya I mean, this is what the servants of a lot, the Commander of the Faithful a minimum Bob gave to the people have a lot of security. He says, I follow my man and they are forcing him why why do you mechanizing muscle burn him he says that Allah He gave them security over themselves and their wealth and their churches and their crosses. And so their religion is protected. And he says,

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he says while you're going to Hona and ideally him while you borrow, I hadn't met him and he said, and they will not be compelled in their religion or over their religion, they won't be converted by force or anything like that. And none of them will be harmed.

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And he continues until he says they have to expel the Romans because that's who the Muslims conquered it for. So the Roman soldiers as well as the seeds. This is amazing. He's just from an homage. I mean, they know I'm in an island FC Oman, he had Diablo menahan. So he says, and whoever have them leaves or whatever soldier leaves or what have you, then they are protected. They're, they're safe. They won't be betrayed by the Muslims, you're free to go, you're free to go back to wherever you're going. As long as they don't stay. And then he says and whoever decides to stay, he says that they are

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they will have to pay the disease just like anybody else. So even if you're Roman, you can be a citizen of Jerusalem as long as you decide obviously to not fight the Muslims and to pay the Jizya and then he says why that Matthew had Kitab Abdullah who had the much more slowly so he says what he basically says this is a promise from on from God, or by God rather. And the signatures who witnessed this document are hard to even do with these. Um, they've been us under a minute now and I've never Sofia, what an amazing group to witness the document. Now lobby please rip them off.