Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P12 120D Tafsir Hud 96-101

Taimiyyah Zubair
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chatango rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim

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what occurred and certainly all of a sudden now We sent Musa Musa alayhis salam be a attina with Our Ayat was Soltani Mubin and a clear authority, which I asked was most artists Salam sent with which miracles, the staff that turned into a snake, as well as the adult by Allah, His hand that would glow. And Allah subhanaw taala also sent him with Sultani will be in a clear authority. What was his clear authority? What was his clear Sultan, so thought is also used for evidence for authority because when you have evidence for something, then you are all of a sudden superior to the other in argument, because you have proof, you have something to back your claim with. So sulphonyl been a

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proof, meaning he was not a fabricator. He was not someone who was pretending to be a prophet, rather Allah subhanaw taala had sent him with a clear message. And he had all the right to do Dawa, to fit our own. Because you see, if someone comes and tells you what you're doing is wrong. What's your first question? Who are you to tell me? What proof do you have? What evidence do you have? So Musa Sudan was given so donoughmore been a clear proof, a clear evidence, a clear authority, because Allah subhanaw taala had chosen him, Allah subhanaw taala was the one who sent him to who elaphiti owner to fit our own Wehmiller he and his establishment his chiefs, meaning Musa alayhis salam, his

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message was not just for for their own, but also his people. And his people were the mullah of Egypt. They were the chiefs, the elite, the leaders of Egypt. Why? Because the other nation that lived in Egypt was who?

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The Bani Israel. It was the Coptics and the Israelis, but the Bani Israel who were they?

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What was their status in that country in that place? They were slaves. So who was the mullah? It was the Egyptians it was the Coptics. So Musa Salam was sent as a messenger to fit our own. We're Mila. He he. And he delivered the message very clearly. And we have learned about this in other places. But what happened? The people instead of following Musa alayhis salam, who did they follow for terbaru. So they followed a more of your own the command of their own, meaning they did exactly what for their own told them. They didn't listen to Musar listener, they just listen to for their own. And Allah says warmer and more fit or owner, and the command of fit our own was not at all be

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Rasheed at all discerning at all correct at all, rightly guided, Rashid is from rushed, and what is rushed, right guidance. So Rashid is one that is headed on the right course. So if you follow, you're going to end up at the right place.

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But if someone's going on the wrong side of the road, and you start following them, are you going to end up in the right place? No, you're gonna end up in a bad accident. So likewise, for their own what he was telling his people wasn't right. Not at all, it was clearly wrong. Yet people follow it for our own instead of following musasa. For example, one thing that frown told his people to do was to kill the boys of the Bani Israel.

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Kill the boys, the baby boys of who? The Bani Israel. And we learned that this happened twice, not just once, but twice, once, at the time around the time when Musala Salam was born. And secondly, around the time when Masada Sam came as a messenger, he wanted to oppress the Bani Israel even more he wanted to show them

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that they didn't have any right before him. He had full control over them, and he could do whatever he wanted to to them. So he told his people go and kill the boys of Bani Israel. And they followed him. They listen to him. Now tell me is that sensible?

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If somebody tells you to commit murder,

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just because they're telling you Does that mean you should do it? No way.

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And especially if they're telling you to kill boys, babies, not one, but all the boys of a nation. Does that make sense? Is that even logical?

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Does the sound intellect accepted at all? No, it doesn't. But the people offered our own they actually followed him. And this is just one example.

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Another is fit our own told his people and Arla, I am your God, I am your Lord. So worship me. I am your greatest Lord, worship me. And what did they do? They worshipped Him. They actually listened to him. Now, does that make sense that a human being who has a handle

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Like you have,

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who has a body like you have, who can get hurt the way you can get hurt, who needs to eat and drink the way you eat and drink? Someone who has parents and children and spouse? Does that make sense that their God? No. How does that make sense? But still, the people are fit our own followed fit our own, instead of following Musa alayhis salam. Why?

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Why is it that they followed fit our own? Why is it that they chose to follow their own?

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Because he was a tyrant. Okay. But remember, we learned earlier that there were still some youths from among his nation, who still believed in Lusardi Salam. So how come they did and the rest of them couldn't?

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The main reason? Why do you think they followed fit around, and they supported him?

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You see, if you think of it like this, one is a person who's very rich has got a lot of power, a lot of influence. And there's another person who's been herding sheep for the past decade. Who comes in as a poor man from a slave nation? Who do you think people will be impressed by someone who's, you know, decked from with gold from top to bottom? Or someone who's wearing ordinary clothes? Who will people be impressed by

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the first one, the wealthy one, because majority of the people, they have very shallow thinking. They're very superficial. We judge others, by their appearance, by the material power that they have. We don't look at their clock. We don't look at the knowledge that they possess. We don't look at the valuable contributions that they can make. We don't appreciate these things. What do we look at?

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Just a parent, materialistic, obvious things. And that's exactly what the people have founded. They weren't impressed by Musa al Islam, even though he showed them clear miracles, even though what he said made a lot of sense. Even though he was a prophet of Allah, He possessed knowledge, he told them what was right. And fit her own was telling you about something that was clearly wrong. But still they followed fit our own. It's amazing how you would think that the noble class the people who are, you know, of the elite, they have knowledge, they have wisdom, they have more experience. But it's amazing how the exact opposite thing is happening over here, that they're the ones who were

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following fit our own interior error. They're the ones who were supporting a tyrant, because who was fifth our own without his mother?

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If his mother said that, no, we're not going to support you. Could he enforce anything? Could he do anything? No, because he was just a human being. His people supported him.

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Because they were in awe of him. Because they were not using their mind that Allah subhanaw taala had blessed them with they were just impressed by for their own and his power. And there was obviously more for them to gain. Because you see, when the magicians they came to fit our own, what did they say?

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Will we get any reward.

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So they expected something in return by making their own happy. Likewise, all his courtiers, all his people, they expected some benefit in return from fit or own if they followed him.

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So because they chose to follow him here, what will happen in the Hereafter, Allah says Ye could do more coma who he will proceed his people yuck do move from qaddoum to go forward.

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And Yakumo means that he will be at the front he will be leading.

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He will go ahead of his people, meaning he will be in the front and his people will be following him Yakko DUMO coma who yomo pm on the day of judgment and where is it that he will be taken on the day of judgment towards Jana or towards not towards now towards hellfire? So because they follow him blindly in this dunya on the Day of Judgment, they're going to follow him. He's gonna go to hellfire, and they will follow him into hellfire for Olaudah humo now, so he will lead them into the fire will be Sal will do my route. And what a wretched place it is to which they are led

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these words over here oh Radha with Mo rude. They're from the root letters. Well, raw dal and with is basically a watering place, a place where there's water and people come there animals come there to drink water. So for example, thirsty travelers, thirsty animals, they're all coming to this place in order to drink water.

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So what is my

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Should overhear

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that what a terrible place it is to which they will be taken to quench their thirst. What a terrible place they will be taken to to quench their thirst. On the Day of Judgment will people be tired and thirsty?

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Will we be thirsty on the Day of Judgment? Yes, people will be very thirsty, all of us are going to be thirsty. But some people are going to be given water by who by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, from where from the hold,

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the source of which is a river in paradise.

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And the people who drink from the household who are given water to drink by the prophets have a lot of sun and water that is whiter than milk and sweeter than honey and colder than ice. If they will drink from it, they will never be thirsty again.

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never be thirsty again. But there will be others who will be taken to hellfire in that thirsty state.

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Allah says what a terrible place to be taken to what a terrible place to be brought to to quench thirst and fit our own is going to lead his people into hellfire.

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What do we learn from this?

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Whoever we follow today,

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we're going to follow them tomorrow. Whoever is our role model today, whoever is our leader today, whoever we appreciate today, whoever we imitate today, they are going to be our leader on the Day of Judgment also. So for their own his people followed him they're going to follow him there also because Alvaro Mara mana hub, a person will be with those whom he loves. A person is going to be with who with those whom he loves.

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And there are others who are going to be following the Prophet sallallahu wasallam we're going to be following know how they center we're going to be following sure I've already said I'm and who are they? The followers of these prophets?

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What ought to be true and they were made to follow fee heavy in this meeting in this life learn nothing occurs in this dunya a curse was made to follow them meaning they were deprived from Allah's Mercy way Yo my piano and also on the Day of Judgment, meaning in this dunya they drowned they followed fit our own out of their houses to go and catch up the Bani Israel eel. And what happened they followed him right into the middle of the sea when it was split open. And what happened then they drowned over there. What ought to be a roofie had the learner in this dunya learner or that punishment? Well yo mal pm and also on the Day of Judgment, there will be punishment for them. Bit

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Salif duel more food. What a terrible gift it is. That is more food more food meaning it is given as a gift. What a terrible gift it is that they are given

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a gift referral is basically a gift a present.

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What is it that someone gets a present a gift? When? When is it that you can expect presents and gifts from your friends and family and loved ones? It'll be interesting to hear your answers. When

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Okay, special occasions, celebrations. And what else when you're welcoming someone.

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When you accomplish something, when you've done something, you get a new job, you pass your exams finally, you graduate from high school you graduate from university, you complete a course then what happens? You receive gifts awards.

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On your accomplishment. What do we see here that the people have in our own?

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Allah says big serif dole more food? What a terrible gift they are given, meaning the award they will receive for their efforts for their accomplishments for their achievements is what Lana BARDA Lerner.

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Did the people offered our own do something. Did they make something in this? Dunya?

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Yes. I mean, think about the buildings that they made.

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Their agriculture, the lands that they owned, the businesses that they had the money that they used to make so many things, I mean, look at their art, it's amazing. What's the award that they're getting from Allah subhanaw taala at the end, learner bar the learner curse after curse, punishment after punishment. Why? Because they followed for their own, they didn't use their mind. And you see, what you get in result of your effort is what determines the worth of your effort. If you get something at the end, so for example, you make some money, you gotta give to like

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Okay, hamdulillah my effort was worth it because I made the money. But if you don't make any money, what do you think about your effort? What a fail? How useless? What a complete loss of time and effort. I didn't make anything.

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So what matters is not the many buildings that the people have their own made and the left behind the art that they had the civilization that they had. That's not really what matters. What matters is what do they get at the end? Allah subhanaw taala tells us what did they get? What gift what award? Learner bar the learner? This is why we should be most concerned about the end of our actions, how do they end?

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What's their value near Allah subhanaw taala because we could make huge things we could accomplish a lot of things in life. But if Allah subhanaw taala does not give any value to them.

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If he does not award them with reward and acceptance, then what benefit are those deeds, they're useless. Who are the worst losers, those people whose deeds they just got lost in the dunya in the Hereafter, they got no reward at all for their efforts

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that he committed combat in Quran. Allah says that is from the news of Al Quran, Al Quran, Florida, North Korea, and what is Aria? A town, Korea refers to the people of the town, so it's the population, the community. So this is the news of various people. Now also who are like that we relate on you or Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, we tell you about them. And men have from them meaning from among these Qura these people of the past, there are some that are called him. There are still standing, what has lead, and others that are asleep. How sleep, meaning they're like a harvest. There's no trace of them. Or him. One that is standing, meaning some of the past nations,

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they're gone. But what they made still stands today. Is that true? Yes, tape example of our own experiments and many other things that he built. They're still standing today call him. But there are others which are house lead House leaders from house lord that and house lead is basically when a garden or when a field has been harvested. It has been harvested mean the plants they've just been cut off completely. And when they've been cut off. How do you know whether there were strawberries growing over there? Or whether there was potatoes over there onions over there? What do you know? You can't tell? Because there's no trace of them. There's no sign of them. It's finished completely

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wiped off. So likewise, there are some people of the past tools traces don't even remain till today. Like for example, the people of New Harley Santa for 950 years he did Dawa to them, but is there any sign of them? Is there any trace of them today? There is one trace that people find which is off the ship. But that is a who those who believed in new Harless Allah. For those who disbelieved what's remaining of them nothing at all. Well, while I'm now home, we did not do loom on them when I can one or more and Fusa home, they did lol on themselves. When Allah destroyed them, despite their worldly accomplishments, it wasn't that Allah was being unfair with them. They brought this upon

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themselves from a alnet own home, so it did not benefit them, Ally her to whom their gods which Gods allottee are the Runa and dunlea. That which they used to call upon besides Allah, the gods whom they held on to whom they clung to whom they favored, above Allah subhanaw taala. They were not willing to give them up at all. Did their gods help them? Did their idols help them? When they are that came on them? Could their idols prevent that or that from happening? No. So what's the lesson in this, anyone that we prefer over Allah subhanaw taala. Remember, they're weak. They're incapable, no matter how mighty they might seem to us, no matter how strong and powerful, they might seem to

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us, it might appear to us remember they are weak.

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So at the end, even if the whole world is unhappy, it doesn't matter. What matters most is that Allah is pleased with a servant, because from our own Adan whom led her to home, a letting the rownum and Donella minchie in anything at all, meaning not even a little bit.

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la magia I'm robic when the Command of your Lord came when as do home and these gods these idols on their worship this ship that they committed? In fact, they did not increase them later on that be Lyra other than that be what is that be destruction? ruin the bet yada

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Vela Hubin, what's

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the same route that be? And what does that we mean? gradual destruction, that when a person gradually goes towards destruction, one step after the other, he's heading towards failure, he loses one thing, then another thing then another thing, so at the end is finished. So these gods false gods whom the people relied upon whom they clung to whom they held on to, what did they increase them in destruction mean they gradually led them into destruction. Because you see, anything, anyone that we love more than Allah subhanaw taala what happens? They become a means of torture for us because they take us away from Allah. They make us unhappy, they disappoint us. So at the end, what

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happens? A person is only increasing in his loss in his failure. Look at the people of Makkah, what happened to them, they held on to their schicke they held on to their idols, those who did, and at the end, Macau was conquered.

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They didn't have any authority over MCCA they didn't have any of their wealth left their people left them their own sons converted. What did they have left? Nothing. Look at fit our own and his nation.

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What happened to them? They clung to their faith. They opposed Musa alayhis salam at the end what happened? They had nothing left. So anyone that we love more than Allah subhanaw taala that we prefer over Allah remember, they are taking us towards failure and destruction.

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Gradually step by step and a person doesn't even realize May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from this

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Tina was born in Mubi Isla

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de nieve

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a morpheme

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she paid

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Senator we do hold well ought to be on

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big certainly don't know.

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Then he can mean

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mean or

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house Lee the one on one

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he had to

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to be

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alone Morbihan digna shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta stuck with the governor to Blue Lake a Salam or Aleikum Warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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