The Fiqh of Salah #06 – Tahara (Purity)

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the fourth shorter Robin, the fourth condition as to how to manage asset if he bet me he will be he will mold his salata he,

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purity from the jossa in three things on his body, on his job, his garment and where he is praying. So, the first condition the first shot was to have a taharah mineral Hadith, the fourth condition at the Haram in a Niger's nudges and there are two separate conditions. A Tahara middle high death means you have to have will do which is spiritual purity of Bahaman and that just means you cannot have physical impurity because you can be in the state of will do, but you have physical Natasa on you.

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So the fourth condition, or taharah Domina jossa you cannot have any nudges and three places on your body and your clothes and molded sadati the area that you are praying in, okay, except for Elana jazz, that's a mouthful one. Except for an adjuster that is extremely small and overlooked. And he gives an example KFC to Demi when we like a small quantity of blood and things of this nature. Because small quantities of an adjuster are almost impossible to avoid.

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small quantities of an adjuster are almost impossible to avoid. And this is where Shavon unfortunately causes many of us to have OCD.

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And we go too much in this regard. Okay, what swatch of shaytaan what is OCD,

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obsessive compulsive disorder, you're always thinking that my hands dirty. My my underwear is now dirty my did so you're always having what's worse. And our processes said this is what's worse from Shaytaan and a small amount of an adjuster and that's why he puts it here. A small amount is overlooked. Now, simple example of this. Is that a

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who's in your house, right? understood that when they're being potty trained or whatever, there's going to be an adjuster here and there, you have cleaned it up. Okay. Now, if somebody were to do a chemical analysis, you will find the jossa here and adjusted there and adjusted there.

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Right, but you have cleaned it up in whatever way that *ty allows and the cleaning up by the way of a

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child's urine is you just pour a bucket of water it's not even a bucket. He's urinate you just pour water wherever he's done it and the Shetty says that's enough

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shaitaan comes up says oh, that's still not just know the Sharia has allowed it. Okay, or and again, let me sometimes feel a bit explicit. So excuse me for this but first is explicit, it is impossible to cleanse yourself 100% After the bathroom.

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There will be remnants of either things the urine or the stool, especially if you only use tissue paper, which is halal as we discussed in the heart when we did the Hatha many years ago whenever. I know it's surprising for those of you that did not attend but by unanimous consensus of all of the scholars of Islam without any difference of opinion, it is completely halal. To restrict ourselves to toilet paper, even after defecation completely Halal

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without any Hijjah without any literal is headed now, because that's what the Shetty has come with. It's not necessary to use water of course it's better to use water by Gemma is better to use water. That's why we use water and hamdulillah the Muslim culture has adopted this. But Phil says it's headed to restrict yourself to dry material. Now, if you restrict yourself to dry material, think about it. You There is no way by the way even if you use water chemically Of course there's going to be remnants, right. So does the sherry require you to cleanse that impossible? Impossible. This is what a mouthful we and her means that trivial quantity in the area of an adjuster that's going to be

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expected Okay? In the area of Naja is going to be expected and it is forgiven. And this is an important phrase because unfortunately many Muslims

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Do have OCD issues when it comes to Salah they have what swass And they never stand up to pray properly. Whenever they stand up shaitaan comes to them they say Salaam and they go do it again come back and this is a problem you get nothing done. And so here that is why he said and also blood can you see the dumb he makes a simple example, right? Blood if your nose starts bleeding or you have a cut that's bleeding This is a small it's not everybody believes if you were to stop your celebration slide because of a little blood loss you could never break so trivial blood is always going to be forgiven. So this is why he makes this example that and the same goes for the praying Salah as well.

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So suppose you are any have blood on your clothing as well. Little bit of blood spots no problem. It's not going to make an especially again, you have a toddler who's bleeding or whatever I mean these things happen or no Joseph, the toddler comes on to you. And you just clean it with water. Little bit of Naja mouthful and now the phrase is clear. Of course the questions will arise what is little bit of an agenda. And that's where the fuqaha differ. And that's also where even within the meth lab you'll find but you understand the concept and that is what is trivial and overlooked should not be made a factor in the Salah. Is that clear? That's the main point. Okay. And the simple

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example is you're seated them a little bit of them. What insula why they Hinojosa what Aamir Khan Alima beha Oliver behind some ESEA for Salah to who sahih ha. And if he prayed with an adjuster, and he didn't know there was no just so

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simple example is that he prayed wearing his sober whatever, then his wife tells him Oh my God, why did you pray that our son or daughter sat on that and there was urine on it?

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And I wanted to put on the in the washing but you word for the salah. Okay, so he prayed without realizing that there was urine on it. Or I leave it behind someone else. Yeah. Even if he was told but he forgot. And he wore the shirt and he forgot for Salah to who Saha why because at the time he thought all of the shirts are met. And he didn't know there's no shield missing. So we said that something that's beyond his control and ignorance and forgetfulness is beyond your control. You will not be penalized by the *tier Okay, which means if it was in your control and you knew it, then you will be penalized and so your Salah will be bought in so if you prayed in a shirt or a garment

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or an undergarment, you know there's notice and it's not a trivial amount and you have an alternative but you do not do it. Your salah, his body, your Salah, his bowel till it is not accepted because you were lazy you knew it and you didn't follow the shoot. However, if you found out in the Salah, when Allah may be happy for sadati Azada were burner Allah Sala t if he discovered during the Salah, then he gets rid of that one garment if he's able to without breaking the other shoe which is his outer.

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And he continues praying and his Salah is valid. This is based on the Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim with Ali, that one day, the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam was praying and in the middle of the Salah, he took off his shoes and put them to the side.

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By the way, this shows us he was praying in his shoes in his masjid, which was his common habit by the way, all the time he would pray in his shoes because the shoe, the floor was gravel. The floor was sand, it wasn't carpet, they would pray with their shoes. When the process took his shoes off, all of the Sahaba behind him took their shoes off and put it to the side.

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Just following blind following that's what Islam tells us to do. When the salah finished the Prophet SAW Selim said Why did you take your shoes off? They said you took your shoes off. We just following you. You took your shoes, we took our shoes. So he said God came to me and informed me that my shoes have some nudges some other which was some nudges on that's why I took it off. Meaning I have a reason. Now.

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What does this show us

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while you can pray with your shoes on that's true.

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If you come to know during the Salah, that one of your garments has nudges you take it off and how about what you've just prayed with the nudges on

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so accepted because the process of them

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he didn't make it up. Clear, very explicit Hadith he did not make it up. Okay. So simple example. Same example of

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The child urine you're on the shirt, your wife screams out to why your insula. Oh, you that shirt has now just on it and you have your undershirt on. So in the Salah, you will unbutton the shirt. This is an action for the Salah, or you will take your thobe as long as you're wearing your undershirt on your pajamas or whatever, and you will get rid of this garment and your Salah will continue unaffected

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at whatever point you realize, because now if you're not able to do this without

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exposing your hour, then you must stop the Salah and you must do the Tasleem break the solder, then go and change and then start all over again. Okay, because you're not allowed to expose your outer you know when you have time anyone yet when you have no reason to do you have an alternative you have other clothes in this case you're not allowed to continue and you will have to break those Salah and then change and then come back and

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as well if you remembered as well if you remembered, okay, so again you're humble again the reality is these are these are real life scenarios that suppose that you went to the restroom let's say in your workplace, you weren't able to clean yourself properly and you know you haven't cleaned yourself properly. Okay. So you you you you know that you are not in the state of bajada in terms of from an adjuster by the way that should never happen because even if you use toilet paper you are fine. But suppose you would have or an accident happens let's say a little bit of urine comes out once in a while. If something happens, then you forget and then you stand up to pray. You remember

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in the Salah, oh my god my undergarments have no just on them. You have to stop because you cannot take your undergarments off without exposing your holiday. You have to break the salah.

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And you have to start from the beginning after you change into something that is pure. Okay, so

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the next phrase is well Outubro Kulu Masjid de Sala to via in LoL Maqbara to while Hammermill while Hirsch will Altana will even now he now moves on to the next phrase which is where can one pray? What out to do Kulu ha Masjid the whole world is considered a masjid.

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Where do we get this from? Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim Jewry little owl do jewellery, that little outdoor masjid and water Hurrah. Allah has made the whole world a masjid and a pure place for me.

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This is only for us Muslims. The previous owners were not allowed to pray, except in their places of worship.

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And they had special rulings our process and said Allah blessed me with certain things he didn't bless anybody before me with and have them he said the whole earth has been made a masjid and a hole for me.

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So we can pray anywhere in the world, on glaciers and the desert, on mountains, on grass in the fields. Sand Dunes everywhere in the world is halal. And this is only for our OMA no OMA before us was given this blessing and

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the and therefore the whole world is headed. So then what is not allowed, he mentions four places.

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Number one, Al Maqbara

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and Maqbara the graveyard and the reason why we do not pray in the graveyard is because there is it is a stepping stone to venerating the dead. Not because the graveyard is nudges. But because the graveyard is a place that we do not bow our head down in because there's keyboard everywhere. Okay, so we're not supposed to lower our head in front of a human dead or alive. Correct. So therefore the graveyard and pretty much all the time have this. Not because the graveyard is notorious, but because we don't want to lower our head intentionally in front of another human even a dead human. We don't lower ahead in front of that. So the graveyards are off limits. And Hammam what is the

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Hammam? No, not the bathroom. Not the toilet. bath house. Her mom is the bath house.

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The Turkish Hammam

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right when the books are felt mentioned her mom. They don't mean bathrooms or toilets. They mean

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what we would call shower places. Right? Why? Because in the shower places, obviously the water is going to be coming that is going to be composed of nudges basically, right? It's not appropriate to that

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Oh, by the way, these examples, we can make chaos on our lives. Okay? So we don't play in the places where the water is coming, and that water is cleansing the nudges.

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So we're not going to pray in those places. Well hash and hash is the land that was used for restroom because they didn't have flushing toilets. What would the people of those times would do? They would have certain plots of land that were known to be restroom areas. That's called Hirsch. And of course Hirsch because you do not know where is not just and where it's not. So in our times, basically the restroom. Now, here's the point. So if somebody were to say that our restrooms do not actually have an adjuster in them,

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we respond true, but they are places of no jossa just like the Hammam technically, the Hammam does not have an adjuster in Bahama, we mean the old hammer, Turkish hammer, technically, the Hammam does not have an adjuster there does it.

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You understand what I'm saying? Still, the hammer is the place of an adjuster,

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right? It's not the healthiest or the cleanest place not delta trigger, the cleanest place to pray. So we say similarly, you are correct. Our modern toilets or modern restrooms, do not actually have nudges in them. But we still do not allow prayer because these are the places of an agenda and the Salah is not befitting in places of an agenda like the Hammam clear, okay, so Salah is not allowed in Maqbara in her mom in her and outline and ebill outline and ebill is camel pens, camel pens, and this is also one of the unique positions of the humbly madhhab camel pens is one of the unique positions of the humbly madhhab none of the other medallions hold it because

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our prophets of the law why they he was held is reported to have said and it doesn't sign Muslim, that

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a man asked the Prophet system or messenger of Allah, can I pray in sheep's pen? And he said Nam Yes. Then the man said Can I pray in camels pen? He said no. I did this assign Muslim. So based on this, the humbly might have took it and they still call us camels pen not allowed just because the Hadith there's no rational reason. Okay, the Campbell is a thought had animal it's not it's not as if the camel as much as obviously the camel is a diet animal. And therefore and this will also shock you because we haven't studied feeling you're studying for the first time. The

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defecation and urine of our head animals is also thought

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I know that sounds bizarre to most of you. But if you lived on a farm, you would know this instantaneously. You wouldn't need to teach you this. Okay? You cannot prevent yourself from cow dung and whatnot. And it might be disgusting. But it doesn't make it not just

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the defecation and urine of that which is eaten, such as cow and sheep and goats is not nudges. That doesn't mean you suffer loss mirrors often it's might be disgusting, okay. But it's not nudges which means, which means if you pray and there's something over there. So I mean imagine realistically, goat droppings, they will be everywhere in a valley.

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I mean again for us living in the cities, mashallah we are completely isolated, but anybody who lives amongst and with animals, you know, this is logical, completely logical, completely rational. The droppings of animals that are pure, are considered pure, and they are not considered nurtures. However, the humbly madhhab says just Campbell pens not because camels are nudges simply because the Hadith, why we don't know. And the other three myths I have, they have their own reasons, maybe safety reasons, whatever. They have their own reasons, and they don't say this in any case, this is the humbly metab

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me be Mr. Hayden. Da Seanie

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me what to feed

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at what

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feels cool Ruby mimma journey tonsa down to Isla

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