Mindfulness of the tongue #6

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The doctor and guest both seem confused about who is speaking, but the doctor explains that it is a professional doctor trying to convince the guest not to compromise their values and principles. The guest is hesitant and hesitant to say anything until they understand the doctor's views. The speakers stress the importance of not being corrupt and not compromise one's values. They also touch on the concept of Islam and how it relates to a specific person or situation, emphasizing the importance of expressing one's views and avoiding victimization.

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Come to the Lucha Libre Alameen wa Salatu was Salam Americana you know Habib You know Mohamed Anwar and early he was a big mango by Yahweh the man was telling me the you will feed Jamia he will imam or even emerge if Eastern any he will Imam will know hipbone if he so he said I didn't has any unsulfured me Abdullah he saw Kofi Paul. How are you tonight a collection of both of all of them I'm telling you even imagine anybody had been in hasn't a reasonable chain of narration is narrated to us by Sofia, when Abdullah in South Korea so Harvey was known for his narrations. And this is obviously still within the theme of mindfulness of the tongue. We'll do that for maybe another week

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or so we'll transition on to hedge right before hydrogel.

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And this hadith is similar to a very famous one. So once you hear the question and hear the answer, like I know that but there's a different narration actually.

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The profanity aside so obviously it's consistent with his answers and most questions that are asked to him in the same manner. So he was asked by Sofia if he has a call to sell to Rasul Allah He said Allah Allah He was sent in for call to I said, Dr. Nasir Allah, I have a question for you at Disney be Amarin at Chelsea movie, he talked to me or telling me about something that I should really hold on too tight.

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And so I would constantly commonly do this in different ways that would ask the Prophet alayhi salatu salam for a for the Zubeida as they say, for kind of the the the end product just tell us just just one just give us one thing is too many. So just to do one thing to hold on to just one just give me a basic idea I'm getting confused, and they will do this quite a bit and the values are somewhat off. I offer a similar answers in this specific situation. He said Well Rob be Allah who Mr. Kim, they My Lord is Allah and then walk the rake the righteous or straight path and this is similar to what I meant to be like them was talking to a very known Hadith the very famous one very

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simple but you're not be Allah say and that's why in the Latina perlu or a boon Allah Who right don't miss Docomo twice in the Quran, Winston cough and Winston will say that there is a very powerful verses and they have very important meanings. And we you know, you can go back and read it to see it a little bit of that if you want to, but there are a variety of sizes I'm just quoting the Quran to the gentleman there up be a lot meaning basically, be very clear on who Allah subhanaw taala is to you have conviction and Iman internalization of who Allah Subhana Allah is in a very clear and proper and steadfast manner. And that is to him Don't be corrupt. walk a fine track or a

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path where you're not corrupted. That's what karma is incorruptibility, which is not a word. I looked it up, but I just made it up because I have no other way to explain the concept of his Chicama stick almost nothing to do with walking in a straight path. Obviously, literally, it's it's clearly a metaphor as it isn't sort of the fact Yeah, so it just means that you are not someone who's corruptible, you will not compromise your values, your principles, your basic beliefs, you will not use routes that are illegal or unethical to get what you want. That's what it's Chicama isn't it's a very valuable thing is any karma to anyone karama is a scholar who see the actual

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Kurama if you if you're actually looking for Allah Subhan to bestow his his special blessings upon you. It's just as dipalma is just the ability to be encouraged for the rest of you for the majority of your life. This fixation on other you know semi miracle there this is the karma it's just it's just department you're giving us your karma that is the biggest miracle of all that trumps any miracle that ever happened in the past people flying in the air in the air or walking on water forget about that. If you're Are you able to be mystifying all of your life Allahu Akbar, I'm not interested in the person who's dipping around the only the zipping around in the air on his own I

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want to see the person who moves to theme you you actually got through life and you were not corrupted, who didn't sell out, you did not give in you didn't you know, you didn't compromise any of your fundamentals. While Marsha that is that is karma that is that is that is really in the book it is something was said Allah who is who said and would not offer a piece of advice that is not extremely profound and very important. Obviously he is giving you this geometry column as Jeff was gonna be likes to point out. This is three words that encompass the whole Dean basically in everything that you'll ever have to do. So you're not be Allah know exactly who Allah is do not

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compromise that know very clearly who he is, and then be someone who is not corruptible.

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So this person understood for all to jasola He was like, well, where's the mindfulness of the time? Be patient? He said, we're going to be honest that Allah ma Hua fu Maha for it. So if I'm going to do this, you also have what do you fear for me the most? Like what? What's your biggest fear regarding me being able to do this? Bah bah bah Rasulullah sallallahu ala you early you sell them? Bailey Cerny in FC he who Mahana he went like this.

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This Allah he's like you said, Look, his tongue and he said this is why fear for you the most. This will ruin you. This will be your demise. This will be your this won't take it away.

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You will say Robbie Allah and then you will make the intention of walking the set autonomous docking to be righteous and not corrupted. And then your tongue will come around and ruin everything. That's why fear for you the most he didn't say anything other than say money. I know we like that pieces funner we can kind of, you know, point out all the consumerism, you know, when we can point out all the upper 1% It's not money and it's not you know, issues of

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sexuality which is another part no when he when he said the thing I fear for you the most is your own tongue, your own into what you're what you're going to say in your life, what you end up saying, whether you meet meant it or not, whether you should have or not, whether your whatever whatever it is, wherever that

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whenever you hear the Hadith, the very famous Neville Hadith are meant to be like to Mr. Kim, always remember that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was asked another question as a follow up to that one. How can that be ruined? What's your biggest fear regarding us doing that? And he said, this Allah I think it's something very much worthy of our contemplation Yahweh. Allah aim at Tirmidhi you know merge your webinar Hey, burn. Mr. Adam, Hassan and and Sophia and me Abdullah he felt a fee parlez rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala Rasulillah Destiny the Ambreen Chelsea Mubi he bahala fool Rob de Allah to Mr. Tim oil to ya rasool Allah, Allah waffle Madhav Wiley bahagia rasool Allah,

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He said, Allah Allah Who early he was selling them be discerning FC he thought oh my god.

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Colossal Allah He said, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah just to deliver some Allah wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad, there is so much rain, there's like a Long Island Baraka lofi