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hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah savage mean. Amma bad bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Wellman Hassan to call the minimum boil Allahu Muhammad Salah Yong Chol Indian Unison rubbish. Le Sadri. Wessely, Embrey that the Malay Sania Kali. They are respected scholars, Bonanzas sheiks, both these men respected elders. And my dear brothers and sisters, I welcome all of you with Islamic greetings As salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh BPF Murthy and blessings of Allah subhanaw taala.

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It's a pleasure and an honor for me to do this recording of a short video, especially on the occasion of 50 years of Doctor Israa ammonoids Rahim Allah. May Allah bless you and Muslim on the revival of his revolutionary efforts and the movements of bringing people back to the Quran.

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I'm at present in Putrajaya Malaysia. And it's a pleasure for me to make this video recording. At the request of Dr. Sr. Hamad. May Allah have mercy on him. His son, Asif requested me to make a short recording of about 1015 minutes for this special occasion, which is going to be broadcast on the 27th of August in Lahore, Pakistan.

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I'll be narrating the incidences, my interaction with Dr. Muhammad, may Allah have mercy on him.

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And as many of you will be aware, that he was one of the person who inspired me, and was responsible for me to become a full time diet. And as you know, one of the person who inspired me was Sheikh Hamad Al and after I met him in 1987, for the first time, he changed me, from a doctor for body to doctor for soul. At that time, I was in second year of MBBS.

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And the other person who inspired me was Dr. SRM.

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The first time I met Dr. Muhammad was in 1900 91.

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Maybe about three years after I started with Dawa, I made sure I did that in December 1987.

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So three years after I met check this out about three and a half years later, I met Dr. SRM. And after meeting Sheikh de that, I was involved before that, I was average good Muslim, praying five times a day fasting the month of Ramadan. But there is no passion of Dawa no passion of spreading the word of Allah subhanaw taala. After she did that, after hearing his talks, I've been inspired and started doing now in the medical college.

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And then the other person speeches who inspired me was Dr. SRM. And but natural after your speeches not to do and that inspired me to make a trip to Pakistan. I've been to Pakistan only once, before I started giving public lectures. That was in 1991.

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And I went to Lahore and I visited him and he asked me beta, a Pakistan Qi

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I said,

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with our MCSA Taapsee Milna

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risky bad

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dittany Islamic digger organizations to visit them give you a rockin. But they say I must have replied and he said Pakistan meet up cook a Islamic irregularity like in Islam labeling.

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And after hearing his talks, I realized what he meant what he wanted was to bring a revolution. He wanted the Ummah, to return back to the Quran, to turn back to the site, Hadith to return back to the Sunnah. And you can see that from his talks, and when I heard his talks, he was an orator. MashAllah par excellence amongst the oldest speakers from the library of many of the speakers that we have, and even though the speakers coming on pitch TV, he is par excellence. He had the oratory power, which was par excellence. The passion with which he is to speak was phenomenal. And I've watched hundreds of videotapes. But naturally I was introduced to him by watching videotapes, and

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then I met him personally

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in 1991, and when I met him, I was inspired by simplicity.

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And he asked me to beat up Calgary, to I said that I've just finished my MBBS exams, and I intend being a part time day.

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I'm continuing my medical profession, because my father was a doctor, psychiatrist, my older brother, the doctor. So it was in the family.

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So after the assignments have told me, that beta aapko, don't miss the h2 numbering,

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either medical

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Yadava manifests as the Koshish key. Don't look at Nikki Haley, I'll make it up later. He told me that he tried a lot, but he could not succeed with both together, you have to select one.

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If you want to be a specialist, you have to choose between the two.

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And that struck me and but natural, I can reach my parents that out to be a full time die. So the reason that the person beside shake me deja vu inspired me or Dr. SRM.

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And his words, like guidance. And I did not waste my time I hardly he spent seven years in doing both. Hardly when I went back, I finished my internship, I dream internship and I met him. I had the practice of maybe, maybe less than a year. And because my father was a doctor, we had, we had a roaring practice, we started a pathology lab and riddles involved. And then we did practice but not for long. And he told me one thing, and the devices were engraved in memory. It wouldn't be fun. If you have to be a successful day, you have to make your life simple.

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If your life is simple, and your requirements of life are less, then no one will be able to push your arm. If your requirements are less, you will not have to strive for the worldly games, so that you can concentrate on delivering the message of Allah subhanaw taala. This message that he gave to me of leading a simple life was a phenomenal advice, which stuck in my mind. Allah had blessed us and my father, that we had all the facilities, and he had the roaring business. But this advice was stuck. And because of that, I thought to it that I led my life in simplicity, I do not wear any branded clothes, but natural, good, but not branded, and not expensive things. And that led me that

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even the car that the house should be the Allah has blessed us that I can travel in rows, Roy Alhamdulillah, we can own the rosary. But we have a small Toyota to make life simple, so that our requirements are less. And because of that today, whatever that we are, that now I remember when we did hijra, my family and I did Hijra in 2016 from India to Malaysia. And we realized that when we did not have any income for more than a year, because we were used to living the simplicity, we didn't find it difficult at all. And Allah has given us all in Yama in Bombay. And we were happy that we sacrificed this for sake of Allah subhanaw taala all the ways that we had, when we reach

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that we sacrificed for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and the advice of Dr. Israel embird was a blessing for us. Later on. When I went back to India, after meeting him, I was more involved in in technology. And we thought with that, we played his tapes and collected his videotapes from different centers from what developer biller or whatever Karachi, I went to us in the Chicago branch is New York, Brian from all the various centers that he has in different parts of the world. We had the largest collection of Dr. Estaremos cassettes in the world, more than even our own center center was provided under one roof. Our organization had the largest collection of Dr. Estaremos tape in

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English and Urdu under one roof, hundreds of them and we started playing it on the video cables. And in Bombay, he became very famous in 2004 or 2003. We call them to Bombay. And he came to India for lecture for about three weeks, and Alhamdulillah. I spent full three weeks with Dr. Sri Ramana. And I learned a lot from the simplicity with which he lived the passion with which he gave his talks and from his talks but I saw the video and what I heard life, I realized that he was specialized

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in three aspects. Number one was the seed of the Quran. According to me what the Mufasa he was excellent in pursuit of the Quran. And we have any videos that say Quran, we have the 30 mineral Quran. The second aspect of his speech was talking about Islam, getting the Muslims closer to the deen

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and let your own sherek axisymmetric on Rahimi that they were fabulous and

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They created the impact in the lives of the people who heard the shots. And the third aspect that is focused on was on politics. This aspect. When I heard when I was in India, I didn't really experiment.

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Okay, politics. I was saying, I'm not a personal I'm not a politician, so I wouldn't use to get involved. And I have to hear his talks on politics, but did not really go in depth into it. I was impressed by his knowledge of Quran and his talks on how to get the Muslims back to the Quran, how to get the Muslims back to the Sunnah, which was fantastic. Now, I realize after I've shifted to Malaysia, and Allah has blessed me that I've met many Muslim heads of states, many multiple several, many. Now I realized and when I heard and try to recollect his speeches on politics,

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it was unbelievable. I remember he spoke in 1995 across to that.

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He spoke about the Indian politics. And he said that in India, the BJP party has only two seats.

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And very soon, they will be power and they will rule the country. I thought How is this possible? Congress was the way will BGP come. But the farsighted did that he had

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was really worth noting. Now I regret that I didn't discuss with him about the third aspect and discuss with them regarding the Quran. I discuss with other aspects of Islam. And I really gained a lot of knowledge from him. But as far as politics was there, I wasn't much interested because I said I'm a die, what aquatics got to do with Dawa now very alive, that is farsightedness and his movement of a community Dean is really Mashallah. Mashallah. It was unfortunate that people did not really give the due respect that you deserve the new or the life. Now. We really crave, I wish, the DVR the life now, maybe I spent live with him discussing our service issue, you know, but naturally, so

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elderly to me. And I was very young, I would like a son.

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But we had a very strong relationship Alhamdulillah. And now, when I get messages from her son, Asif, who's in charge of his audio video,

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I keep on getting every alternate day, have clips of two minutes, three minutes, and watch every clip office that is sent to me, and though has seen his lecture, but again, hearing him speaking with the passion, the moderation that he has, the impact that he creates is fantastic. So these two speakers take me through that. And Dr. SRM, but may Allah grant him gender for those. When we called him to, to Bombay, and we organised

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three weeks program all over India, in Bombay, we kept attendees lecture on his 10 favorite topics in one venue, which had a capacity of what, 15,000 people and he told me, that was the largest gathering that he addressed for the attendees. At that time, it was the largest program we organized, because at that time, we were smaller in 2004.

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And we use the best of cameras of that time, maybe about eight or nine cameras. Of course, after we started pitch TV, we were on a different level. So when we started pitch TV, and we thought of starting the second channel, pitch TV, or do I invited him and said that why don't you come to Dubai and I realized for him to tell to the Bible difficult. Then I said why don't you come to Egypt instead beta Egypt May, there will not be any Pakistani How can I talk in front of cameras? So I said don't worry. We'll see to that we have the 5200 Pakistani in the studio. So we'll have a small setting. It will not be a big lecture the public reluctantly agreed in 2010.

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And he agreed and we plan that we will we will have this

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program in Egypt. In the studio Everything was planned and you're supposed to come in me and unfortunately, just maybe a couple of months before you could tell to Egypt.

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took him away and and we lost a very good personality. And I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that me he grant Dr. SRM with rainbow lamella bossy on him. The highest degree, integrative for DOS and may be close to the prophets and ambience and the whole Farah Shaleen and repeater Allah Spano Tala that we He raised us also together, close to him, so that inshallah we are raised together in Jana.

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This was a short message that I could give in a few minutes. And I prayed Allah subhanaw taala that me, he bless him and me his work the revolution that he created, getting people back to the Quran, and that we get the communities in unfortunately, today in the Muslim ummah, I do not see a single Muslim leader, which is even 1% Like the whole fashion.

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Repeat Allah subhanaw taala that made the Muslim ummah, returned back to the Quran. And Allah has promised that the deen will prevail. And this is the worst which was set by Dr. Robert and medida several times and even my lecture and in the speech with the promise that I left given, which is mentioned in Saratoga chapter nine was the modality in certain softap Number 61 was the mundane and sort of Fatah chapter number 14 was the majority of Allah says, Who will let the other fella solo beluga? What didn't lose everything equally, that ally findeth Messenger with guidance and reading of truth, so that it will prevail of all the other religions or all the isms, whether it be

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Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, secularism, atheism, Marxism, communism, Islam is designed to supersede all martyrdom all and Allah ends it in two places as well it got him Russia Kuhn, however, the machine don't like it and one place that interferes alertness book of Appalachia.

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And I would like to end the speech and I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that me, we follow the guidance that he had left behind, while further down on the planet