Tom Facchine – Hadith Series – #13 – Good Character

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of good character in learning and fixing oneself. They suggest that good character is something that maximizes one's success and helps them reach their potential. They stress the importance of learning and fixing oneself before starting to learn a character.
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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there's nothing heavier in your skills on the day of judgment than good character. And everybody knows that hadith. And we hear it a lot. However, it doesn't really necessarily register with us. We live in a historical moment where we prioritize being right being right or knowing the right thing, as opposed to doing the right thing. And so somebody can have all of the answers in the world, someone can be a top scholar in their field, but if they have arrogance, what's that knowledge going to do for them? Or what's that knowledge going to do to the people that they teach the Prophet alayhi salatu salam also told us that some of the

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first people to enter the fire were people who seem to do good things, but they were doing it for the wrong reasons. They were doing it because of arrogance, because of reputation, because of all these sorts of things they had poor character, whereas the opposite is true. If you have good character, and even the little bit of knowledge that you have is going to be it's going to be maximized. It's going to be optimized, it's going to go very, very far. Even if you make mistakes, even if you are, you know, you don't get everything right. If you have good character, it's going to be infectious. It's going to be contagious. It's going to attract people to you, it's going to

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attract blessing, and it's even going to lead people to want to emulate you and your faith. So good character is something that comes first there's no secret why you know, EMA, Malik and all the other sort of scholars that we have these stories that are part of our tradition that we tell and we're not allowed to, but we don't really implement these days. The first thing that you go and learn is good character. First, learn the character of your sheet when the character of your teacher, be humble. Get that stuff figured out first, because if you start just learning the material before you fix yourself, it's going to be against you and not for you.

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