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So Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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sorry about the delay just a little bit, inshallah we're getting started.

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If you all could allow me Just a moment. I appreciate everybody tuning in. We're continuing with our Ramadan. Questions. hamdulillah trying to answer your questions here in the month of Ramadan. I will just get the stream going live for the folks on Instagram as well.

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Again, as a reminder, if you have any questions, please you know send them in.

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All right.

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Okay, this mean like you will handle in our Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah, Allah, he was happy at mine. We are

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ready to go ahead and get started in sha Allah with another session of Ramadan FAQs, where we are answering the questions that you all have during the month of Ramadan.

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I hope I'm praying shall everyone's having a good Ramadan so far, I apologize for the little bit of delay there. But inshallah, let's go ahead and get started and jump right into it. So

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the first question that we have in regards to the month of Ramadan, it's Ramadan related question. And that question is that I feel like my Ramadan has been busy with work and family and I haven't connected to Allah as much as I could have. What can I do about it now with just a few days left? That's a very good question. And it's actually a question that I have, you know, and I hope people ask that question. I look forward to that question. Because it's a very powerful opportunity for us to be able to remind ourselves that the that

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it's a very important opportunity for us to be able to remind ourselves that it's about quality and not quantity, that it doesn't matter how late or how early one has their realization, one comes to their senses, if you will, someone is able to reconnect. It's really about the fact that at some point, before time is up, we are able to reconnect with Allah subhanaw taala. And so it only takes a moment. It only takes a moment. It only takes one instance one second one moment of sincerity, with

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Allah subhanho wa Taala some of my stuff for attorney, then you ask me for forgiveness once the Hadith What's he says Allah says in a hadith bootsy. So it doesn't matter if there's just a few days left. That's all we really need. That's all we've ever needed. And so this is a trap of our own limited thinking and understanding and limiting the mercy of Allah, that we think that Oh, there's just a couple of days of No, no, you just need one moment, just one second. So I think you should be very grateful that you had this realization before the month of Ramadan is over. And I would urge you to make the most of the opportunity with the time you have remaining.

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Okay, there's there a related question, practical tips to celebrate your aid when still in complete quarantine. So again, I understand there might be different circumstances, different places, and a lot of our communities over here, we now have the ability to be able to congregate and get together and things like that. Places where that is possible, I would sincerely advise, I would urge people to take whatever precautions you need to take, but go and be a part of the community. It's important for our spiritual well being, that we are able to connect with the community as for cautiously as necessary, but still connect with the community. All right. Now, if you're in a particular place, if

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you're in a situation where that's not possible yet,

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then in that situation in that circumstance, some practical tips are first and foremost, there is an article that a paper that we published from Calum

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that talks about how to, you know, approach the issue of aid and eat time when you know, someone is, you know, dealing with this kind of a pandemic or a situation, then how can you basically deal with with their eighth prayer, all right, and practical tips to celebrating their eight. So we have a paper here called eighth prayer during the pandemic, I'm going to be sharing the link in the comments in sha Allah. So please do take a look at that paper that we had published. It's called the EAD prayer during the pandemic, I will post it in the comment section. And there's a lot of practical tips and advice within there. Okay. So please do check that out. I've also posted in the

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comments on the column Facebook page, and the other YouTube channel, so you can check it out. It's also on my Facebook page, so you'll be able to find it there. And Charla. Okay, so that'll deal with a lot of practicalities, particularly regarding prayer and things like that. Other than that, the practical practical tips that I would give is that trying to find some way, whatever the way is, whether it's outdoors, whether it's stopping by and dropping something off or picking something up, are calling people or facetiming people, but just try to connect with people, they know how am I clear on what should be more behind? These are days of celebration. And so there needs to be a

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celebratory, you know, kind of feeling to the day of your either someone so these are such powerful and beautiful days important days of celebration that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam actually forbade fasting on these days. So you can't fast on them. He it's not permissible to fast on the day of ADA. All right. We have some questions that are put are unrelated.

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Someone's asking, I was wondering what the rules were for storing the poor on keeping the Quran. Okay, I was taught that I had to be kept in the highest point in the room.

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Nothing could be put on top of it. You couldn't sit with your feet facing it, and you couldn't sit higher than someone reading it. Is that accurate? Are there any other rules for the maintenance of the Ark? So this is a

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this is an interesting issue. Okay, because again, technically speaking, none of those things that you mentioned there are required. None of those things are required. None of those things are sinful. Right, so you don't have to put it on the highest point within the room. Okay, technically speaking, there's nothing wrong with placing something on top of it. Technically speaking, you know, if someone's feet are pointed in that direction, there's no nothing prohibiting that. Okay, someone's sitting on the ground and reading and you need to sit on the chair. You can absolutely do that. Okay. Um,

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etc. However, however, there is the issue of respect, though, okay, now these aren't rules, because it varies from culture to culture, society to society. But we at the same time can deny that respect does play a role.

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Okay, there's technically no rule

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that, you know,

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if you don't mind, my,

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my mom is sitting on the ground that I shouldn't sit on a chair.

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There's no rule saying that. But I don't feel right doing that. If my mom's sitting on the ground, I'm going to tell her to take the chair, or if she refuses, take the chair, then I'll just sit down on the ground next to her. I know that, I understand that. That's a practical reality. So respect, is something that's very important. And it plays a role in our relationship with things, our emotions, our sentiments, or feelings, or our the respect that we feel for something in the Quran is a word of God, there's ultimate reverence for the Quran. So for that reason, if somebody abides by operates in this manner, like I can tell you about making sure it's the highest placing in the room,

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that's not something that I particularly relate to. Okay, that's fine. That's okay. You know, I have a lot of books here in my library. And they'll put on like, beyond the second shelf, and there might be something else on the top shelf. Right, and those cups are there. But that's not something that upsets me, that's not something that bothers me. I do not feel like that is compromising on the respect of the forum. However, at the same time, though, placing physically something on top of the Quran, I don't like doing that. I don't like doing that. It's just me. Okay, so this was tougher sitting on my desk. So when I place it here, there cannot, I never put nothing else on top of it.

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That's just how I feel. Now, I'm not saying that's a rule. I'm not saying you have to do that. I'm not saying you're going to be sinful if you do that. But that's just how I roll. Okay, one thing that I'm particularly sensitive about, maybe it's, you know, the the generation that I'm from, you know, I studied abroad, I studied overseas, so maybe that is where I picked it up from. But one other thing that I'm particularly sensitive about is pointing your feet towards something. So if I see that a Parana sitting over there, I'm not comfortable pointing my feet towards it. That's just me. So I'm trying to create the balance that I cannot walk up to somebody else and say you're sinful

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for doing that harm. What are you doing? That's wrong? I can't do that.

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But number two,

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if I do

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feel uncomfortable doing those things that I don't do them, somebody else walking up to me and saying, Hey, why don't you do? Why don't you put your feet towards upper arm? Don't you know, that sort of thing? Yeah, it's not the thing. But that doesn't mean I have to there's no narration saying it's obligatory for me to point my feet towards Upper unno. It's my way of showing love to something I love.

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And that's completely okay. So I hope that that helps. All right.

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a lot more questions. There's some questions regarding salon worship. Let me deal with these because again, these are the last few days and nights of the month of Ramadan. So I think that it's important to deal with these kinds of things. How far can we join the prayer in the first circuit for it to be considered praying the photocard if you get the Imam and double core, right, so if you come and join the prayer, and the mom is still in real core,

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then you got the whole prayer. Maybe you got that hold Rakhi Excuse me.

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You got that record? If you get there after the Imam has gotten up from record, you do not get that. Okay. Can we sleep facing the Qibla like feet towards the fibula? Again, there's no rule prohibiting it. There's no

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definitive rule, narration and ruling prohibiting it. But again, it just goes back to what somebody feels comfortable with and what they don't. All right. So can you Yes, should you? You have to ask yourself that. All right. When entering the masjid, should I pray Sunnah of the prayer being led to or prayer to Greek the masjid?

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I think I understand the question. Someone's saying that if I walk into the masjid, and is I'm coming into the Muslim Zohar prayer. Now there are some symbols before the word and then there's also the prayer for greeting the masjid

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Unless you're so sure I do two hands unless either the prayer that is a sin of the heart. The interesting thing is because both are optional, you can actually combine the intention together.

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So you can do the form before to the heart. But just make it for the intention that this is also you greeting the muster to hear them listen for optional prayers you can combine intentions together into the same deed and the same action or luck with Allah disobeying Allah knows best.

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Someone's asking the question, is it a requirement for women to cover their hair while reading the Quran? No, it is not.

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No, it is not. Again. It's kind of a cultural thing. But it is not a requirements. All right. Well, Lockwood, Tada. That is something that is specific to prayer and reciting of the Quran is not Salam. It's our prayer. Okay. Um, the next question is, for knuffle prayers Do we need to make an intention? Um, that's a very good question. Actually. Very good question.

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Technically speaking, it's valid if you don't make an intention, because it's an optional knuffle prayer. But you can make an intention if you want. Okay. But you don't necessarily even need it because it's optional. It's open ended. All right. Someone said how many intentions can be combined for the prayers in optional optional knuffle. prayers, again, optional knuffle prayers, as many as you want. God is great. And Allah's mercy is all encompassing. In the rough, muddy was good.

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All right. Someone said My mom has not been fasting this Ramadan due to health reasons. And she seems very low. How can we cheer her up? What Okay, may Allah subhanaw taala give your mother she felt, and May Allah subhanaw taala give restraint and May Allah make it easy for her and for all y'all.

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This is a very real a very serious issue, folks. I feel like folks don't take it seriously enough, that our elders particularly we have some of our elders, who Mashallah about Allah, may Allah bless them.

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They are so dedicated and so devoted and so committed to their worship of Allah. You know, and then, you know, they've just think about it, somebody who's fasted 6070 Ramadan's in a row,

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right, and then all of a sudden, they're at a point where they can't fast. And usually it's at the point in their lives, where they're not, like, really busy, with a lot of other things. So there's an awful lot much to do.

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And then they can't even fast while they don't have anything else to do. Um, it's just very, it's very tragic. It's very heartbreaking for them, it's very hard on them.

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So please be kind and be empathetic, and be, you know, gracious.

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That's why Allah says, you know, to what Philip maginhawa liminal Rama, be kind and gentle with them when they're old. And so how can you cheer her up, you know, doing things, you know, where maybe you try to,

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you know, you recite Quran together as a family, you know, or,

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you know, do

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try to celebrate the hot some of the Quran, you know,

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little things like that, you know, if, again, I'm not sure what the possibilities are, but taking a you know, them to maybe the masjid or something like that, so that they can kind of enjoy that, or trying to bring some of that excitement to them. You know, my father is not able to go to the masjid even. So I go to him and I recycle onto him.

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So, you don't try to basically just lift their spirits and understand what they want. What they need, is that sense of Ramadan, that sense of connection. So try to create that spiritual environment for them. And that's,

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that's, that's a really big thing that you can do for them. Allah, Allah make it easy.

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Okay, someone's asking very good question. Our friend highest is asking a question, saying in Surah Rahman, when Allah says which of the which

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which of Allah favors Will you deny? And so, when it says which of Las favors, will you deny? It says it from Ravi Kumar to devanney. Right, which of the favor whichever less favors? would both of you deny? Why does all I used to do from both of you who's both of you, both of you is the ensworth Jin sucking to human beings and also the jinn, another creation of a lot that is also sentient that

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There's also mocha left, that also has obligations and responsibilities and is accountable to Allah. That's about all I am willing to say on the topic of gin. So I'm not going to go any further into it. And he generally did follow up questions will not be answered. All right. I'm the one or one of our teachers, you know, always tell us that, you know, there are some of these kinds of topics that once they come up, it just destroys Any other discussion that's going on. All right. Someone's saying what is the difference between the hygiene and Sarah, we have very good hygiene this year around that all we have is a prayer that is specific to the month of Ramadan, and they are not

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mutually exclusive. So you can be doing Terra Leah, and still do tahajjud later that night, but Sahrawi can only be done in Ramadan. While tahajjud is year round. We're lekuton item. Do we need to sleep in order to pray to hydrate? No, we do not. No, we do not. And someone's asked what is the best way to spend the last few days since people are saying the 27 night is passed and not as motivated. So behind Allah, right, I was just talking about this earlier that the month of Ramadan is still here, folks.

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All those blessings, we talked about all the multiplying of deeds and all the prayers being accepted.

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And all the i's being entered. That is still completely all of it in full effect. So yeah, I don't know about y'all, but I don't want to miss out on any last opportunities. I want to have all my dogs answered. I want to get as much of the reward as I can. So um, yeah, even if there's an hour left, an hour, a minute is enough to have our sins forgiven. So I would you sleep on a couple of days. So hon Allah. All right. Let's see here. Someone said during tahajjud prayers. She's me.

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Is it preferable to make the incident or is it the same as the outside of the prayer? Either is good.

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In the sujood, or outside of the prayer, either way is fine. Whatever you're more comfortable with. Someone asked if you don't remember what age you reached puberty?

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What age should a male estimate for Islam? So I think this is in regards to the obligations of worship. Um, so the average age that one can basically kind of go with is 1515 would be that age from where they could calculate what their obligations were. We're lucky. Number seven, Allah knows best. I'm Zach from love him, or coffee calm. Um, someone is asking Mr. Fast in Ramadan since I was traveling, when I make it up. Can I combine the Nia for the sooner festive chawan? Okay, so generally speaking, the person is saying that if I have a makeup fast of Ramadan, which is an obligation, can I combine the intention along with, you know, an optional fast like the fasting of

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Sure. Well, generally speaking, the answer's no. The majority of the scholars say No, you cannot combine between an obligation and an optional act, their intentions cannot be combined. There are some scholars, there are some scholars who made an exception for Muslim women for the sisters, particularly because they will they will miss so many fast in the month of Ramadan, that is outside of their control. So that to kind of make it a little bit easier for them. They could basically combine them in intention to get that double reward, fulfill their obligation and get the reward of Sure. Well, so they made an exception for Sr. Some scholars did. I personally do find merit in that

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However, generally speaking, the scholars say no,

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a ball fast is still obligatory, and you cannot combine that intention together with the optional fast Allah who tell me saw someone asking can we use for another isand? sujood? Yes, you can. That confusion arises from the fact that the prophets a lot he said not to recite the Quran in recording surgery. But reciting is different than saying do odd that just happens to be from the Quran? understand the difference between the two? All right. Um,

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someone's asking a question that I think is a very, very good question. Is it okay to do the good while doing other things on a wall cleaning the house driving, etc. Even if my mind is not on the words, I'm saying I know it is better to be fully present when I make the good. But is there a benefit in doing so or physically doing something else too? Even if I'm not always concentrating on what I'm saying? Yes, of course, there is absolutely still benefit in it. And I would say it doesn't have to be either or just make a few moments a few minutes every day where you will focus on what you're saying. But then the rest

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time when you're doing the other activities, instead of just talking nonsense or listening to music or just wasting your time, right, making vicat even if it seems like a little bit kind of like in the background, so to speak, but that's still a better use of your time. And it's still the name of a lot and it will still give you benefit. Chalabi dilla

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someone said, Can I make do I in English during Salah?

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So there's a difference of opinion on that

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in the form of the obligatory prayers, no, you should not in the optional prayers some scholars say you can some say you, it's better not to. I personally inclined towards a position I would recommend to not make do I in English during the actual salon, even if it's an optional prayer, like guided prayer, but rather just make it right after the prayer because the prof syllogism did say that,

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you know,

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actively do it. Cooley Salatin, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that increase your odds and supplications at the conclusion of prayers. I've done have been Masuda Manohar Malinois to make do after your prayers, your first obligatory prayer so you can make it right after the prayer. Someone's asking we saving this live for future reference. Yes.

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They're all saved here on

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the Instagram account that you're watching from.

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And so you there's a playlist as well, you can watch them all there. And for folks that are,

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you know, another option is also you can go to the Pelham YouTube channel, the column YouTube channels, I just always recommend people there because you just have a lot of flexibility, be able to play it, pause it, come back to it. Speed it up. As my good friend to cream. We just came into the comments. Does unfortunately he he watches the sessions on like double speed. And then he records a video of it. And then he sends it to me so that I can hear what I sound like at twice the speed. I'm not sure what he's trying to tell me but

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I hope something good because the hearings a nice person and I love to hear him. So I hope he's saying something nice about me. All right. So with that, as y'all can probably tell

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I'm pretty much done with the session now. All right, once I started messing around joking around, then we pretty much know that the session is over. Okay. Now everybody comes with the questions in that language at

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the moment I say alright guys, I'm gonna wrap up. I'm done now. All of a sudden, I see like eight questions popped up. What? Okay, Harris? I thought we were friends. What is the legal status of that? Got them fit them? Is there a compensation for it? If it is missed? Okay.

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So got them fitted, we're going to be posting a video about it. So keep a lookout for that check out the filter is mandatory. The custom filter is mandatory. If you missed it, you still owe that amount. You still got to pay that amount, but you kind of miss the window for it. So just make Toba ask Allah for forgiveness for so pay that amount. How can I make my 12 year old enthusiastic to fasten on Madonna? When there's actually further on him too fast as when it when is it actually fertile on him too fast as he hasn't reached puberty yet. When he reaches puberty, that's when it will be forgotten him. Otherwise 15 is kind of like the default age. Okay, how do you get him

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excited, enthusiastic, again, try to incentivize it, you know, giving gifts, acknowledging it appreciating it, you know, turning it into kind of a festive occasion of celebration.

00:28:47--> 00:28:52

You know, little kind of like if star get togethers with friends and family.

00:28:53--> 00:28:57

You know, little things like that just like how we motivate them for anything.

00:28:58--> 00:29:13

You know, try to use you know, all those different tactics. And may Allah make it easy, may Allah it's, it's, it's a tough, you know, thing and it's a responsibility we have but inshallah Hang in there. Kids are easy, it's probably a good kid.

00:29:14--> 00:29:21

And Mashallah, you've, you know, raised him well, and so just hang in there, keep trying, and inshallah he'll come around.

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Um, someone's asking the question.

00:29:29--> 00:29:59

Is it okay to have for unreal citation playing in the background at home while doing things throughout the day. So interestingly, the narration is more about not putting open on Windows or on is being recited live, as opposed to an old verse citation playing so it's not the same thing. So technically, it's a little bit more flexibility with that number one, and then number two. Again, I like to think about what it is replacing, and as long as you make some time to actually read the Quran or listen to the Quran folk were attentively but

00:30:00--> 00:30:02

You know, at the same time, though,

00:30:03--> 00:30:32

I think it's okay. Especially if you're playing like old recordings from like YouTube and stuff. Is it mandatory that we pay it ourselves as a content filter? Yes, it is. But if somebody pays on your behalf and you're okay with it, that's fine. But otherwise, you should take care of it yourself. Someone said, I have a question. Regarding the beginning of Ramadan. My understanding was that if you get a Shahada about the moon sighting, then that's the start of the month, whether that's from Madonna or EAD.

00:30:34--> 00:31:13

Okay, I'm not sure where the question isn't there. Okay. I think it just came through now if we have two different dates Ramadan there he doesn't that mean that there will be two dates relating to the other Sunday on show united front, whether it's either Ramadan, or the you must, should be doing a lot of things, right? The oma should be doing a lot of things. You know, the woman should be showing you united front, when it comes to Missouri doxa You must be showing the United Front when it comes to Philistine when it comes to our brothers and sisters in China when it comes to Kashmir in Afghanistan and Iraq. And your list goes on and on and on all the places. So there's a lot of

00:31:13--> 00:31:24

things, but I'm not making light of your question, brother. It's a good question. I just think that you know, these are complicated kinds of things. And we hopefully things get better

00:31:26--> 00:31:48

sooner rather than later in sha Allah now what about Lila to other in the middle like us? Yeah. God's mercy is vast and inshallah Allah will give everyone the reward of Laila to each other based on their intention is clear malayalam congregation permissible difference of opinion, difference of opinion, in the month of Ramadan. Most say that it's acceptable.

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But outside of Ramadan, some say it's okay. Some say that it is not okay. It's kind of an even split the hanabi not enough days. Ah, now, outside of Ramadan, the chef here he had the right to KSA can be done with luck with that on. Okay, do I need to be video for missed fast in Ramadan? Or later is okay, too?

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I'm not sure exactly what the question. So if you're able to elaborate

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All right.

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Could we pray some prayer before I started before I say yes. After also no. Before also, yes. And after also, no. All right. Very good.

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And so I wasn't sure exactly about the video question. But nonetheless, hopefully, inshallah you're able to tune in. We're going to be having a couple of more of these as we have a couple of days left in the month of Ramadan.

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I'll be doing it tomorrow and in sha Allah tentatively will confirm with it by posting it on the social media outlets. But tentatively on Tuesday, we've gotten a number of questions that have accumulated that are related to women's fick.

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And so as we did last time once before, I'll be having your Southern artefact on you know, the session to be able to, in sha Allah help us answer the questions. So keep a lookout for that as well as always in sha Allah, remember, alum and everyone I come in all the work we're doing I couldn't remember it in your class.

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Today Tonight, these last few days and nights and also

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contribute to the work we're doing. Plant your seeds of Southern Nigeria, go to support column.com support the work that column is doing forward the link to others as well. Does Akuma located on coffee comm was salam wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh