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AI: Summary © The importance of actions being based on intentions and sincerity is emphasized, as it is crucial for actions to be directed towards others. Prayer for actions that lessen one's virtue reward and suggest praying for actions that bring others to prais. The concept of null and void actions, which lead to false accusations of victory, is discussed, along with the need to not forget the Prophet's words and not use their actions as if they were null and void. A woman who called for apologizing to a chef for a mistake in her act was denied rewarded, and her actions were considered imp testamentible.
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So Hamdulillah we talked about the explanations in his book Web, it'll save off academia. It's a shower of good utterances by M Nakajima, Josie. And last time we spoke, we spoke about two of the two situations, which are tech fear and tough Bilal Atma, which are the actions that are

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that which determine if an action is going to be accepted or the level of acceptance. And one of them is to follow up Malbim efforts to follow the mafia loop, that the virtue of the action is solely dependent on the intensity of the intention and sincerity within the person's heart. And we came from the Hadith who remembers a hadith where the prophets of salaam said maybe a half a third or fourth of someone's Salam is accepted. He uses Hadith as a foundational principle to talk about this. So the first foundational principle is to follow up man is the virtue of the action is dependent upon the intensity of the sincerity and of their, in their Eman. And then the second issue

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is to fetal C adds the expiation of a bad D because of the action you're doing. So Solana is a perfect example. That's why you get this beautiful Hadith, and all other actions. Any action that you do, who who here can say that we had 100% AirFloss in it. No one could say that. Only Allah knows. Therefore, a portion of that actually your first Raqqa you had Atlas secondary archive. You were thinking about something else. Third Raka. You had Atlas for fourth Raqqa your heart was full of typical interest in Alaska. So the percentage of it is only known with who?

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Allah there's no way we could come on and say something like Rahmatullah Santa Monica Rahmatullah Well, I think about 32% JANA was accepting of this action lace

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lace and then of ALEC had too much to do the sewing and he said I wish I met

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this is not for us. But what's beautiful here but okay, I'm the principal is bringing let's say that percentage of the salon that was accepted your second aka you were full of it. Plus, you receive your award. And it is an explanation for something from before.

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Because remember, a good action is not only initiation of an action, it is also leaving off something so when you have her short and Salah you're initiating sincerity you're initiating the remembrance of Allah and you're also leaving off a distraction.

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Did you catch them? So that's the fifth government okay, I'm just from this beautiful, beautiful Hadith now, I am going to take a small foot Crusher Allah if you don't pay mentioned here to him Allah to Allah

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will must be thoughtful. Maddie are mostly down to her excrement and torso. While ASA shirt, no filler Amany into my shirt. No Fair Haven. I'm an MMA UFC who this is important. If you know Pam says and the notifications of

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The actions or that which lessens its virtue are more than can be contained. But then he gives a very important thing for us to remember. He says the most important affair is not doing the action itself.

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Rather, it is the preservation of the action from what

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lessons it's over virtue or totally nullifies it. So the fact that we pray and hamdulillah as a virtue from Allah that we have made the initiation taking the initiation to pray, but we shouldn't just say okay, I prayed how callous No, we should think of okay, what was it when we say Solomonic Rahmatullah? So I want to go to law stuck for livestock for livestock for alarm and to send Mr. Mica sentiments. You starting to think, Okay, what was I really thinking about in prayer? Right, allow me to sit down when you start to think about you ponder over what was I thinking about in the prayer? Right? Even during the prayer, you're pondering over what you're thinking about. Right? It's

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hurtful, Armen may have the family member, you've seen the preservation of the action from that which lessens its virtue reward, or that was totally nullifies it. And then he gives beautiful examples are human life says Ferrario. Were in Dhaka mush, Bhutan, the Lamin Wahoo, who are avoidable, Kathy wrote two letters, he said, for example, showing off or Yeah,

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even if it was a little is something that can totally nullify the action. And Rhea is not just showing off, you have a nice shirt you want to show it off. That's not react. React is doing an action of a bad showing off and an action of a bad and that's why React is called the lessor what who knows that so what the lessor should cow?

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What's the what's the logic behind that?

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You're doing the action for other than Allah subhanho wa taala. Right? You're associating your intention to do something maybe for Allah and for someone else, or not for Allah to be seen by Allah and seen by someone else. Because if it's for Allah and for someone else for meaning, your intention can be worshipped. That's where it shook Akbar. Right. But they call it the minor strip because you're doing the action to be bounded to be seen or praised by others, other than Allah subhanho wa taala. And then he says here, and there's many Babs that we that are uncontainable, there's so many aspects he says we'll hold on I'm Anil Aveda, mocha Yidden btbr Suniti Aidan Mooji booty Kony he

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bought Elan. And he says that the fact that an action that is not a specified or it is not something that is accompanied with the following of the Sunnah also, is something that can make an action null and void so for instance, you're praying and you pray how you want to pray. And your intention is not to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet saw something like as the chef was bringing this whole point is bringing the point because following the Sunnah of the prophets of Allah, Allah was salam say the person knew of security, so and knew of all the rules of sudo the sellers he's talking about, and he left it and he went and prayed another prayer in this situation. Yes, this is where that action

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there's a possibility of being null and void because he voluntarily left a sunnah of the Prophet SAW Selim. And that sunnah can be sunnah. tinware Jeeva and obligatory sunnah or sunnah. Something that is highly, highly recommended, none. We'll call them a center for him. Allah wasn't meant to be an ally to Allah will call me he moves to LA and also a man remember the madness to where you want to remind people of something you've done for them.

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You know, you remind people of the favors that you've done for them. This is this is something that is not recommended and it is haram because you are not attributing the virtue that you had to Allah subhanho wa Taala this service that you provided, you do not mention Allah and in your hearts, you feel that you deserve all of the

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And he says your name Allah to Allah, He says, What can Delica el mundo be salah, Katya and maruf and he said, also reminding someone of your, like the sadaqa, and the good deeds of righteousness and excellence, and a Scylla like Soto ham masuleh. So men and Silla is like bringing the relatives together. You know, many times the I was the one that brought all of us together, I was the one maybe you're saying that in the beginning to remind them but at some point in shall we say, I was the one by the permission of Allah by the for the love of Allah by the virtue of Allah is the one that ultimately brought us together. You know, sometimes you know when when family members we we try

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to associate something to ourselves, the person that doesn't want to admit that you've done that action they'll say no, what was ALLAH that did it not you?

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It was both. It was ALLAH that gave you the choice you made the choice to sacrifice your reputation or to you know, whatever the case may be defend the mela preserve this. He says cannot call it Subhanallah without a yeah, you already know I'm gonna lead to the cloud computing money well, last month, it says in the chapter Bacara Are you believe do not nullify your charity with men will either by reminding the favors that you've done for them or by being painful in your speech?

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When you give sadaqa to someone and say look, I'm going to have without me you would have been nothing or you are nothing without the charity that I'm giving you that is other he said lead to material that could nullify the sadaqa you see, and you see them he brings a proof after mentioning this principle he brings a proof for him Allah Tala and then he says Rahim Allah Akbar Nassima and Hubbardton Minister ye Atleti turtle Hatter net or call Coca Cola Tada You will need An emerald letter for us water confer consultant to be well that said you will be the only letter to hula who been an ollie Caja honey badly come about then and tomato I'm Atacama Antoinette Sharon. He

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mentioned the verse the beautiful verse of Allah subhanaw taala and the chapter will hold you right when Abu Bakr and Umar Radi Allahu Anhu were arguing in front of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and in some Tafseer they were arguing

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because it was an argument between Abu Bakr and Rama I don't like it when the arguments about but the Prophet SAW Selim was trying to speak and their voices were so loud it was like drowning in their voices. You know, sometimes you may be arguing with your brother or your sister and your grandmother comes and says, Hey, you can't even hear because you're both arguing. This is what was explained by this person, that verse. So last month I says, oh you believe Do not raise your voice over the words of the Prophet SAW Selim. And do not speak to him.

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Well, let's try a little bit of calling don't speak to him with a type of voice that is overpowering. Because you already bought the company about like as like he would speak to one another don't speak at him in that fashion. For your actions may be null and void and you don't even realize it and this is the scary part. You don't even realize it. Even okay, it goes on to say For Hadera Subhana meaning him and her booty Imani him Bill Jahad Ely rasool Allah is Allah Allah and there was Salam kemenah Yes hello Baba company about Baba whom the belt but let's say how the belt now sia to be a llama Lu or Sahiba layer shouldn't be any just saying. So the last month I was

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warned the believers from the nullification of their actions by using their voice and speaking over the province of lie there was some of them are speaking directly at him

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as they would speak to each other.

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And in these as you're in it is not a reader with a reader. It is not someone leaving Islam. Someone that has left it's not blasphemous, because he's going to talk about that soon. It is not blasphemous, rather, it is a sin that could possibly nullify with that type of action, their actions and the one and the individual that did it actually doesn't even realize and that's the scary part there. Yes sir. Doesn't even know. He's just from everyone from a Von Neumann Adama Anna, Cody rasool Allah is Allah Allah, Allah Rasool, Allah, Allah and there was salam were heavier, who was on a call. Oh, the lady. He was ahead. Yeah, who wants to call Elisa hands up on habit or AMLO?

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He asked a rhetorical question. He says here. So what is the situation with the one

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that prefers

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someone else's guidance and way over the statement of the Prophet sallallahu, ala was salam, or prefers over the province of Elijah was salam, someone else's guidance and way or statement?

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Isn't that something that would nullify his action?

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And this is important, he said, you know, just saying that. Think of your life. Now. How many times? Do we prefer a statement of someone or the action of someone or the methodology and way of someone over that of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam unless it had occurred, habitat, Amadou Who will I assume?

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Is that something that would possibly nullify their actions and they don't even realize it? They don't even realize it. And that's very dangerous. Subhanallah even Okay, muses verse to bring home a certain point. They will in here show a lot of the last *a the last portion he says, woman had that old who sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Metallica, salatu salam ala Asante for the habit or Emmylou forgot the habit or Armando Obama. He says in the power of social and said whoever leaves a lot to the author. Their actions have been lifted or his action has been lifted or null and void. And then he gives a small example of the prophets of Allah and it was salam and it says it's a financial

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transaction that's known as bayarena.

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He says woman had the follow Aisha Talia Allahu anha will be her these ad mini Arkham Radi Allahu Anhu Lima Lima ba Billina, in whom called apology had humara Sula is Allah and salam ala ala to where they say Tibet your Ruben at Ryda. We're in Namaha to Iacono mouse here.

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He talks about this what happened with Zaidan and Arkham Radi Allahu and

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is he did A a deferred payment transaction. So if chef if I was to sell you, this phone, the phone, I would say here, I give you my phone for $100 deferred payment you can pay me over six months

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So every month you are 10 months every month you pay me $10 Then I come back and I say, let me buy that phone from you for $50 cash.

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Okay, so I buy the phone for you fit for you $50 Cash, I take the phone back and you still owe me what?

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50 deferred. So some scholars with some would say that some scholar will say majority say that this is impermissible.

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The majority scholars say that this is impermissible because it was an indirect way of getting money or taking a loan. And this is where the prophets of Allah Allah was some of them were saying this was at Ben Autocom. He said in the hook an apology had a who is nullified his jihad with the province of Elijah was salam, unless he seeks repentance. Unless he seeks repentance, I don't know him the most important thing here is not the particular type of commerce selling, but the fact that he did something impermissible to the degree of this particular type of action. And he said that his jihad is null and void. And he said, Lisa, Tibet, urban intergenerational claim says, this type of

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transaction is not blasphemous, it doesn't take him out of the fold of Islam. But the extent of it is that it is a sin. And Immanuel Kant wants to make that clear, as he mentioned here is not really dead, because he's about to talk about that later. And then also, I want us to remember what the Apostle said this, that is jihad is null and void, except if he makes repentance because later he's going to go into

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if someone performs an action,

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and a sinful practice, and they seek repentance.

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Does the repentance the good actions that were done before that repentance, are they rejuvenated? Or do his does he get the reward for that back? Or is it just null and void and then he moves on from there, he's even claims going to talk about like the one that becomes a Muslim, the one that becomes a Muslim, the good deeds that they've done before becoming a muslim, do they receive a reward for that or not? This is an issue that immuno payment is going to talk about what we will conclude here in sha Allah. So we've talked about briefly webinar paying Rahim, Allah to Allah talked about the actions that are null and void. And if someone you know, the scary portion is that one may not even

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realize it. So it's important that as you mentioned in the beginning, it's important to be cognizant of the actions that we perform, that when we're performing them, that they are high quality, that they are full of Sure, full of presence from anything that can make it null and void or lessen its reward. And Allah subhanaw taala make us of those that recognize the importance of the a Buddha and the importance of sincerity and the importance of our hearts being present with him in the holy Vatika was of Allah was telling him about it and then he became Hamid while early he wants to be here as you may which is hello here.