Lesson from African Children

Adnan Rashid


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Speaker 1 shares a story about sharing and being caring for a child who was given a bottle of Coke. They encourage people to share and inspire them. The story is about sharing and caring for children who have no source of the source.

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Salam Alaikum everyone, I have a lesson for the entire planet for the whole world.

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These kids will teach you how to share. We just saw them having coke together, although it's not good for them. But this is a lesson the whole world needs to learn from them. This is how they share with each other. Look at this, this little kid, she was given this bottle of Coke.

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And she's sharing the drink with all the kids with her. You don't find this phenomenon in this world where people actually share and you know, cherish whatever they have. So this is a lesson we can learn from these African children in Tanzania. Subhan Allah, start sharing, sharing is caring and there is baraka, there is blessing in sharing. So just wanted to quickly share this with you to inspire you. I know Coke is not good for them and they don't have it every day. Okay, somebody's going to law